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Nathan Fillion on Playing a Cop & Scuba Diving with Sharks

Nathan Fillion on Playing a Cop & Scuba Diving with Sharks

100 thoughts on “Nathan Fillion on Playing a Cop & Scuba Diving with Sharks”

  1. "I assume everything wants to eat it me, because I'm delicious" 😂😂 Nathan isn't my type, but he has a charm about him and is cute.

  2. I absolutely loved Castle, but totally stopped being his fan after throwing Stana Katic (Beckett) and Tamala Jones (Lanie) under the bus and ruining the show.

  3. Who else got Seinfeld flashbacks ? You know, when Constanza changed the Yankees wool uniforms to polyester , or was it the other way around?

  4. I've seen him in a ton of stuff, but for some reason during this interview I couldn't stop seeing Gary from Santa Clarita Diet.

  5. I love this guy!!! Nathan Fillion seem so genuine, talented, funny and nice! I like him on 'Firefly', 'Serenity', 'Castle' and of course, 'The Rookie'. I hear he was gonna play Angel back then, and I'm glad they chose David Boreanaz instead of him because it's hard to picture him playing as a vampire with a human soul. All in all, love Nathan Fillion!

  6. Why are they always putting him into those cop serials instead of bringing back the crew to do 10 more seasons of Firefly?

  7. OMG! He called him out on "12th grade"!!! Because as a canadian living in the US, i've had to learn to say that and not "Grade 12." I caught it when he said it and I think it's HILARIOUS that Kimmel called him out on that!! hahahahahaha!

  8. As a "rookie" I can understand making the mistake of appearing on this show. Castle was good. I might watch.

  9. What a talker! Not just "Nolan" is. When I think that I was feeling guilty for being a talker myself. Now, I know we're at least 2 on this planet. I feel less alone. Thank you for this, Nathan. 😉

  10. I'm a cop and my uniform is even worse, plus we have to wear bulletproof vests all the time and its 40 to 45 degrees Celsius here. The belt is the worst by far, its heavy and has a lot of thing on it but you get used to it and you have to learn to have everything in order or you won't be able to squat properly. Yeah it is not nice yet we have to endure it every day.

  11. I know as an actor don't want to recognise by just one character for rest of the life. But the character of Richard Castle was so well played that will always remember by that name,

  12. The Energy of him is like Nathan Drake… Hmm yeah id want to see him on the uncharted movie as Nathan Drake… Unless theres someone possibly better but i dont think so honestly

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