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MY WEEKEND ­čŹ░ PUHELIN KIINNI JA OTETAAN RENNOSTI #vaihtovuosisodankyla╠łssa╠ł vlogi 37

MY WEEKEND  ­čŹ░ PUHELIN KIINNI JA OTETAAN RENNOSTI #vaihtovuosisodankyla╠łssa╠ł vlogi 37

Exchange year in Lapland. VLOG 37 My Weekend -Taking it Easy Series executed in commercial cooperation with Other commercial partners of the year Here we are skiing and in such beautiful weather This is our own domestic ski track We have spent the weekend doing nothing special We have closed out mobile phones. We had planned to go to Helsinki this weekend But because of Corona(virus) and the recommendations against travelling we decided to stay home For once we decided to spend a weekend with no plans what so ever This is actually the first weekend this year that we had no plans for and no visitors staying with us and mind you it is already March So here we are enjoying skiing in a ski track our neighbour has made for us This is the best season in Lapland as the locals have also told us The weather is as beautiful as possible Isn´t this nice? Whaaat? Isn´t this fun? Yes it is So welcome all to see our latest video Lucia are you tired of snow already? Or do you still like it? There is quite a lot of it, here you can see how much snow we actually have in Sodankylä Drift is almost as tall as Lucia. Come on, let´s go back home I can´t ski anymore. But we are very close to home already Lucia found a better way What is it honey? A rabbit hole? Ok, I just can´t see it from here Somewhere over there Last week I was visiting Seita foundation in Sodankylä They have a media workshop there and workshops for woodwork and handicrafts They gave me this utterly beautyful birdhouse as gift It actually looks like our house Mom, I found traces of an elf. So, Lucia found traces of an elf. Next we are going to put the birdhouse next to our own so we can watch it from the windows Let´s see if the snow can carry me Oh dear, mom is sinking in the snow Where are the elf traces? Let´s see if I can make it all the way there Oh those you mean? So an elf has been skiing here? You can hang it there, like a Christmas ornament Will they make a nest there? I don´t know. I think we just have to wait and see Now we just have to wait The birds have to figure out first that put a feeder out there How would they know? Well, maybe they saw us taking it there One bird can tell it forward to another and so on And they will make a nest close to the feeder so that they are close to food all the time Maybe, although I think they wont make any nests before Summer Mom, we should have food there all the time. Yes, during winter but not in Summer, honey. If you start feeding birds you can never stop it in the middle of winter In Summer they can find food themselves Mom, what if we forget the feeder and then in Summer it falls down? Well, it couldn´t stand up by itself without snow anyways I have baked a carrot cake today. Lucia is planning to make a marble cake and after that we can have a cake feast Have you made carrot cake before? This was my first time so maybe it is not perfect yet Hopefully it is good. Lucia stop it! How is Mutu? Can I have just one small peace please? We shall eat first, peasoup Can you believe it, a mouse has dared to poop here while we were out skiing Pooped in Mutu´s plate. Yes, how dare him? Maybe because you always leave Mutu´s food there. But there was no food there. It just decided to poop there We have a mouse problem in the house. We have put a few electric repellents around the house but they are not working at all They come especially for Mutu´s food. You can not leave anything there for even a minute Or they put food in our shoes. Yes, we keep finding dog food from the sofa, from our shoes, under rugs As if the mouse was hiding food around Although occasionally I suspect it might be someone else here hiding the food in different places…. It is not me, for real! Today we are having canned peasoup as we were too lazy to cook anything I used to like this but after having made really tasty peasoup a couple of times myself in the baking oven this might not taste so good anymore Our neighbours Ulla and Tarmo were kind enough to borrow me some powdered sugar for baking so to thank them I will take them some of the carrot cake I made This was the first time I made carrot cake Did you grate the carrots yourself? Yes I did. How many carrots? Three Ronja is emptying the dishwasher What other housework you usually do? Sometimes I bake And sometimes I wash dishes, especially after baking I set fire in the fireplace and thought I might read for a while So do you like it? It is super tasty. Oh, super tasty I have some oatmeal latte here I have my unicorn mug 6/5 Ronja is now going to her friend for the evening Oh, we wont have time to watch a movie with you then Oh well, I don´t mind Well you chose visiting your friend. I will drive Ronja there by snowmobile On the way back I drive on the lake a bit, I here it is in good condition at the moment I hope to see the sunset And you have to try to come over your fear Yes true, although I have already been there a couple of times after we got stuck If you don´t know the story yet, the video is right there. Later we will go to sauna. I was just wondering weather I would go up the fell by myself. We went there last week with our neighbours As it happens two of our neighbours appeared on the lake and we decided to go together Other are cuddling here at home What are you watching? What is it called Lucia? Oh I don´t know. Is it good? Yes Poor baby you are tired This looks like the Little Mermaid Driving up the fell was just amazing Now I will go get Ronja back home then we will go to sauna and then to bed. Let´s see what tomorrow brings us. I wont go to sauna. We will all go What are you watching honey? I´m watching My Little Pony I wanted to watch something decent but I couldn´t find anything I liked Maybe you should try some other service, like YLE Areena This is what it looks like above the baking oven Yesterday we had no screen time at all. Today we agreed to have some in the morning I haven´t used my mobile phone at all since Friday night and it Sunday morning now I notice my mind is rather calm and I have been able to think other things too than only Coronavirus Also spending a lot of time in the nature has helped me to think about other things I just don´t think looking at your mobile all the time following all the news possible can be good for you Of course you have to know roughly what is going on around you But I think I can still choose weather I need to know all the news on Saturday night rather than concentrate on my family or if I could postpone it to Monday morning? And does it really make a difference? I can warmly recommend you to try closing your phone for one or two days sometimes Today is very windy We had planned to go to Luosto but we might have to cancel Maybe we will just stay home and relax and take it easy It feels good All my public presentations of the following two months have been cancelled They bring me a relatively big part of my income and therefore are an important part of my work Luckily I have some regular customers that will help me to get through this exceptional time But I do have a lot of sympathy to all entrepreneurs who are suffering now under these new circumstances I find this situation financially devastating for many So if you have tickets for concerts or other events that are now cancelled, please do not ask your money back if it is not absolutely necessary Those people are in a lot of trouble now and this would be one way to help them So please don´t ask your money back. So many businesses are in danger to perish Also if you could think if there are any products or services that you can buy for yourself. Maybe some education, consultation or entertainment services We still have the Storytel offer you can take advantage of I can add it to my video links to be easily found You can try the service for free for 30 days Listening to audio books is a good way to spend time but I do wish you would also concentrate on small businesses and local businesses They all need our support now to survive Nobody knows how long this situation will continue so all we can do is try to help each other It has been good to read news about people helping out each other especially the elderly We have also offered to shop for our neighbours if needed I appreciate the advice of our president to keep a physical distance but mental and emotional closeness to other people Let´s all keep this in mind This game is over. Let´s play something else now Oops, what happened to the drawer Your knight is here my dear princess I am so cold after just stepping outside for a moment It so windy now Let´s see what is going on here. We are having breakfast soon It is 11 o´clock and I love taking it easy What are you doing? I am practising for my exam and writing down important things to remember What exam you have tomorrow? Religion We are also planning a new video here Don´t look yet Have you thought about it further yet? At least you have breakfast there Smoothie, pancakes, chocolate What are you doing Lucy? Playing. What are you playing? I am playing home. I have an older sister here Here I have two younger sisters and a little brother here oh the popcorn you mean? Or is it spaghetti? It is spaghetti and these two are a fairy and a mustard and this is mom, Peppa Pig this is the older sister This looks great and what a beautiful table you have set here You even have a guksi there Yes and here is the last sister she is also an older sister Such a lovely play I´m reading my book here Today I am cooking this German dish It is kind of like mac´n cheese I making fried onions to put on top of it Lunch is ready Lovely tiny leaves we have here already This play is just getting better. The house already has two floors Ronja has joined the play Well, I just came here because I was bored Don´t film now, this one is butt naked in the shower. Oh, ok. Lunch is ready, come eat now please We have had a nice weekend, haven´t we? Yes What do you think Lucia? Very relaxing. Look at my nose, it is all white. You look like a ghost I wish a lot of strenght to all in this exceptional situation Let´s send some good mood and fighting spirit to everyone out there Remember to watch our videos and hopefully they will put you in good mood and help you think other things too than just Corona, right? Don´t forget to discuss this with your children also as they might be confused I will add a couple of useful links down there to help you with that We have talked about this with our children everyday Bye bye, see you next week! New video every Tuesday

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