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Model Model Valley Wave/ Egyptian Curl Crochet Hair Review Collab with Shayla Monish| Lia Lavon

Model Model Valley Wave/ Egyptian Curl Crochet Hair Review Collab with Shayla Monish| Lia Lavon

Hey Youtube fam it’s ya girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
another crochet hair review video and today’s crochet hair is a mixture hair.
It’s a combination of the model model Egyptian Curl as well as the Model
Model Valley Wave. Now I typically don’t do a combo but you’ll see why in the video
I decided to do one today. But if you’re not familiar with my crochet hair series
welcome! Hit that subscribe button! Join the family but this is how they work. I
first come in here with my first day thoughts of a crochet hair. Showing you
how it looks that very first day. No cutting. No manipulation really. All I
want to share with you during that first day thoughts is how long of an install
it was. How many braids I did? Did I knot the hair? Did I split the hair. Was it
hard? Was it easy? Do I think there’s gonna be some slippage and overall my
first day thoughts of the crochet hair. Then I come on here with my one week
thoughts of a crochet hair. Showing you how it looks one week in. Telling you
whether it has gone uphill or downhill over the course of that week and telling
you overall what my maintenance has been. Then I come on here with my final weeks
thoughts on the hair. Showing you how it looks on that very last day meaning the day I’m
about to take the hair out. Whether it’s been three weeks, four weeks, five weeks,
six weeks. I show you how it looks on that very last day telling you overall
whether it has been a hard hair to maintain, high maintenance, low
maintenance, overall do I think it’s water friendly, activewear friendly, how
long of a wear I think I could’ve even extended it and whether I overall
recommend that hair. If that sounds like something that interests you
just keep watching. I do have timestamps in the description box if you want to
skip around but if you want to watch the video through again
keep watching . A few moments later. So now coming on here for my first day thoughts
on this model model Egyptian curl and valley wave hair. Now first let me say
this is actually a collaboration with a youtuber on here name Shay Luv Hair.
Now she reached out to me and she said I know I’m the smaller youtuber but I’m
enthusiastic about crochet hair and I would love to collaborate with you and I
was like give me an idea girl and let’s run with it. And she said I actually love
installing hair. You like reviewing hair why not me install you review a hair. So I will leave her install of this hair up above. You guys know I’m enthusiastic about reviewing but she’s
enthusiastic about the install process which I know a lot of you guys out there
wanna see an install. I talk about the install but you guys actually want to
see it make sure you go check out her channel and show her some love. And tell
her Lia LaVon sent you. Now to get to the
review of this hair. The actual install for me there are about 12 braids going
straight back. There will probably never be an intricate braid pattern on my
channel. So straight back is what you gone pretty much get from me. Now I have
both the Egyptian Curl and the Valley Wave hair. Now the valley wave hair I
actually bought when I bought the model model Beach twist hair. If you
guys don’t know that video I posted it that was my birthday hair. I bought it at
the same time I bought beach twist. I think I bought them both from hair stop
and shop. This one the valley way was actually $14.90 for a three times pack.
So I bought this in November. I was holding up beach twist and valley wave
side by side and I didn’t see a difference. So I just went with the beach
twist cause literally could not see a difference. Butt recently from Sam’s
Beauty I bought the Egyptian Curl. The two times pack and it is in the color 1b and
I bought it for Samsbeauty. I bought six packs. It was twenty dollars. I think at
that time Samsbeauty was having a buy one get one sale because I don’t know how I
spent so little on six packs of hair. But I clearly didn’t need six packs. I ended
up only using a pack and a half of the Egyptian curl and a full pack of the
three times valley wave. So for a total almost of about less than $25 I got this
hairstyle which is really neat. I had no particular rhyme or reason. I would pick
up one of the valley wave, one of the Egyptian curl, one of the valley wave, one
of the Egyptian curl. I just wanted a little versatility in my hair. I wanted
to use the valley wave. I didn’t want it to just sit there. Looked to me just like the
beach curl but I wanted to see if there was a little bit of a difference between
the Egyptian Curl and the Valley Wave hair. Now this is what the Egyptian curl
looks like outside of the pack. It is in the color 1B and to me there’s no inches
on the package but to me it looks a little bit like a it’s an 18 inch. Now
this is super soft hair. The Egyptian curl is so soft. It’s so soft for no
reason to me in my opinion. I don’t know why it’s this soft. It feels
like bundles which is good but I don’t think the softness adds anything to it.
Like on the package it even has 113 grams over 40 ounces which is kind of
how they say it bundles. That’s kind of bundles speak. So I think they’re trying
to kind of give themselves an air of bundles feel. Which they do have a very elegant
bundle-y feel. But if it was a little bit more rigid I wouldn’t be mad. I do
tend to love a little bit more rigid of a hair. I know a lot of you guys out there
love a soft hair. To me a soft hair sometimes means problems. Sometimes means slippage and we’ll see if that’s the case with this hair. Now in terms of the
valley wave hair to me it’s the same at the beach twist.
Imma be honest with you. It’s the same as the beach twist. It is 14 inches so as
you can see it’s a little bit shorter than the Egyptian curl. I can’t remember
what the beach twist was. I think it was 16 inches but it is the same exact that
same rigidity to it. It’s a lot more rigid than the Egyptian curl hair. And
then there’s what I like. I do like a more rigid curl. Now to me if you guys
want to see me hold up this is the Egyptian curl. This is the valley wave. So
I did enjoy installing the valley wave more than I did the Egyptian curl. A
softer hair to me again is a harder hair to install. So going into the actual
install of the hair. I did not split the hair either of the hairs the valley wave
or the Egyptian curl when I installed it. So I installed it as is. So this is the
fullness of the hair, valley wave, as it comes on the little string. This is how
the Egyptian curl comes on the string and I installed it as one. So let me
just pull one out. This is actually two but these are two of them. So they’re a
little bit thinner too than the valley wave hair. So this is again the Egyptian
curl. This is the valley wave. So I believe if you’ve going to go full valley wave what you’re going to need to buy is probably a pack of this
and another pack but you’ll probably only use one bundle of it. I wish they
kind of split it up so you wouldn’t have to waste that much hair. But if you’re
gonna buy the two times pack which was about $14.90 each which will end you
about $30 $29 to buy two of these. I mean that’s not bad of a price a whole
hairstyle for a little bit under $30. And then if you’re gonna do the whole
Egyptian wave hair I’d say you need about three packs. Which wouldn’t run you that much. This hair would still be I think under $20. So Egyptian Curl would
probably run you a little bit cheaper than the valley wave. Now I don’t know
why model model does this with all their hairs now. But they do two times. They
do three times which is good but it’d be good too if they had an individual
option. So you maybe wouldn’t need to buy as much hair if you’re not gonna use
all the hair. This is literally the same day I installed this hair. So when I talk
about my install it was this morning. I woke up super early right now is 11:26
a.m. I woke up at about 7:00. I installed this hair and now I’m literally the
first video I’m filming did my makeup and now I’m talking to you guys. So it
wasn’t that long of a install. Wasn’t that hard of an install. I was watched one
movie. Movie and a TV show. I watched a full movie and TV show and now I’m back
with you guys presenting the hair. So this is the full length of the hair. Now
of course there are two varying lengths going on. I have a 14 and a 18. So I’m gonna definitely have to cut this hair into some kind of shape some kind of look but
this is overall how it’s looking. Overall first day thoughts Egyptian curl is a
very soft. Um this is my cruise hair. Next week I’m gonna film my first week
thoughts and then after that I’m going on a boat. I’m cruising. I’m having fun.
I’m going on vacation and I wanted this to be my vacation hair just because I
had a really fun time with the Model Model Model Beach Twist on my last cruise so I was like let’s go in that save my model model family. See if I still have a fun time.
Now I’m very interested to see how the Egyptian Curl is gonna hold up. I think
the valley wave is gonna do very good just because the beach twist very good.
But I’m interested. I’m gonna actually get this hair wet. I’m probably gonna go
into somebody’s ocean we’re going to four ports and I know at one of those
ports at least I’m gonna get my hair wet. I already want to just so I can have
that experience just so I can come back and speak to you guys about
that after my one-week thoughts. So probably in my final thoughts I’ll share with
you guys my experience on my cruise since one week in I won’t have gone on
my cruise. But overall first day thoughts liking the hair. Very interested in
seeing how it’ll hold up. Oh knotting. Before I sign off let me say knotting
with this hair Egyptian curl you’re gonna want knot this hair about three
four times. You gonna want to do a lot of knots. Again this is a very soft hair.
You’re gonna want to do some knots and I’m gonna be interested to see what the
slippage is with some hairs. I never had a hair where I had some hesitation about
how slippage was gonna be other than this hair right now. It’s giving me some
pause on how this slippage is gonna be cuz I did knot it. I’m knotted it one time. I
was like nope, two times, three times, four times. I’m like do I need to do six or
seven times but you’re gonna have to knot that Egyptian curl a lot of times.
I think with the valley wave hair just being a little bit bigger, being a little
bit more rigid probably no more than three times with
the valley wave hair. so again just keep that in mind this Egyptian curl is a
very soft hair and I will be excited to see how it holds up and you guys will
see how holds up in one week coming up right now run weekly tell so now coming
on here for my first week thoughts on this model model Egyptian curl and model
model Valley wave hair now this is what it looks like one week in probably looks
exactly the same as it did that first day I really didn’t do much to the hair
in terms of cutting it just because you guys know when I’m in vacation mode when
I’m on that beach when I want somebody vacation I do like my hair to be longer
so as you can see my shirt says I’m in vacay mode that’s because I am two days
and three hours exactly away from my trip so I’m very excited for that but in
terms of this hair really held up well over this last week when I tell you I’ve
literally had to do pretty much nothing with this hair and it it overall looks
exactly the same I’ve really done nothing I don’t even see any tangles
with this here really and I haven’t detangled this hair in the least bit so
no product has been put on this hair even that first day I don’t know if I
said anything in my first day thoughts about product because I didn’t put any
product on this hair even right after installed and put any
with me Hawaii silky branch in spray not a drop of product has touched his hair
over the course of the install with this here and this here is still holding up
really well it’s also very lightweight and that’s something I really like I
said it in my model model Dominican chrome video which was the first ever
model model here that I try was not a big fan of that here but I said it was
very lightweight for me to have tried that here in July and it was really hot
as you can imagine in July and it held up very well I do think that model model
has a lot of great lightweight hairs and I think this is more so in that light
weight category as well I mean it’s very Airy and you guys know I didn’t use
other you know other abundance of text but I still feel like my scalp is
breathing and that’s the important thing I think with my last two hair the
Azzurri Congo curl and the model model fresh Juan Carlos were a little bit
thicker of a texture now I’m back into the lightweight texture it’s those
texture that you really want to have during these summer months I really am
enjoying this hair now like I said going on vacation and two days very excited
for that I’m gonna take all the products that I typically take with me on
vacation I’ll link that video up above to showing you what I typically take
with me on vacation and I will definitely get this hair wet over the
course of my vacation so you guys want to see my final thoughts whenever that
may be just keep watching late al so now I am
back for my final week’s thoughts on this model model Egyptian curl and model
model Valli wave hair as you can see from the Sun it has been four weeks with
this hair and overall I have to say this part is probably gonna be a very short
look this here now I’m gonna get a big camera so you can see how it looks at
four weeks and this is kind of what it’s giving you probably limp why there looks
wise it probably doesn’t look too too different I’m gonna actually sat down
and filmed a video and some more weeks in any kind of video so feels kind of
weird be back in Cameron as you can see from my sternum steel and they came Oh
even though it’s been a few weeks I’m still in that vacation mode but it’s
probably gonna be very short because I feel I guess a bit alit about this hair
now first let me into water friendly as you guys know a couple weeks ago I went
on my and I had this hair in during my cruise
and I have to say it definitely holds up pretty well in the water I definitely
said to my head in that water I washed my hair on that boat I will have a
watched video coming up with this hair specifically in upcoming video so make
sure you’re locked into this channel so you can see that but watch this hair had
no issues washing this hair and it’s part act differently I definitely think
it’s activewear friendly but the reason I feel ambivalent about this hair is
because to me it has the same feeling as the model model Beach twist hair though
I like that hair but it just feels like a repeat it almost feels like deja vu in
the same sense that I had this hair and previously looks in the same as the
model model Beach twist now I’m starting to be concerned that hey you have the
same hair already and a different version you have the beach twist you
have the belt way while we keep creating the same curl over again now I didn’t
hate the beach twist but again like I said the reason I’m feeling am Evelyn
about it is because I’m editing and I’m in the process of editing my model
models fresh wanna curl videos the last year that I had it and I’m uploading it
Monday as I’m recording this that you’re watching this but a few weeks ago but I
love that hair and I’m watching that video I’m having an overwhelmingly
positive reaction watching that video I’m loving that hair was so different it
was so unique it was outside of my comfort zone and I liked it so I’m
wearing this hair right now and I’m just feeling like man you know I’m not
overwhelmingly trying to buy this hair I don’t want to get to a funk where I’ve
tried so many crochet here is that nothing excites me but this one is an
exciting man typically you know this year has some good wins the free tres
bohemian braids this is the first video you’ve watched me you’re probably why
don’t you love it it’s so pretty it is pretty it’s definitely pretty it’s in
the same family as the model model beach twist for me now in terms of maintenance
with this here what I have done now when you watch my watch daily routine which
will probably come in after this I’m saying this now I’m gonna say it in that
video so I used a different product after I watched that hair shouldn’t have
should’ve going back to my old faithful the Hawaiian silky miracle worker I will
link it down below this has been amazing for this hair it definitely revitalizes
your hair definitely adds a little bit of you know
oomph to layer that isn’t there sometimes that water strips away from
your hair so even if you don’t wash this here I think this product will still add
some vibrancy to your hair and so again Hawaiian Sookie miracle worker has been
like a miracle worker to this hair now overall my recommendation would I
recommend you run out and purchase the model model Egyptian girl or the model
model Valley wave hair I have to say overwhelmingly if they discontinued this
hair I wouldn’t feel too bad I know a lot of you guys have seen me oppose a
lot of pictures I love this hair because of course I award on vacation and of
course I’ve posted a lot of pictures on Instagram of me on vacation so I think a
lot of people are seeing it and so they’re like I want to hear where you
get this hear me I can’t order it a lot of people buy hair before my reviews
with no problem if you do I’m just saying you guys really don’t know how I
feel about here yeah so a lot of people were saying I can’t find it I’m saying
right now if you can’t it’s no big worries I mean I wouldn’t I want
strength if you’re not able to find the Egyptian curl hair I wouldn’t stress if
you’re not able to find a valid way here to meet here go with the Beach twist I’m
sure my model has another here that mirrors it now I’m questioning about a
lot of mini media store model model takes up the entirety of the wall and
now I’m like okay oh is it 80% of the same hair over and over again I’m
probably gonna take a little bit from model model I think I’ve tried so far in
the last what 7 months 3 model model here form I don’t want to hear if you
count the mixture that I did this time so I’m probably definitely take a little
break from model model to like getting a sense which curls aren’t the same curls
all over again I definitely say if you can find model
model Egyptian curl model model Valley Way then yeah sure buy it it’s not
terrible it won’t lead you down the wrong direction but it’s not something
that’s going me at this particular moment overall though you guys sound off
down below how are you feeling about this hair are you loving it are you
liking it are you liking you know me make sure you give this video a big
thumbs up if you enjoyed it give it a big thumbs up even if you didn’t enjoy
it make sure you’re following me on instagram at leo of on 89 and make sure
you’re subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss any of this good content and
I will see you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye w-what you like this

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