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Meet World Cup alpine ski racer, Alexis Pinturault

Meet World Cup alpine ski racer, Alexis Pinturault

The best is to just go for it, to trust yourself and follow your instincts because that’s when you’re at your best. I’ve been skiing since I was 2 years old. I think I can take on more or less any situation, so why not trust my body completely and put thinking to one side. The best word to describe him would be explosive. He’s got dynamite in his legs. And he’s such an all-rounder: he’s won in Giant, he’s won in Slalom, he’s won in Combined, and he’s already made the podium in Super-G. There aren’t many people on the global scene at the moment with such an impressive prize-list. When you are winning or on the podiums regularly in the different disciplines, you ask yourself: why choose? The way I see it is, as long as I’m winning, why give it up? He’s the full package. Physically he’s very strong, very fast, very synchronized. He is totally aware of his body with regard to space. He can get involved in any activity and take it on at super-fast speeds. I’ve been taking Alexis skiing since I was pregnant with him. I think he felt the movement and the pleasure of gliding that I felt. When he was a kid he got frustrated that he wasn’t one of the best because of his small build. Everyone with bigger builds tended to get ahead of him. I told him “Alexis, if you really want to be a skiing champion” – because people were saying that when he was 15 – “then you have to be amongst the best right now. If you want to be a champion later, then you have to be better now.” And that’s when he started to get better and started beating his friends.” I’ve always known in my mind that I can win. So I try to do everything I can to make that happen. And even if I don’t win I know that by working, by making myself do things in the right order and the right way, it has to pay off. I’m convinced that’s how it works, especially in sport. I’ve always loved sport and I’ve always participated in sporting competitions. I don’t go onto a tennis court to lose. And Alexis can’t stand losing. I think he’s good because he doesn’t like losing. It’s not so much that he likes winning…it’s because he doesn’t like losing. It’s not exactly the same thing. He hates being second, he hates being third, and he admits it. It’s not very French to say what we want to do, to say we want to win, that we want to be the best. But he has no problem with it whatsoever and I think that’s one of his strengths. The goal for Winter 2013-2014 is to get more World Cup podium finishes, and in particular if I can get a medal in Russia – that would be the best. A good career for me would be if, in 10 to 20 years’ time, when people talk about alpine skiing they think of Alexis Pinturault.

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  1. ✌ ☼ Garde les bonnes choses que tu as en tête! Fais-toi plaisir… "Que la force soit avec toi" Alexis Pinturault. 

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