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MIC’D UP: Phillip Danault

MIC’D UP: Phillip Danault

Here you go! Oh boy! Down there? This side. That’s it boys. Yeah, Flower! Go, hit me! Yeah! Flower! If I call reverse… Oh, I did not hear you. Ok. I’ll call reverse louder. Nice, Petey. Ok, backhand right away? That’s it. Yeah. Yeah! Go Flower! What do we got here? Zone, or…? Power play or? Are you on the power play? No! No… Are we doing PK and power play right now or no? I don’t know. We’re doing PP, PK. I just don’t know what we’re, uh… Are we going against the white? Good stick, Lehky. Good stick, Lehky. Lehky! Lehky! Hey! Hey! I got it, Lehky. I got it! Good stick, Lehky. I was trying to buy you time. When you pressed there… We…we got it all under control. Good stick, too. That’s a good play, all right guys. That’s it, Foley. Yeah… He moved on you… Yeah, I know. I didn’t look. It cancels out over here when the D does the same thing. Yeah, he’s sticking around? We forget about him because he’s like…you know what I mean? Ok. Hey! Holding. 4-on-4. 4-on-4. Where’s the ref there? What’s up? Let’s go Flower. Yes! Lehky’s got pressure. Attaboy, Lehky. Attaboy. Is that the last drill, or do we have more? We got two more, three more. Nice. Good stick, Lehky. Good stick, Lehky. Full ice, Kirky? It’s 2-on-2. Oh, 2-on-2. Gally! We got… 2-on-2 where? That’s it? Two guys! Score over there, all right? Yeah, send it! Oh, good thing he blew the whistle on that one. Nice. Oh yeah. You had it wide. Yeah, I tried giving it to you because I had beaten him to it. You went with a little skill on the stick. Gally! Aw, sorry Doms! Sorry. Sorry Doms! I fell… Thank God. I fell and I tripped you over. Oh my God, thank God. Gally, you got it or what? Yeah I got it. Good skate, Meat. I gotta get better on that shot. I’m more like…this. You had it, though. Yeah, but… You had it but you were looking to pass… Yeah, I know. I looked for a second… You looked for Tuna or whoever was coming. Gally. Gally was coming… For a second, and then… I couldn’t get the smell away. You’ve got to chew some gum. Seriously. Keep going, kid. Where is the [expletive deleted] puck? It’s in my pocket! That’s it! Are all the sticks there? Not mine!

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