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[MMD Cup #13] Scuba Diving (第13回MMD杯本選)

[MMD Cup #13] Scuba Diving (第13回MMD杯本選)

You forgot to open your valve. Hey, it’s Yukari. So you guys were here. What’s this, by the way? MEIKO has a camera in her goggles, so we can see underwater. That’s cool. Where’s Haku, by the way? She seems to be down,
so she’s lying down upstairs. Huh? does she get seasick
so easily? Nope… She simply got drunk. Drunk!!? Enough comedy here… What is that? No idea… Is that an octupus? I don’t know. Seems cute, though… a novice can usually dive for 15-20 minutes
with a tank full of air. However, due to the time constraints,
I decided to have them surface early. They are moving up quite slowly… If they surface too fast, they might
get a decompression sickness, so they have to ascend slowly. What’s decompression sickness? If you ascend too fast, nitrogen dissolved
in your body by high water pressure… …may not be discharged properly. If so, nitrogen can form bubbles,
blocking artery. That is “decompression sickness” You really are knowledgeable, Yukari! Oh, you flatter me too much…

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