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Model Model Fresh Wand Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon

Model Model Fresh Wand Curl Crochet Hair Review| Lia Lavon

Hey Youtube fam! It’s ya girl Lia back again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title and the big hair
is another crochet hair review video. And today’s crochet hair is the model
model fresh wand curl in the 14 inches. Now if you’re not familiar with my
crochet hair series welcome join the family hit that subscribe button
but this is how they work. I come on here first with my first day thoughts of a
crochet hair. Showing you how it looks the very first day. Meaning the day I have
installed it. Showing you what the hair looks like. What my braid pattern is? What
I overall think of it? Was it an easy install? Did I separate? Were the knots
hard? I give you a full look at how it was that very first day. Then I come on
here for my first week thoughts of the crochet hair. Showing you how it looks one
week in. Telling you whether it has gone downhill or uphill in a matter of a week. And
I also tell you what my maintenance routine has been like with the hair over
the past week. Then I come on here with my final day thoughts of the crochet
hair. Showing you how it looks literally the day I’m taking the hair out. No
matter how long it’s been.Whether it’s been three weeks, four weeks, five weeks, six
weeks. I tell you how long of a wear I got out of it or if I could’ve
got a longer wear out of it. Telling you what my maintenance routine has been
with it for the entirety of the wear. Telling you whether its water friendly,
activewear friendly, and overall whether I recommend you try this hair. Now if
that sounds like something you enjoy just keep watching. There are timestamps
below if you want to just skip to certain parts but without further ado
let’s get into my first day thoughts on this fresh wand curl hair. A few moments
later. So now coming on here for my first day thoughts of this model model fresh
wan curl hair in the color 4. Now it is the two times pack. So it is supposed
to be a two times pack. I actually ordered this hair from hair stop and
shop. I ordered four packs. I ended up using two and a half packs of the color
4. So what you’re seeing a majority right now is a color for and then the
rest of it is a color 1. It wasn’t hard to find but they were a low in stock. I
ordered this hair actually in March 2018. Probably while you’re watching this it
is a whole year later simply because I was frustrated with this brand. I
only only wanted to try this hair because I saw it online. A beautiful
picture I have saved in my phone. I’ll upload it right now of this hair in the
color OT30. When I went online they didn’t have a OT30 but I really
still wanted to try it.I bought it. They didn’t have a lot of colors. Then maybe
like two weeks later I saw fully restocked all the colors and I was
pissed and I’m like forget model model. Model Model out here playing games. I don’t want
to try them. But now I’m back into wanting to try more wand curl hairs.
Especially after the debacle of the Zury Kongo Curl. I want to give another wand
curl a chance. And I’ve had this in my collection for a while. So I said why
not pull this out. Now my braid pattern is the same braid pattern in the Zury Kongo Curl video. You doesn’t know what happened there. Not meaning the same
brand pattern I mean it’s the same braids. It is the same braids that my mother did.
I actually said she braided pretty tight. So I was able to use it for the
second install. I do not ever reuse braids a majority of the time if you know me but
like I said in that video this was a special case. So it’s a straight back
braid pattern meaning I can separate the hair in all the places. Let me get up in
camera so you can see how the four looks. It’s a very true to life four color. It’s
not one of those fours where it’s closer to the two side no it’s definitely a
medium brown now let me kind of open it up so you can see what it looks like and
the two times pack now I did say I use three and a half packs meaning four
packs will be needed to achieve this list this is all that to the left of the
fourth pack so you have this right here now my issue is this is not really a two
times pack in my opinion I don’t know why I model models gooping the kids
making it seem like well it’s two times the hair it’s really pick up if this was
a single pack buying this would be a joke so a lot of model cut the fluid it
really needs to be called a single pack because I use there’s two of them so
this was the other side of it this isn’t a lot for just a single pack it says on
here split strands without friends thick precise cut perfectly shaped
bouncy curl long lasting now when I was installing this hair I was originally
installing it and it’s full like without separating the curls from how it looks
without separating this is kind of how that curl looks without separating but I
used one complete side without separating it and I was like
not even 1/10 done with my hair and I was like okay so this stay here I’m
going to need to separate so you are going to need to separate this area I
did end up splitting this hair one time so meaning this is how it looks
regular and you’re just gonna want to split it it’s an easy split and if you
do it right you can not have any frizz with the hair that’s what you want you
want a friends free separation and I think you can get this with this hair
unlike the Congo curl I’m sorry I’m going to reference that hair because I
was here I had in what last Saturday um so again very easy to split this hair
that length of it is 14 and just I have not cut this hair so what you guys are
seeing right now is could be hair completely uncut and it’s 14 inches
longer to kind of a turn around very long
I like the 14 inches though it does really feel like a 14 inch now the
install did take a little bit longer than the Zuri Congo curl though that was
a very quick install I said in that video very quick and stuff now I’m on
the opposite end of the spectrum I actually was watching a movie last night
on HBO what was the Jurassic world the following Kingdom or whatever and I
actually time the install of the hair with me watching it like how far along I
got in the movie and it did take me and granted my braids were already down so
this is just of the install of the hair took me about an hour 45 just to install
the split and all that and it may be because I have a fuller look or maybe
that I was really engaged in the movie but it was a little bit longer if
installed than the last chrono curl hair which was very you know quick what
you’re gonna want to do after you install this hair immediately is moosa’
hair especially if you separate the hair now I’m just met here knots I only
nodded this hair maybe twice then willing to require a lot of knots I try
to do leave visible knots in the front so of course it looks more natural but
again this isn’t here that’s gonna require a lot of knowledge going on it
so that’s really good in separation is very easy but you’re gonna do if you
separate the hair like I said is you’re gonna want to mousse this hair and use
your mousse of your choice but you gotta know for for the longest now I’ve been
loving the vigor mousse they have several different kinds that have the
maximum shining wave they have the olive oil they have the one in
can I have all three so it doesn’t matter what Vigoroth this is just one
that I’m using right now and that’s open right now so you want to use it up what
that’s gonna do is kind of bring the curls back together a little bit when
you separate you do kind of tend to make the hair go from this kind of more
concise to this kind of more separated and what the mousse does is kind of
bring it all back together a little bit if that makes sense and that’s what
you’re gonna want to do what I want to bring it all back together and you’re
going to want to apply a generous I say generous amount of mousse to the hair as
soon as you install it now what I did last night as soon as I noosed it I put
it up and my pineapple like I normally do when I go to sleep so that means just
bringing the hair to the top of the head putting a hair tie around it
and then go in and sleep that way I will say this hair was very heavy when it was
all at the top of my head and I was not heavy right now going but I’ll put it up
at the top when I hung out put it on so I owe this alone so overweight it this
little waiting right now so just be aware of that so overall this would be
my first and de thoughts on this model model fresh one curl fourteen inches I
have to say overall looks of it do really like it this first day and I will
kind of cut a little bit of it to shape it not too much because again I’m not a
master cutter but I will be back in one week to show you how it looks and
overall my first week thoughts coming up right now
run week later so now coming on here for my first week thoughts on this model
model fresh wan curl and I have to say this is the one crow I have been looking
for now I feel like my issues with the free tres ringlets wands you’re making
bounce and an Zuri hair which we not even gonna get into but I didn’t really
have major issues with you know free tres and Jamaican Mouse I think the
thing about me though is that I do like limp a little bit and some of those
curls only come in a shorter list now I know Jamaican bounce on its as 26 inches
ain’t nobody 26 inches know where I know Zoe the most recent hair only had it
about 10 inches that you could go up to and you’re really supposed to keep the
eight inches at the bottom and then have the ten inches at the top so it’s really
supposed to be a shorter length now this being 14 inches and really what I like
and the fact that it looks so natural is just added
that now I know I’ve gotten questions from you guys to want me to try more
curls like the l-train what is it cinema belts I might be saying that
completely wrong but you guys know what Karl I’m talking about and I do like
that curl but now having a limp a little bit it’s gonna be hard for me to go back
and have that same feeling again like I said I’ve cut only a little bit since my
first week thoughts I apologize about the Sun coming in make it up in camera
so you guys can kind of see how it looks very natural-looking so I can if you
guys want me to try more long curls in the future I’ll be happy to but give me
suggestions for a longer length because I think that is what I really vibe with
now again looks very natural-looking looks like a natural flexi rod set that
I’ve had for a week now you know normal if this is not normal here flexi rod set
will be going downhill at a week’s time but this one is really lasting and the
only thing I’ve put on this hair isn’t my mousse you know I haven’t even done
that the entirety of the week I really just did that on Thursday today is
Saturday I did it Thursday did it that first day did it on Thursday and I don’t
know if I’ll be pulling it out again you know maybe later on throughout the week
it’s not something that requires a lot of product and a lot of effort to it I
did it Thursday so I can detangle it and as you can see I detangle that Thursday
still have a little bit of you know Tango’s who they have come about in the
last two days but nothing too major it’s not that much of an annoyance let me get
up a camera so you can kind of see the frizz on it again nothing major
something that gives it a more natural look now one weekend I am really liking
it but you guys will see my final thoughts coming up right now lay down so
now coming on here for my final thoughts of this fresh wanna curl now it has been
three weeks however I am taking this hair out at four weeks I’m just filming
a week early because next Saturday I have a lot going on you know some
Saturdays I do have to take off but I wanted to go ahead and fill my final
thoughts and I also don’t feel like this here you’re gonna change drastically
from week three to week for our honestly don’t because it’s here has really held
up well I think this is what I’m talking about when I
say I want a one curl hair out of all the warm curl hairs that I tried and I’m
going to lump in the free transfer youlet one I’m going to love them
sensational Jamaican bounce up in a lump in the Congo curl this is the kernel
this is me like this is what I want I have to say the length on this is
impressive not a lot of brands have the 14 inch they know I mean they stop at a
it’s just I don’t understand why you can do limp and it still hold up well I
don’t know why brands stop at 8 inches but if you’re listening to me right now
brands do more of this go even longer I think 16 inches I think when you get to
89 you playing game so when you get to 14 you can do this because I think a lot
of people want the lip especially if you’re I’m kind of the younger side too
I think I’ve gotten a lot of comments from posting on Instagram if you follow
me on instagram i posted my boo who pictures a lot of people were commenting
I like that link does it come in even longer and I was like unfortunately this
is all I know but I think this is a perfect lip I think the shorter list of
me just give me it’s a hard not like I feel like I’m Annie I feel like I should
bust out into a jam but before we jump and dive into these final thoughts let
me be clear as I do in all my words to videos everything I say in this video is
my opinion it’s how I feel about things I always always suggest you guys check
out different opinions different reviews if you want somebody else’s opinion
don’t just go off with me because again I’m one person if you have a different
you know reaction to the hearing definitely let everybody know in the
comments down below this is what it looks like I’m gonna get up in camera
three weeks again super super natural-looking there is a little bit of
frizz but it’s very bare minimum if anything it’s probably less than that
the one week mark because I pulled out I already booked goody product that works
wonders on this hair now I don’t know what I said I can’t remember what I said
in my first week thought that was a couple weeks ago but now the product you
need with this hand I’m gonna link it down below the description you guys
right pull it off my Old Faithful hawai stuck in a while but it’s time to
reimburse because this is what this hair needs these too this is what this
product was made for I feel like this will soften this hair to no end this
hair feels so so supersoft but you’re gonna have to use a lot of this product
and what I mean it last night i detangled this haircut a lot of the
frizz cut out a lot of the you know the ends that were uneven so I poured this
into my hand I using more than a dime sized amount and I went through and just
detangled the hair I really spent about 40 minutes probably the longest time
ever because I am wearing this for one more week and because I’m going through
the Millennium Tour kind of starts tonight I definitely wanted my hair to
be on point and separated I knew I was going in there with a three-week-old
here but I wanted to look and like it was still one day oh and I think I did a
good job of making it look still as great as it did that very first day so
what you’re gonna do put this in your hair and kind of work it through the
hair evenly and then do it again but you’re gonna have to use an abundance of
this I think I’m almost out with your styling because y’all know I bought like
three bucks so I’m good on this product but do not vigorón mousse I mean I know
I love it for some hairs I think this hair really needs this Hawaiian silk
when I went to sleep at night I just kind of pull at the top of my head and
put my scarf on go to sleep woke up this morning I was like oh I just wanted to
keep my hands in it like it feels so revitalized just off of that so I do I
think it’s water friendly do I think it’s active friendly I think it’s
definitely active friendly I think you’re just gonna have to kind of you
know of course stay on top of it as you would with any hair I think you should
but it’s easy to kind of put up however you want to wear it while you’re working
out you want to wear your hair shorter so you can wear it down that’s fine as
well I also think water friendly but don’t wet it in excess I think this is
going to be a hair that you can only wet a couple of times like so if you’re
swimming you’re swimming you’re swimming and you’re gonna get out and get out I
think you’re gonna come to a point where the frizz is just gonna be a little bit
too much at a certain point so I definitely say it’s a hair that you can
get wet and I would definitely if I knew better I would have worn this on my
upcoming trip but my trip is you know in a couple weeks so I’m going to install a
different here but I definitely say I’m not going you know swim and beep diving
I’m not snorkeling with with the dolphins or anything like that so I
definitely think this would be a hair that I would definitely take on a
vacation but if you’re somebody who is saying is this a hair that I can get wet
as if it were braids like as if I wanted to dive in and swim all the time I
definitely would say this might not be it so overall my thoughts on this is
this a little fun yes yes this has been one of my fun is hair that I’ve tried
and this year and for the entirety of this last week I’ve done nothing really
does nothing but you’re gonna have to have you know at least once or twice a
week where you need hangover hair I didn’t do it once this week just because
it was a crazy week for me and next week is gonna be crazy busy so I don’t see
myself really doing the same process I did last night but if you want to do a
Friday Saturday where you kind of deep dive use this product and go to sleep
and just wake up and your hair feels super soft you can do this make sure you
guys leave down below other wrong curls that you guys want me to try if you know
them in a longer length after this week I was googling all over the place like
crochet wild curl over 14 inches and they’re not that many of them I just
want to try another something that is between 12 14 or 16 inches so if you
know a long curl out there if it’s lasted hook if it’s curl Kalan if it’s
some other brand that’s not even a store brand but something else you know out
here please let your girl know because I am very enthusiastic about wanting to
try the wanna curling even though I said it’s kind of a warmer here to be honest
it really hasn’t been as super warm and this last kind of week make sure you
give this video a big thumbs up if you want to give a big thumbs up even if you
didn’t enjoy it make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss any of my
content make sure you’re following me on instagram at lille abates 19 I’ll see
you in my next video thank you so much for watching bye

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