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Never Summer Proto Type 2 – 2019 Snowboard Review

Never Summer Proto Type 2 – 2019 Snowboard Review

Hi I’m Rob from Snowtrax and this is the Never Summer Proto Type 2 – I’ll move my hand away because it’s hiding a key part the tech on this board the heel side edge with Never Summer there’s a lot of similarities across the range so we’re going to talk about little key differences and who they’re suited for and why you’d ultimately want to get a Proto Type 2 – so as we pointed out your heel side edge. This is quite an aggressive stiff board but this heel side edge just enables a side cut here to be a little bit deeper allow you to get heels in give you a bit more purchase a bit more confidence, most of us don’t struggle with our toe side but our heelsides can often do with little bit of help In terms of the shape Never Summer are really renowned for their hybrid shapes so rocker into camber this is slightly more aggressive hybrid shape this is their RipSaw profile so we’ve got a bit more rocker bit more camber you can really start to deliver performance and really work with this board. In terms of stiffness and flex yes it is a touch stiffer great for all-mountain riding. Park riding… I’m not a fan of using this in the park as much this is the type of board from Never Summer that I would grab from my first half of the season where potentially it’s a bit firmer under foot riding the bit more sort like powder springtime actually really like going for the funslinger. it’s still the ripsaw profile but a slightly softer flex you still get your heel side edge if you’re after something a little bit softer that’s where I go for the funslinger because but more intermediate riders lighter riders and Park riders that’s where that works this, for people a little bit heavier a bit more aggressive that’s where you want to go for this so for all-mountain a little bit of park as I said I’m not really fan of it there But on the hill. I can’t fault it. turns quick rips so well I mean you just don’t lose any purchase on your edges, and because it is that hybrid shape just get tons of float. So, it’s a really good all-rounder it’s just bearing in mind what you’re looking to do if it’s gonna work for you because there are a lot of other similar boards in the range but the proto does tick a lot of boxes for most people so yeah go and grab one.

8 thoughts on “Never Summer Proto Type 2 – 2019 Snowboard Review”

  1. Weird , Sam Klein suggested it's best for aggressive riders and park chargers specifically . This board was designed for park and all mountain , park first. Lol

  2. If you're an advanced rider, don't buy this. The deeper sidecut on the heel and wacky hybrid camber really makes this a poor board choice. It's also about 5/10 flex so it's quite soft. PM if you want to buy mine as I rode it for 1 run. Whistler Canada

  3. what bindings would you recommend for this board? Also, can you guys start review of Goggles, Boots, Bindings, etc…?

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