New Zealand Snow Tours | Skiing and Snowboarding Tour Video

Mike: My name’s Mike Burton from Haka Tours. I am the snow tour guide of New Zealand. We’re
going to go do six mountains over seven days and take you on
an awesome little adventure. Cheers. Sitting on top of Mt. John having
a look at some of the beautiful views of Lake Tekapo. Rock and roll. Day 2,
Ohau. Epic. Got another easy field to navigate. Basically one big bowl.
Day 3 at Treble Cone, about to go shredding. Whoo. How’re you guys feeling?
Pretty good? Awesome. Shall we go for a family run? Yeah. Anthony: The sun’s coming out. It’s beautiful
out here, and having a good time. Mike: Day 4 at Cardrona, super fun. Always
good. Okay, so all you need to do is just come in nice and slow, get balanced
over both feet. Rosalie: This is my first time on a box, but
a little bit scared, so let’s go. Mike: The bus ride is a true adventure. I’m
at the helm, I’ve got my posse and techs. We’re on a mission to go and suss
out the best snow, best conditions of the south island of New Zealand.
Haka Tours Snow Safari. Boom. Alex: I’m not 100% party, but close enough.
Had a lesson yesterday and now today I kept up with everyone pretty well. Unknown:So you share with four or six, but
it’s your own space. And super comfortable. Donald: We met ten new people from around
the world and we’re already friends. Six different resorts in seven days?
Awesome. Several: Haka Tours. Kelly: It’s my first time bungee and I am
stoked. I am so ready to go. Stefan: Things like this only happen in New
Zealand. I would recommend Haka Tours to everybody. Kelly: But I thought I was going to die. Danny: The Chair of Death, yeah. So incredible. Mike: You’ve got Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown
area, Remarkables Fingers, Double Cone, heaven every day up here at Remarkables
Summit. It’s been an awesome tour. Shane: Six homes. Do it. Stefan: Last day, I’m on my home unfortunately,
but it’s epic and I don’t want to leave, ever.

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