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please airdrop airdrop I gotta find
something got to find something eat some medical supplies look Logan Logan coming
here right now I’ve got a really important idea Jake what’s going on man
I just woke up I’d be playing this game rules of survival and I cannot stop
playing it but get this it’s a battle royale type game and I thought what if
we had a battle royale session in real life
what’s battle royale hope you no time to discuss we’re doing rules of survival
one of your life we’re doing it now real life rules of survival left all you
ready what ready for what rules of survival in real life what do you mean
Jake it doesn’t matter boom battle royale real life just remember Lou fast
and move hard or go to the poor right now Oh last player standing wins there
are 15 nowhere in the game hey yo what’s going on guys is Papa Jake here from
tyranny and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we’re in the middle
of a battlefield right now we are playing battle royale guys we teamed up
but with rules of survival to do an awesome video you saw the game at the
start and we’ll have some gameplay later on but they helped us set off an insane
a battle royale map so there’s 15 players while 14 now and the goal is to
survive to the end of the game as the game goes on the map slowly gets smaller
pushing me into the center which means there can only be one winner at the end
I currently have no loo I started out with nothing but I think it’s time to
start looking for some loot and supplies because within no time we’re gonna run
into someone and we got to be ready to fight also guys like I said if you want
to check out rules of survival there will be a link down below at the top of
the description if you guys like the way this video looks and want to play an
awesome battle royale game go check it out this is gonna be intense I need to
go find a nerf gun and start getting geared up it’s a battle of the finish
let’s do this so there’s still 14 players remaining I have no idea where
Logan is I’m trying to find some currently I’ve just got a little bit of
gear on that I have I need to find some weapons possibly some armor and I’m
definitely gonna need something like some med gear if I get shot looks like
there’s a house up ahead let’s go see if we can’t find anything in there should
be some loot inside let’s check it out no players inside none that I can see I
gotta be careful here I have nothing oh sweet God looks like a modified sniper
rifle this is perfect I’ll see you anyway it’s gotta be
another plate coming here soon I got one here looks like he’s unarmed I don’t see
anyone else students got on looks just to make sure you know I do
hello you should be out there somewhere maybe I can find him I can team up with
him let’s push on this way they say there’s only 12 left hope Logan wasn’t
one of those guests I don’t see anyone else I need to find some more ammo maybe
some more supplies I definitely need to find Logan chickens tunnel geez where we got so decide they’re a
good idea at least give me some extra armor
shopkins good for close-quarters it looks like I’m going in there I just
made it up onto this kind of lookout point I was able to get the guy in the
tunnel looks like there’s about 11 players left in the game right now I’m
gonna check my inventory and see what I have inside all right looking pretty
good okay so at least I have the sniper now and the shotgun which is good for
long range in close range I also have a helmet for armor but I’m definitely need
some more guys have to find some med supplies as of right now I’m making my
way through this there’s a bunch of structures in front of us as well as a
helicopter in the distance my goal right now is to try and find Logan and sync up
with him if I can find him I think we can team up and win this thing this is
just like rules of survival good thing I played the game a lot skill has helped
me for this unfortunately for Logan I don’t think he’s even heard of battle
royale Jake where are you we need to find them fast we make my way over to
the helicopter see if we can’t push over that Ridge there there should be some
more buildings to loot and hopefully I can find some better supplies when
players left skin low people are gonna be moving to the center soon jeez around four get in the back
controller copter it’s gonna be way looks like he’s out of ammo she’s got
anything else on o3 smoke grenade I can use this all right hey keep moving let’s
check that house up there see if anyone’s inside we can find some more
supplies right honey some more ammo possibly better gun let’s check up here
oh sweet looks like an SMG perfect all right bye
Mike how there’s ten people left like I start making my way divorced the center
of the map so far I haven’t found Logan let’s check that house there maybe
there’s some more loot I gotta be careful I don’t hope to be in here there’s something about you guys enough
smoking it look good wait for me perfect
you guys must been teaming up not much for ammo or supplies I’ll take this
stuff thank you moving looks like I’m making my way to the woods I made it
past the second building there grab some extra loot I’m still trying to look for
a Logan how’s it made for the woods here I found another compound area up ahead
I’m not sure what I’m gonna be able to find here but hopefully I’ll be able to
find some better loot I took a little bit of a hit back there so I’m
definitely need a bandage still no signs of Logan though we’re gonna win this
thing we get to go through another eight players if I don’t find some long-range
weapons and some extra armor soon I don’t know if I’ll be able to survive
the finale okay oh I’ve been looking all over for
you I’ve gone through like six guys I’ve
been doing so far I think I’ve got like two I feel kinda bad he’s through to
this I didn’t think you knew a battle worried I was
I don’t I just have to learn for myself this is my friend oh I thought you try
to get you come on what’s gotten into you huh one less guy now we’re down to
seven look this is battle royale it’s a fight to the finish
that’s one less guy we have to go through he’s my friend I know but it’s
me and you now to the finish look wait no really look care package is that
it’s a smoke signal there’s a care package that way
what’s a care package it drops the best loot in the game come on I played a lot
of rules of survival I know who’s gonna be a lot for me
has appeared on them Komi guns all right grab the boxes all
the best loot let’s go let’s go back in the airplane get the airplane go go go
excuse inside the care package dude we hit the jackpot check it out body armor
first aid kit I need this helmet armor it’s only five players left including us
too we got three more let’s gear up mister hey doors the setting this is this building up ahead so the
two guys left the bus over there is head to the bus to shelter in it
– to us it’s a clear all right inside all right
there’s two guys left we need to take advantage of this place if he gets that
building we can hold out there they go I’ll use the reconnaissance drone to get
an idea so if there’s anyone surrounding us I’m pretty sure these last two guys
are probably gonna be the best since they’re still standing
sure all right lastly the drone all right let’s bring it outside start it up
we’ll need you to cover me it’s gonna take out foot here
all right firing up the reconnaissance drone now let’s see we can’t find looks
like there’s a building across from us it’s two stories wait wait I got a
visual on a person in the bottom right hand corner looks like he’s moving out
oh we got some of the top peeking out he’s got taken up by someone to the top
all right Logan looks like we got one guy left at the top of the machine gun
okay what if what if I ran up and I distract him and you flank from behind
okay yeah that might just work let’s make our way up to the second barrier
here I’ll pop a smoke and move my way around to the back
start shooting him to distract him I’ll get up and take him up all right let’s
go I got smoke ready right like this way alright go to keep them distracted I’m
moving around the side just keep them suppressed Division three hey big guy goddamn he’s down looks like we just won
this game buddy I’ll be taking this well that pretty much wraps up this video we
hope you guys enjoyed our epic nerf battle boreal and again like I said guys
big thanks to rules of survival for sponsoring this video and making this
happen we try to go really big with this and have a lot of fun and guys the cool
thing about it like I mentioned if you guys want to enter in to win an iPhone X
all you guys have to do is use the link down below rules of survival has hooked
us up with an iPhone x2 giveaway to all of our fans and we’re gonna be picking
winners who use the link down below so go check that out guys and of course
stick around a little bit longer because I’m actually gonna jump on board and do
a little commentary session playing some rules of survival playing outdoors this
really got me in the mood you know now we’re back home it’s warm it’s not cool
let’s go play some rules of survival and have some more fun all right guys so now
we’re jumping on board and we’re gonna be checking out some rules of survival
if you guys haven’t played this game yet or haven’t used the link down below to
go download it well one you should because it’s free-to-play but it’s also
such an awesome game we try to recreate it in our video as best we could but if
you guys have never played a battle royale game it’s pretty simple everyone
jumps into the map and you have to loot up gather supplies and this the last
person standing that wins so it’s an all-out battle and there’s a 120 players
which is pretty crazy considering that this is a mobile game I’ll check it as
Merry Christmas I like that it’s got it’s got the nice
little merry christmas’ thing to make you feel happy but as you go into battle
just a lot of people but so basically once you’re up here you can jump out and
choose where you want to parachute into you should be okay well I guess come
over yo you stay over there man do not cut is my building you do not come to my
buildings Papa Jack’s house let’s see we got up here uh sr cheek pad okay
sure why not grab that might need a later stun grenade i’ll sweet it’s like
the like oh oh what’s up oh no no no leave me alone
I’m an unarmed man you can’t hurt me she’s got a Cooper it’s an evil crowbar
lady evoke over a lady leave me alone okay we need something we need something
a weapon gun something something I don’t care
give me a baseball bat thank you my work find pay my old was she going oh no no
she sees us okay okay hold I got the frying pan got the frying pan Oh what up
now you’re not so tough yeah boom boom fried babe beats a girl bar is some of
this I’m gonna make bacon and eggs on your face not literally but here we go
come on all right so we got some armor upgrades bandages okay cool
all I gots got a little Christmas present there all right sweet so we got
a first kill which is awesome and as you guys can see in the top right hand
corner there is now 98 players left which we started 150 it’s going down
fast cuz everyone’s just like battling it out right now
and and as the game goes on you’re slowly gonna have to move into at the
center of like a selected point and if you don’t move there you’ll get bombed
but by explosive so you definitely want to go there and not get bombed so it
kind of forces everyone to come closer which i think is a really cool feature
oh no we got shotgun and some ammo and stun grenade and a crowbar it’s game
over we’re all good all right let’s try and
find something shotguns pretty good for close range but if we’re heading out
we’re gonna definitely need something a bit more long-range what’s up what’s up
dude okay you come in my house you give up oh girl what do you have oh dude you had
some weapons on you I don’t know waiting it was weapon out hey sweet uh hold of
sight oh not bad all right let’s grab that
maximum inventory yet take that okay I’m gonna try and maybe bandaged up here I’m
gonna go in this corner here and yeah you can you can go prone you can go
crouched which is pretty sweet but let’s do we have here bandage I’m gonna use
this don’t know if I need to use the med kit I don’t know if my kit will give us
okay we didn’t need to use that but anyway we’re just getting working a roll
with it and wasn’t anyone around here no we’re clear all right we gotta get out
this house I’m not gonna stay in here this is way too risky biscuits in here
it’s Papa Jake’s house you heading out so I’m gonna try and find Oh something
that there I’m gonna try and find like a long-range gun I think that’s probably
our best option right now I’m gonna come steal your stuff hopefully loot your
bodies we’re going with a shotgun just to be on the safe side
check all Oh Oh what we got here what we got here
Oh rightfully I’m a little sweet Oh yo we got a gun all right all right we’re
moving up we’re moving up in the world I this is good this is good
all right let’s reload there we go we said we got a rifle and the shotgun so
we have a long range and sure oh oh the thing we picked up works perfect okay so
now we have the holo sight – which is gonna be super key it’s the palm we zone
I give her not in the bombing zone okay so we’re good we’re good on the bottom
zone we’re deaf Oh Oh car we got car we got a car heading in hot Oh cars heading
in cars heading in where’s he going take some shots either these tires are
out yeah boy where’s he going is he hiding behind there okay you know
I’m not I’m not gonna shoot him I’m a little bit worried that he’s gonna come
out after me but they can snipe or something it was love dr off I’ve been
like heard anything from this side so I’m thinking we’re pretty safe but let’s
jump in here and see if we can loo this up you can obviously close the doors but
if the doors closed Oh energy drink all right let’s grab that if the doors are
closed then I’m pretty confident no one’s in there but then again you can
always close the door be hiding behind it like a shotgun or something the only
thing with this game is you can’t really just like hide in a house you kind of
have to keep moving because y’all we got the SVD boys oh we got the Snipe
up the hall says bags not bad at all that is sweet we’re gonna have to manage
with the hollow side for now maybe we can find a scope up here energy drinks
HP bandages mother repeater whoops it’s like it’s not like great
it’s better than nothing but yeah we really need like a triple quadruple zoom
scope that would be like key right now yeah might be able to run down there I
mean the only thing is they could totally be setting up with like a sniper
or something they could be just waiting for me to go check out the care package
and then we’re doomed I don’t see anyone I’ll see you like snipers and then looks
good I don’t know I don’t know I kinda want to make a run for it but I’m also
kind of freaked out let me get a little closer hope there’s a dead body up on
the tree there okay so people have been over here I feel like if there was a
sniper they’d be up on the ridge here oh oh yeah something oh we got a what is
that oh it’s a motorcycle oh we got my cycle
coming in this is two people or one these one guy where’s he going where’s
he going I don’t think he sees us that’s my care package bro yeah please
he done I blew up the motorcycle Brizzy no I didn’t get the kill where is
he ah no from behind I don’t know what happened a motorcycle guy I didn’t get
the kill and then someone came right from behind I’ll knit a nice gun well you know minute 17 not bad but guys
thank you so very much for checking this out of course guys if you like this game
at all rules of survival don’t check it out it’s free on the App Store a link
will be in the description down below if you guys wanna help us out go use that
link but I’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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