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Nation’s First Boombox-Carrying, Rollerskating Congressman Broke Boundaries

Nation’s First Boombox-Carrying, Rollerskating Congressman Broke Boundaries

It was on this day in 1982 that the
first rollerskating while carrying a boombox member of congress was elected when James
‘Sugar Boots’ Franklin narrowly won New York’s eighth congressional seat.
Franklin’s victory was a watershed moment at the times signaling that America’s
burgeoning population of boombox carrying rollerskaters had finally gained
mainstream acceptance. Prove congress ins’t just for suits and crew cuts.
Say hello to the slickest legislator on –. James ‘Sugar Boots’ Franklin. Franklin was an unlikely pioneer, a street
smart skater who admitted to being more concerned with impressing honeys with
his silky smooth moves than with politics. But, as Franklin became more engaged in
a rollerskating dude community, his eyes were opened to the harmful depictions
of rollerskaters in television and film. Franklin began organizing boombox-carrying
rollerskaters advocating for basic rights like rollerskate accessible ramps
in government buildings and protected street lanes where they could lay down
cones for some sweet slaloming. Just because we like to roll it out and have
a smooth fluid style that cannot be denied doesn’t mean we aren’t Americans. That’s right. Franklin campaigned vigorously and after
a tough fight made it to congress where he continued his crusade not just
for rollerskaters but all Americans. I’m not here to judge you. I only ask that you consider the importance
of HR4531, which would increase funding to early education centers for all children.
And with that I thank you and yield the remainder of my time. Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve gots to boogie. Unfortunately, Franklin was forced to
resign after he was caught spray painting his tag on the Washington monument.

100 thoughts on “Nation’s First Boombox-Carrying, Rollerskating Congressman Broke Boundaries”

  1. He's right, you know. D batteries are way over-priced, keeping the black man down. Sugarboots for Prez!! Funk the Vote 2012, people!

  2. Freeze turkeys, y'all better get yo' shit together and re-elect Sugar Boots or yo' jive asses better be ready for a whoopin'.

  3. Are you saying you want him as president? Or are you saying you support a movment to prevent him from putting children into combat in uganda?

  4. Actually, they made this last October (it aired on IFC). The thing with Congressman Bobby Rush happened only a few days ago.

    However, I think they posted this here in response to the Bobby Rush incident.

  5. People need to stop saying this was making fun of Bobby Rush. Look at the description. Look when it was originally aired.

  6. Secret footage of Obama's early years as a senator! Man, if Obama actually did what Sugarboots did, there's no way he'd lose an election for anything!

  7. Nice touches: (1) the "ONNHD" bars on the side; (2) the "Radiation Index/Velocity" popup that shows up at around 0:50, complete with an ominous countdown; (3) JUST BECAUSE WE LIKE TO ROLL IT OUT AND HAVE A SMOOTH, FLUID STYLE THAT CANNOT BE DENIED, DOESN'T MEAN WE AREN'T AMERICANS!

  8. I don't think America realises just how popular Obama is outside the U.S.A. His main success has been rebuilding the status that America lost during the international relations holocaust that was the Bush presidency. Seriously, us Europeans and indeed the rest of the world are beginning to respect America again and it is largely due to Obama.

  9. "Seriously, us Europeans" just because you are from europe it does not mean you speak on behalf of europeans. Anyone with a little more insight into american politics knows the US foreighn policy has not changed a bit, he wrote an article titled "Renewing American Leadership,", he's the same neo-imperialist that bush was, and all the dumbass hippies think he is different simply because he is black

  10. I'm a fascist not a hippie. Anyway, America is a world leader, deal with it. China may be growing, but its economy is still a third of the size of America's and the moment it's people demand better living standards it's up shit creek. I don't care that his policy hasn't changed a bit – anyone with even more insight into American politics knows that it's all about appearances. Appearances are what matter in world politics. Obama is saving Americas appearance.

  11. JFK v2 is required. But as long as it's a democrat with a majority in congress America will be fine.

  12. Yeah , when Obama came to Ireland , half my school went into the city just to see him ,but if our president was in the next room and all we had to do see him was get up and walk into the room he is in , we would sit there and not give a shit .

  13. The same Obama who was smart enough to be accepted in to the second most prestigious university in the world? (Cambridge is #1, read it and weep America :P)

  14. FDR, probably the greatest statesman in history and that's coming from England. But I agree, all the best were and are democrats, and that's all the world needs

  15. O wow a school for rich pricks. Anybody can go to a college but it's the knowledge that's taken away from the experience and used in real life is what matter. With Obama no evidence remains to be seen if he remembers anything he learned. Hell he obviously never took a fucking economics/business class. But i can tell he must have been top of the class in oral communication and politician bullshittery.

  16. Nah, fairly sure that's natural charisma. But who is telling you he is incompetent economically, and are they offering an alternative solution? Also Harvard is not 'a college' and most certainly not anyone can go there.

  17. If you were a democrat you wouldn't think obama was stupid. For us, he has upheld the beliefs and needs of our party, and few democrats are so simple minded to simply blow off romney's obvious intelligence. The man is a brilliant manipulator who has successfully won over the dumber portion of the republican party.

  18. No, as an american i can tell you whats up. Since our countries existence as simple colonies the southern half of the nation, whose ideas now make up the republican party, have a self righteous love of nationalism and xenophobia, and as such don't care at all what euro nations think of them. Honestly i wish they'd secede again and die off when they are unable to establish trade or commerce with any other country.

  19. I'm neither republican or democrat. If the general public had only a few more brain cells they would be able to figure out that both parties are screwing over America big time. When something goes wrong they always want to place the blame on each other like little fucking kids and they rarely if ever take responsibility for their misguided actions while in office. Hell at this point in the game it doesn't matter who you elect we're screwed either way and the nation is already in its downfall.

  20. People/Parties like that just get laughed at here. Europe has seen too much of what nationalism can lead to. The Republicans oppose the things that made America great, and the Democrats have lost their integrity. A worthy president on either side is a rarity and a blessing. America was founded on principles of secularism and justice, and it's a pity to see a nation that could have been special descend just like every other. Get out there and change things before it's too late. Preaching over 🙂

  21. Haha you do realise NASA couldn't engineer a toothbrush until it took in prestigious European scientists? Look at the famous ones; Werner von Braun, Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi. Even your Oppenheimer studied at Cambridge. The only thing American about NASA is the money.

  22. Why didn't they go to England? or…stay in Germany?

    Your acting as if intelligent people from all over the world coming to America because of our vibrant economy and free society is a weakness, not a strength; or it, at least, doesn't count.

  23. World War 2 ring any bells? Threat of war in Europe meant many scientists, especially Jewish ones like Einstein, had to flee for their lives. They didn't leave because secretly everyone wants to be American, the left as a last resort. Even after the war the Americans couldn't build rockets, and so they extradited Nazi war criminals to work on their ICBM projects. America has plenty to be proud of, but there's no need to claim credit for everything. Let's leave that to the French.

  24. I realize it, but I wonder why. Aside from his status as the first black president he's hardly noteworthy, he's maintained status quo at best. Not to mention that, if Europeans are half as ignorant as the standard American is about politics in other nations, at best the understanding is hearsay.

    Then again, most Americans aren't even remotely knowledgeable about our OWN politics… *Sigh*

  25. Obama is loved in Europe. Conservative European party leaders prefer Obama to Bush, Reagan or any other modern Republican president. The anti-intellectualism and thug mentality of the modern Republican party turn them off. In Obama they see an intellectual, even political, equal. In Bush and Reagan they only see idiots.

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