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Meet the NEW YORK Urban Skaters

Meet the NEW YORK Urban Skaters

this is the best hoodie I’ve ever had
it’s so plush on the inside you don’t even want to wear a shirt you put it on
and it’s like I like pilla do ya ola YouTube my name is Ricardo lino and I am a wheel addict, I’m in New York we’re on the train – my hat’s right yep we’re
going to city you’re gonna trust appears by the way do you know this guy it’s
Miguel from blade in New York what’s up guys you’re in the car dog we don’t
leave a link in this good in the description for me girls Channel and for
Eddie you know adding rocks we’re gonna skate
to City have some fun yeah that’s it he said that you know his
team training why she pulling the ball or not I’m not very good at ball you
know watch me see some shady keep training that’s it oh I wanna dance with
somebody I wanna be lead with somebody
yes I wanna dance with somebody with some money it’s about
I wanna feel complete with somebody so what it is with somebody with awesome and in I’ve been skating in Chelsea
Piers skate park which is like a bowl I’ve been skating with days and it was
actually really really fun I didn’t get that many clips but I’m actually quite
tired and what’s about to happen is the it’s Wednesday and there’s Wednesday
night skate here in New York we’re always going to happen and we’re waiting
on a bunch of people and I’m going to show you some of the people that is here
so what’s your name sorry hey guys this is fred i’m here from lebanon living in
new york city i six years old then I stopped and one
I mean like four years ago I saw by chance and I just got this rush back
too my skates three
I got back to it I’m elephant I’m from New York City I’m
one of the members from played in New York and I love skating
I’m also real attic hey this is Sarah and I’m from Turkey I live in New York
and I do mostly long long-distance skating this is my tour timing sometimes you
know yeah I’m Seth skater here local New York City part of the ones the night
skate staff I grew up like a lot of people skating in the skating rink and
then took some time off my teenage years and I picked it back up about eight
years ago probably yeah hi my name is Mike I’m from
Brooklyn I didn’t skate for my entire life when I
started when I was about 31 32 I’m 28 sometimes I’m still skating this is when
I skate one of my most favourite New York City skating events and if you can
skate on the street you’re welcome it my name is Rico
I’ve been skating for like five maybe ten years I just moved to New York City my name is Tim I’ve been skating since
1992 ish I stopped for a while but thanks to lino and Tiago on YouTube I
was able to get motivated again to skate again on the right day so much.when true
I’m Ilya I was born in Russia and lived in New York for a while and traveled all
over people lived in 40 countries I’ve been skating for 8 11 years or more 13
years my name is Albert I’m from Brooklyn I
used to skate back in high school fifteen years later I picked it up again
hi engage New York the place to be my compart of the Wednesday night’s skate
staff I’ve been skating in New York for a couple years mostly straight do a
little aggressive trying to do some speed skating a little of everything
that’s what’s great about skating you got so many options you got so many
products you got so many ways to do it how you doing tonight my name is Jack
I’ve been coming to this event since October of 1997 they’re not staff here
since since June of 1998 I’m gonna leave this skate every single Wednesday at 8
o’clock drive an hour to get in here for a mout on Long Island drive an hour home
to go back to work after the skate we do it because it’s so much fun some things
never change stuff that’s never get old my name is Shawn I’ve been skating ever
since a group of my friends landed on my doorstep with an extra pair of skates
three years ago and was the night skates the place to be
my name is Edmund started skating when I was six got her I had to get stitches
stopped at eight after that picked up I picked it up like two years ago again
there’s been one of the greatest things ever definitely thank you
my name’s LA started skating about eight years ago and started coming up here
pretty much right after that that’s many good thank you everything I do is for you know what I
mean yeah yeah yeah yeah you see my web you
know it’s wrong and I’m so foreign then you see my gosh I’m not sure you support
that is Foreman and I’m so sorry we’re taking I’m taking you guys to
actually the hood I didn’t live in we got a brand new bridge that just opened
up it’s been a highway forever and now it’s a highway plus a bike path so it’s
really exciting and that’s all you got to see from these
New York Wednesday night skate if you want to see more well you gotta come to
New York and enjoy it so now I’m gonna take off my camera and concentrate on
skating in these busy streets and enjoy my time with these guys right here so if
you did enjoy this video do not forget subscribe to the channel do not forget
to subscribe to ladies in New York Channel video a just check my channel
okay that’s it if you want to see the rest well we’re gonna skate a couple of
bridges and all that if you want to see that well go tube lady New York channel
and for now well don’t forget why we all started skating and why I’m going to
keep skating tonight because it’s fun Cheers

15 thoughts on “Meet the NEW YORK Urban Skaters”

  1. all joking aside if I knew you were in New York and you also had your lovely wife with you I would have drove there to come say hello to the both of you you are such a wonderful inspiration to keep inline skating it is snowing now here in Ohio so it's completely depressing but man keep your videos common we love them I am a wheel nut

  2. Used to skate Brooklyn banks and water Street back in 98-99 skating in New York is such a beautiful experience ♥️ thank you for bringing wonderful memories back.

  3. Cool video! I like the twist after the portraits to the skates! ??
    Today I was out on skates… without wheels! ?… … … ⛸??

  4. Wow, what a wonderfully diverse group of wheel addicts! Great people from around the world loving our sport. Fills the heart with joy.

  5. Hi Ricardo,

    Awesome, thanks for sharing your NYC experience! It would have been great to meet you in person, but, unfortunately I couldn’t make it. Hoping you are able to visit again, then you can check out the many other skating opportunities in the City.
    Similar to what a fellow skater mentioned, your channel and what you produce was a significant motivator for my return to the sport. I started skating back in ‘89 and continued steady until 2000-ish, then only infrequently until about two years ago.
    I moved to NYC over three years ago from Seattle Washington and was inspired to return to the sport after seeing all the opportunities to skate with others in the City. I have been back and a member of the Empire Skate Club for nearly two years.
    Skating with these guys literally changed my life. I was overweight and out of shape, but since my return I’ve lost nearly fifty pounds and the best part is, it doesn’t feel like work because I am having a lot of fun doing it.
    Hoping our paths cross in the future ?. Thank You ? for what you are doing for our sport and please keep it up because you are making a difference.



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