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Never Summer West – 2019 Snowboard Review

Never Summer West – 2019 Snowboard Review

I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the Never Summer West .Where does this in the Never Summer range? This is more directional board with their more powerful Rip Saw profile so in terms of where I see it this is the more kind of freeride carving board for powder and piste that you would want to go for if you were more aggressive rider. We’ve seen a bit of movement over the years from Proto Type 2 into the West because ultimately people are more understanding of their requirements and if you ultimately riding piste or all-mountain this is the shape that’s going to benefit you a lot more yeah if you want a bit more versatility and want to be set in the middle of the board yeah go for a Proto because it’s gonna offer that a little bit more extra versatility for a bit of park bit of all-round but if you’re set in those conditions and you’re riding piste and powder thisis gonna reward you a lot more it’s got everything that you’d expect we Never Summer, carbonium top sheet never summer superlight core so it’s nice and nimble nice and powerful you’ve still got the hybrid shape I mention before ripsaw their more aggressive more higher hybrid in terms of camber under foot and rocker in the middle so a bit more aggressive into the turns you can really start to hammer this for them a quick pace and it’s not going to wash out so nice reliable aggressive all mountain board that advance to expert riders really I would suggest on this. Super fun board yeah, go and have a go on one and fall in love.

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