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New World Record at X GAMES ASPEN 2020

New World Record at X GAMES ASPEN 2020

Yo, what up guys. Welcome back to Winter X Games 2020. Nick Danner here from Snowboard Magazine’s
YouTube channel. I’m here with Shane Gray who just stomped
out a new world record on the superpipe. Shane, how you feelin’ today brother? Feelin’ awesome, Nick. Oh, What’s up, Nick? Hey, dude, you doin’ ok? Heck yeah, dude. I’m just here to shred some friggin’ lettuce. Heck yeah, dude. Ok, so you started off today’s run with a
couple back-to-back mistys, which was pretty dank. Walk us through the rest of your run up there
today, brother. So, after the mistys, I threw a front chuck
and then stomped a friggin’ double chuck which was butter. All-in-all it was a pretty all-time run, dude. Heck yeah, dude. Up until that last move, though. Looked like some pretty bad beef. Yeah, dude. I was so super-duper pumped after the chucks
that I friggin’ whipped down the tranny, but I started chatterin’ and ended up catchin’
a toe edge on the lip, but then I accidentally did the world’s first fifty-four hundred. I’ve never seen anything like it. Yeah, dude thanks. Heck yeah, dude. Uh, so for the folks who don’t know maybe
explain what a fifty-four hundred is. Uh, so, a fifty-four hundred is basically
just fifteen full rotations. Friggin’ steezy man! That’s never been done before. Yeah before today, the world record was five. Steezy, man! Yeah, thanks, dude. But just to be clear, you didn’t exactly stomp
the landing, huh? No, so right when I caught a toe edge there
was like a massive updraft from the valley floor and I started whippin’ around so super-duper
fast that my board kind of turned into like a toy helicopter for a second and I ended
up flyin’ like an eighth of a mile into the woods and I cranked my gourd on a Douglas
Fir. Yeah dude, everybody thought you might have
gotten Bonoed. No doubt, dude. Friggin’ juiced my carrot. Yeah, man half of your money maker was totaled. Yeah. But to be clear, you did spin around fifteen
full times. Oh, heck yeah dude. Upside-down too. Friggin’ legend, dude! Yeah dude, friggin’ legend, dude! Shane Gray? Oh, what’s up? I think I found your tooth. Oh woah! Dude, how lucky is that!? Big fan man. That was a killer run. Killer. Hey dude, I know you’re all pumped up right
now on adrenaline because you just broke a world record but um, half of your face is
missing. Oh yeah, no worries, dude. I can’t feel half of my body these days, so
all good. Thank you for noticing, though, Nick. Heck yeah, dude. So, uh you started snowboarding in the second
grade is that correct? It’s funny you should mention that, Nick because
right after I thumped my pumpkin on that Duggy Fresh, I was ping-pongin’ down through the
branches and all these super vivid memories from second grade started like flooding back
into my melon. Shoot dude, that sucks. No, no, no, dude. Second grade was when I saw my first real-life
pair of fun muffins so all-in-all it was a pretty baller run. Frick yeah, dude. Oh, looks like your scores are in and uh…shoot
man your run wasn’t quite good enough to get you into the finals. Aw fuck. It’s cool dude. Hey, you wanna meet up later in the village
for some waffles? Fuck yeah, dude. Fuck yeah, dude. Oh, real quick I just wanna thank my main
sponsor – Wear It Again Gear. They sold me this helmet for half off. And take it from me, dude. This thing is friggin’ bo- -omb proof. See ya, Nick! Alright, you take it easy, brother. Ok, guys that’s it from me Nick Danner here
from Winter X Games 2020. Uh, make sure to like and subscribe on Snowboard
Magazine’s YouTube channel. And uh, don’t forget to crank that bell button
so you can get some noties. See ya, Nick! Hey, you take it easy, brother. What!? You take it easy, brother! Oh what’s up, Nick.

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  2. I watched this on my phone the first time and missed that "Shane Gray" was handed his TOOTH and signed it…. LMAO, that is awesome. Kurt, your stuff makes me laugh so hard.

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