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NEW ZEALAND RV Travel Guide: Queenstown to Milford Sound | Little Grey Box

NEW ZEALAND RV Travel Guide: Queenstown to Milford Sound | Little Grey Box

Hey you guys! Phoebe here from Little Grey Box
with Matt very, very bravely behind the camera and our best friend Laker
in tow, now you guys we are in New Zealand because we are doing an epic
motorhome snow road trip now we’re gonna be covering roughly 1700
kilometers as we explore mountains fiordlands, beautiful towns and so much
more. today we are kicking things off in Queenstown. We are at the
beautiful Coronet Peak Snow Fields it is gorgeous these views are
incredible we’ve got all our gear and we are ready to hit the slopes now if
you missed it our very first video covered our journey from Christchurch to
Wanaka so you might want to watch that catch up with where we’re at and then
come back right here coz we’re having an amazing time Let’s shred it! Wooooo! (music) Alright so it is nearly midday and… we are having the best day. How is today
going compared to your first ever day? Well I am still shredling but I am loving
it it’s amazing it’s just so good to be up here What a place to learn I’ve evolved you guys I’ve taken the step from shredling to shredsy um…
I don’t know what has happened… it’s just all clicked for me today… it’s not been easy
I think I’ve had about seven or eight ski sessions and then today everything
just clicked I’m finally like putting my turns together I feel like I’m really
carving I feel confident I know what I’m doing I not just winging it anymore and
like Laker said it’s so so beautiful up here Those views over Queenstown they’re insane! Yeah 10 outta 10 recommend I’m hooked. Shred life (music) After warming up at Cardrona and then going to Coronet today, I tell you what it was one of the best ski sessions I have ever had but my body
was killing me you guys my legs my thighs everything was so sore. So we really
wanted to find a way to unwind and relax I know the Onsen Hot Pools here in
Queenstown are really really popular but they were fully booked and they might
not be appropriate for everybody’s budget they are amazing we are gonna see
if we can do them at a later date but today we decided to come here to Alpine
Aqualand. I think this is more of a local’s tip. It was $8 per adult
to get in there they have a great hot pool area, It’s adults only you get in
there oh my gosh the hot water is so good on those tired muscles we spent
about half an hour to an hour in there relaxing stretching unwinding and my
body is thanking me for it now I don’t know if you can see in the background
behind me Coronet Peak is all lit up for their twilight ski session absolutely
beautiful and then I want to spin around and show you see if you can
see the sunset! look at these colors Queenstown is
unmistakeably beautiful and this is just a great way to end a fantastic day on
the ski slopes but I tell you what else I need and that’s dinner so let’s go see
what we can find to eat in Queenstown I need something big… I’m starving (music) We just had a delicious dinner here at
Farelli’s Trattoria this place is located really close to where we’re staying at the
Lakeview RV Park tonight and you guys the food was so delicious they have a great
menu lot’s to choose from. If you have any dietary requirements they have got you
covered they’ve got gluten-free they’ve got vegan they’ve got vegetarian
they’ve got everything and their food… I know I’ve already said it twice I’ll say
it again absolutely delicious now like I said tonight we are going back to the
Lakeview Holiday Park the RV Park we decided to ditch Bob’s Cove If you haven’t heard of it before, Campable is basically you Airbnb for camping and
RVs what it is is beautiful people like Kirsten here at Bob’s Cove they list
their property up there and you can come and stay and it is really really cheap
the reason you want to be self-contained is because there’s no hook up for
power or water I think that Campable and somewhere like Bob’s Cove is probably
better suited to summer where it’s warm but when it’s winter and you’ve been
snowboarding all day and all you want is a hot shower and to put the heater on
and to pop in some toast and have a hot chocolate it’s not the best situation so
live and learn chalk it up to a travel fail and we are very very happy to be at
the RV park tonight but you guys I am exhausted and with all that
food in my belly I just go to sleep so we’re gonna do that right
now and I will see you again in the morning Good morning you guys. So we work up
a super early this morning we had breakfast we jumped in our van and we got
going out of Queenstown really early because today we are exploring the
Fiordland National Park for those of you who aren’t familiar you might know the
name Milford Sound which is where we’re going to end up today but we’re going to
make a few stops along the way and the first is right here at Eglinton Valley
this place is stunning we just drove through some beautiful forests the
mountains all behind us it’s lovely and flat and we figure this is actually
the perfect spot for a little bit of an early lunch so that’s exactly what we’re
gonna do and it’s just one of the many benefits of doing this with a motor home!
Your home, your kitchen, everything you need is all there with you now we did
stop in Te Anau now where we picked up some supplies so our groceries and all the
things that we needed for today and tomorrow and i would recommend that you
do the same make sure you’re all stocked up before you enter the National Park
because I have a feeling there’s not too many shops in here so let’s have some
lunch and enjoy these views oh my gosh it’s so beautiful (music) (indistinct chatter) The Chasm. It’s meant to be amazing Yes… so there’s lots to do along Milford road Our next stop is just a few
kilometres up the road from the last we are at Mirror Lakes and it
is the perfect name for this spot because those mountains are being
reflected beautifully in these glass-like lakes right here they are so
still it is so beautiful and really awe-inspiring now the walk itself is really
really lovely you’ve got these big trees above you and here we’ve got a wooden
boardwalk, it’s a really easy path it only takes a couple of minutes but it’s
well worth the stop Got it! Laker: that’s a wrap That’s a wrap, oh my god this cough
is going to kill me Hey you guys welcome to Little Grey Box Extra
I’m here with Little Grey Box in a behind-the-scenes extravaganza Travelling in New Zealand with these two crazy cats Let’s find out what happens
behind the scenes What have we got here? Ah, what’s out there? Oh no… Well what is… This is a typographer’s nightmare! (frustrated designer mutterings) (music) We’re at the Lake Marion Falls, now the beautiful spot
is really loud so I hope you can hear me it was really, really easy to get here, we just
followed the signs to the Lake Marion area from there, we saw the Lake Marion sign pointing
to the trailhead, we went over a swing bridge we walked about 10 minutes and we’ve arrived at this spot and the walk was stunning moss covered trees, a rainforest atmosphere,
the water is the most brilliant shade of blue yet so clear, it is absolutely phenomenal and a must do Now you guys the Lake Marion Track is a lot longer than this, I think it takes around… three hours return I saw
if you do the whole thing We’re just doing a small portion which is great for anybody that doesn’t have long It’s going to take us about 20 minutes return
to get to the car and back And what I am really really loving about today is that all of the major sites are located along the Milford Road So basically you just drive, you pull up at whatever takes your fancy, or you can preplan it like I have pull up, see what you want to see,
jump back in your car and keep going Now I know there are day tours that run from Queenstown and that’s a really popular option people love to do the day tours you guys but it’s
about 4 hours drive out here and 4 hours back and most people don’t get to
see all the amazing spots like this one So my advice to you is to do what we are doing, which is to spend at least one night out here If you can afford to do two, do it because
we are already wishing we had more time (music) Welcome to Milford Sound This place is just stunning
and the drive here was no exception I cannot tell you how highly I
recommend it if you are planning a New Zealand road trip a New Zealand trip in
general you have to make the effort and come out here like I said before make
sure it’s more than just a day trip you guys because this place is stunning.
Now we slowly worked our way here over the course of the day and ended up here at
golden hour and it is just perfect it is gorgeous Now this area was actually formed over millions of years by the process of
glaciation. Milford Sound runs 15 kilometres inland from the Tasman Sea.
There are a few different ways you can see it I’ve been lucky enough to do some
of them the scenic flight with Air Milford a couple of years ago blew my mind.
Getting over the top of it is just a fantastic way to get a deeper
appreciation for how beautiful it is and of course you can do some boat rides as
well we were meant to do one with the guys that Mitre Peak but unfortunately we
didn’t have time to do that so we had to cut it but I would highly recommend
doing a boat trip it’s a really cool way and the people who run the boat tours
know more about the area so they’ll point out all your waterfalls all your
wildlife you know your birds your seals things like that they’re just so
knowledgeable and by the looks of things you need bug spray too but you guys look
we’re gonna head to our accommodation after we enjoy this sunset and
we’ll show you around… (music) Good morning you guys, so we spent the
night here at Milford Sound Lodge this is probably… easily the most beautiful campervan place I’ve ever stayed that it is absolutely gorgeous now it is nestled beneath the Darran Mountains and
it is just picturesque the facilities are really gorgeous too so they’ve got
these beautiful communal areas the showers were fantastic honestly the best
we’ve had the whole trip now the cost for three of us at a powered site for
one night was 90 NZ dollars Now as I already mentioned this trip is all
thanks to the amazing team at Motorhome Republic I reached out to them to ask if
they would want to work together because I found them and fell in love with them
when I was researching for our Canada road trip last year and what struck me
right away about them was how much information they gave their website… when
I was looking at campervans had the most information compared to any other
that I had seen it was all really upfront it had all the details of what
was included what was not all the extras and they bring together a really big
range of vans so think of them as like your Skyscanner or…
like a comparison website like that but for motorhomes. So when we
started in our last video we were really just feeling things out we
were getting used to the van we were definitely not professionals but now
we’ve got a good few days under our belt so we really know what we’re doing so I
wanted to share with you some of the things that we’ve learnt and figured out
as we’ve gone and some of our top tips if you’re thinking of doing the same
kind of trip yourself which I recommend you do because this is awesome and the
sense of adventure and freedom you get from doing this is unlike anything else
it honestly feels like we’re always out having an adventure even when we’re just
playing Uno in the van. There’s a tip for you we pack some playing cards and some
Uno cards and some other board games and we’ve really been enjoying using those
every night and it’s kind of that… present experience as opposed to watching TV or
just going your separate ways another thing that we’ve realized that we needed
was rubber gloves that’s for a multitude of things we’re always cleaning in there
and we want to keep it really clean and that’s a really important thing in
itself but the rubber gloves have been really handy for doing things like
washing up dishes and not getting sore hands and also
for emptying the waste which we’re going to show you how to do in a
minute none of us actually packed slippers and that was something that we
realized we needed pretty quickly because the floor was cold but wearing
shoes around inside was making it a little bit dirty and messy so we went
and got some slippers and if you have some at home I would recommend that you
pack them and bring them So there are lots of different places you can get your
groceries Pack ‘n Save, Countdown, Fresh Choice all of those and one thing I
would say would just be don’t overspend we’ve just been doing a little bit at a time
buying snacks and then really only buying ingredients for food for one
or two days in advance at the most and one other thing that we got with some
Glen 20 like some fresh air spray and we’ve used that to spray all those
stinky ski clothes after we’ve used them and just to keep them and fresh
because we are three people living in a van now there are lots of little things you have to keep on top of you guys you have
to you know make sure you plug your power in when you get your powered site
and obviously make sure you unplug again before you go. Your gas has to be
completely off before you start driving your toilet has to be sealed, you have to
turn all of your extra power off so that you aren’t draining that 12-volt battery.
In winter it is cold we really needed our heaters we really needed that power
and we needed to be inside most of the time once it was dark so I do think that
powered sites are probably the better option so we ended up leaving our first
Campable experience and checking into a motorhome park and we will be doing the
same in Tekapo which is our last stop we’re just gonna nix our Campable and
book in an RV park so… summer yes go with your Campable experience and your
freedom camping but in winter splash out for those powered sites it’s going to
make all the difference Laker is Matt and my all-time best friend um…yeah
and he is on this trip with us we just having the best time and he has got
some great tips as well about the van life that he’s going to share with you
now I will… the thing that amazed me about this thing is even though it’s quite a
tight space for three people it seems to be so well designed that you can be at
one end and not hear the other people at the other end. So even
though you’re in one space you seem to have your own little privacy areas That’s so true and we’ve gotten used to working around
each other as well like on the first day we’re kind of bumping into each other
like oh excuse me excuse me and now by the end of it we’re like…. Wait we’re not doing it seamlessly but yeah you really do get used to it so if you do pick yours up on the first day and
things are a bit clunky don’t worry you’ll totally get used to it and it
really is a good amount of space for three people I think for two you would
just be living like kings in there if you were on a honeymoon or a couple or
just some friends going on adventures together you would be living like kings
I think three is perfect… um At a push, four at a push, four maybe A cosy couple? Yeah It’s not too bad, it was really comfortable yeah absolutely and ours is the 6 berth
so it is made for six people it is the Maui Platinum River Motorhome and it has
been fantastic you guys alright so this Alright so this is where we dump
our dump waste and normally you fill up
your water but we don’t have any water filling facilities here, so I think we’ll just empty the waste and
we’ll have to get water from somewhere else Pheobe: He’s talking us through the dump thing Yes! Grab your little hose from in here… That’s not it Look at the slippers at the dump site Laker: the colour suits you The colour? Yeah I like the colour Here at Little Grey Box
we believe pink isn’t just for women Here she is oh… urgh… urrrgh! I think we’re all a little bit worried about
how this was gonna work like you don’t think about things like emptying the toilet
or I’m doing the grey water or all of that kind of work that you have to do it
but it’s actually… it’s easy and it’s so much fun Alright, so Laker and I thought
we would just give you a bit of a quick rundown of how we’ve set up his
sleeping area because Matt and mine is pretty obvious we’re up there it’s actually
surprisingly spacious I thought it looked quite tight but we sleep in a
king-sized bed and we don’t bump into each other up there it’s absolutely fine So I decided to sleep down this end there is another sleeping area here but
this ended up being the hangout area Phoebe: breakfast nook We just kept this set up
the entire time which… is a lot easier… but yeah it’s a double size
I’m 6’1″ and I fit in here so comfortably it’s incredible a red-hot tip is to put
the doona under the back seat like tuck Phoebe: Oh like tuck it in? Tuck it right in. It feels really snug
really comfortable I put my head this side yeah and
it… you cannot hear the other people at the other end of the bed, it’s incredible Pheobe: On the first morning
when we woke up I was really quiet I was like ‘Did you sleep well?’ to Matthew
like whispering because I thought I didn’t want to wake you up I didn’t as
you couldn’t hear us Yeah, it’s incredible
Mercedes engineering One thing that I have found
is I have been looking for a lot of stuff Phoebe: agreed and… so make sure you know
where everything goes I think would be a red hot tip for this Absolutely… I agree with Laker
wholeheartedly what we did the mistake we made was we just shoved things
in cupboards without any real… like order or plan and that’s been a problem
because we’re always looking for stuff so I think be a bit more organized about
it and go okay this is my pants place this is my tops this is my jumpers this
is my ski gear this is my shoes whatever this is my toiletries keep that all in
the one place This beautiful creature is a Kea, it’s spelled K E A, I hope I’m not
pronouncing that wrong maybe it’s Kea? Either way they are the world’s only
mountain parrot you guys they are native to this area they are so beautiful
they’re highly intelligent they’re very cheeky they’re very friendly they want
to come up they want to say hello they’re very inquisitive but they’re
also highly endangered I believe there’s something like only 5,000 of them left
in the wild so if you do see them like we are now it’s so important no to touch
them do not feed them any of your human food just observe them say hello and
look… yeah… watch them from a safe distance because they are just beautiful
creatures but be careful I once saw some ripping off
windscreen wipers at the snowfields We were on our way out, driving back to Queenstown
and we thought we would make one last stop and I’m so glad we did this is a
spot called The Chasm and it is incredible even just the walk from the carpark
through the rainforest was amazing the morning light was coming through the
huge trees overhead are covered in moss there’s just a little bit of magic in
the air something you can’t quite describe and then you come to the boardwalks
and you get to look down over these huge tumbling bodies of water and carved rock it is surreal it’s so beautiful and Laker
said it perfectly before he said… You can’t look at photos you can’t look at video
you have to come here and see it for yourself because it looks
a million times better in real life than we could ever do it justice
in photo or film you guys is just incredible and that is our whole
experience here in the Fiordlands it is unbelievable that this has been so
close to us for this long and we have made the effort there to places like
Iceland and Sweden and the other side of the world and we have not come here and I have to say…
I’m pretty sure that the Fiordlands and Milford Sound are the most beautiful part of
New Zealand I’ve experienced It is unlike anything else, it’s like being on another
planet, so if you’ve ever thought about visiting if you’re planning a trip make sure
you put this part on your bucket-list make sure you put on
your road trip itinerary because it is well worth it and like I
keep saying don’t just come for a day trip do one or two nights
you won’t regret it and with that you guys that brings our
second video of this series to a close if you missed the first be sure to go
back and watch that one and keep your eye out for the third as well
I hope you enjoyed this video now if you’d don’t already, be sure
to subscribe and say hello in the comments below. Have a great weekend
and I will see you next week Love ya!

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