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MOTO SNOW BIKE?! (new favorite toy)

MOTO SNOW BIKE?!  (new favorite toy)

(engine) (laughing) (light music) – Welcome to Sandpoint, Idaho. I’ve never been here before. How did we end up on
the northern most part of Idaho near the Canadian boarder? Let me explain. You remember that video
in the Uinta Mountains with that Dadduras,
somehow Polaris saw that. They hit us up and said, “Hey Mr. Shonduras, do
you wanna try something” “you’ve never tried before?” I have no idea what
they were talking about, so we started talking,
and next thing you know here we are in Sandpoint, Idaho. They let me bring that Dadduras with me. He’s never done this before. I’m, it’s, Best Day Ever
stuff is about to happen. This is a new sport. It’s a package that you can get that turns your motorcycle
in to a Timbersled. Basically a snowmobile motorcycle. I’m excited, I can’t tell
you guys how excited I am. I can tell you, I’ll tell you right now. I’m excited! (bass music) So this is a Timbersled. That’s what we just got ourselves in to. Motorcycle meets snowmobile,
meets a lot of fun. I get the pink one right? – [Man] That’s yours. – More power to the pink. (Timbersled motor) Are you ready for this?
– Yeah! – Alright, gear. We’ve got some good gear. I’ve got the full face mask. Some 509 goggles, they have
the nose protector there. – Beacon.
– Oh. – Got your avalanche beacon. – Beacon, avalanche beacon. Not gonna get caught under the snow. Good call on that. Klim gloves, super comfortable
padding, very warm. Hooked it up with a Klim jacket. I’m a robot ready to go in to battle on a motorcycle snowmobile. – Almost.
– Yikes. Almost, what’s this?
– Got your airbag. – No way. I’ve seen these before. So what this is, that
inflates in to like a big, blow up air bag, right? – You pull this, you have a
huge airbag behind your head. You’re safe, safer, if you’re in a slide. – [Shonduras] Okay, here we go. – Hey! (airbag blowing up) (laughter) – This is the start of the trail. This is where motorcycle meets
snowmobile, meets Shonduras. Who’s going first? Are we, I think we rock, paper, scissors are you ready for this? Rock, paper, scissors. (laughter) Good luck man. I hear you just hit the throttle and have fun.
– Hang on. – Round one, fight. Ah, he’s got that! Mission success. Alright, now it’s my turn. (rock music) I’m so sorry man, I saw
it at the last second. – [Man] Alright, there’s a stump there. – I’m okay, but I’m sorry I hit that. That is ridiculously fun. I thought it was gonna be way harder. Well, it was, well I, wow! That was, Dad? – Insane, nothing like it. – It feels like a motorcycle, like there’s all those bumps, and once your like, (makes engine noises), it has some power behind it. Wow, Timbersleds, you’re great out of ten. We’re gonna go find a
place to build a fire. The goggles got a bit foggy,
so we’re warming ’em up. – That’s how we do it right there. – [Shonduras] Good idea. Dad, you having fun? (cheering) Dad is killin’ it. Go for it. Woooo! This is good stuff. This is fun. Are you gonna give us
some footage or what? Gonna be hard to top
my tree stump hit, but. – What’s the famous saying? Hey, watch this. – [Shonduras] Yeah. Hey guys, watch this. (laughter) Yeah! Skewers on there, are we
gonna cook some dogs later? – This is the party wagon right here. Look at this guy. We got a honey bear up here. Some kind a bear. He’s in a tree. Alright, Dad, first impressions. What do you think? – It’s like motorcycle fun
with the snowmobile go, and it is just so much
like dirt bike riding. – [Shonduras] Really? – Except for in these trees. I mean, look around, I’d never
take a snowmobile in here. – [Shonduras] Yeah,
we’re thick in the trees. – There is no way. These Timbersleds are just in
and out of every little tree that you want, wherever you want to go. – [Shonduras] So you’re sold?
– Oh I’m sold. I just gotta decide what bike
to put with my Timbersled. – [Shonduras] So are you
getting a gray beard? Or is that snow? – That’s snow, a little frost. It’s really cold up here. – [Shonduras] I don’t know, I think that’s just a gray beard. – Yeah, yeah, and this
is gray, I mean it’s all. – [Shonduras] You’re doing pretty good. By the time I’m my dads age I probably won’t even be able to walk. We’ll just be having Best
Days Ever in a wheelchair. I’ll see ya there. Lunch time? – Yeah, we got some. – [Shonduras] Oh this is how you do it. – Beautiful smokies. – These guys know what’s up. – You have to have proper. – [Shonduras] Oh boy. Does that, whoa okay,
that’s probably good. – No, there’s proper ratio. – [Shonduras] Oh that’s
click bait right there. Alright, I think we’re good. – On our foot either, that’s not good. – [Shonduras] Dude, this is gonna get us age restricted, that’s good. – Ready? – [Shonduras] Yup. – That’s how you build a fire. (laughter) – [Shonduras] So that’s
how you do it, huh? Two easy steps, gasoline and that guy. (bass music) Oh yeah. That’s delicious. Yeah? – Those don’t suck. – [Shonduras] Those don’t suck. (rock music) Yeah? Try to explain this to you guys. This is like VR. There’s no way to explain,
like, the feeling. Oddly enough, it feels
more like snowboarding than it does snowmobiling. Like you pick your lines, you can cut through the trees, carve, but the snowboard has a motor so you can just rip back up the mountain. Wow, that was. Hopefully I described that well. That’s your motorcycle review. I do motorcycle reviews all the time, just kidding, this is my first one. If I were to do motorcycle
reviews all the time this would be my favorite one ’cause they’re good. Dad give us a review. – Good enough to add
to my Polaris arsenal. (laughter) – Right back to where
the whole vlog started. Where do I even start? I got some serious son
brownie points with my dad ’cause he’s a Polaris die hard and he got to go to the Polaris factory, and meet all the guys, try something new he’s never tried before. So, son of the year
award, right there, me. You’re welcome Dad. Also, not hashtag ad. Not paid for by Polaris. Yes, they invited us out here. I just think they know that
they have a really cool product, and they knew exactly
what they were doing. Put a Shonduras on a Timbersled and you’ve a, you’ve got me hooked. Two things I want to tell you guys. Thing number one, try new things. Go outside your comfort zone. I will be super honest with you guys. I was nervous to ride one of these. I used to race motocross
when I was, like, 14, 15, 16, and it was a lot of fun. I got hurt a lot. I got hurt more racing
motocross for two years than I have my whole life. Like, skateboarding and
snowboarding combined. It’s just, motorcycles
are powerful things. I was nervous to come here and ride these and I didn’t think I would do good, and I was embarrassed, and I
was just coming off being sick, but I went for it and I had
the most fun I’ve ever had. And I did great. I really did good, I was
really proud of myself. My Dad did amazing. He was like, climbing
those hills, sidehilling. So if there’s one thing
you get from this video it’s try new things. Don’t be nervous. Go in with full confidence and
just have the best day ever. The second thing, if you were
to get another thing from this it’s you’re probably gonna
wanna get a Timbersled. Do some research on those. They’re really fun. They’re all made here, um, where am I? There’s a magazine. Sandpoint, Idaho, they’re all made here. It’s just an attachment you
put on a normal motorcycle. I am sold, I think my Dad and I are gonna get some for the cabin. Thanks for watching another Best Day Ever. This was an adventure. I was really excited to take you guys on. Got some great time in with Dad. And yeah, that’s it. I love your guts, bye. – [Man] Breaking apart. It’s so tender. (laughing)

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