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Meet Randy Santel: The World Class Professional Eater

Meet Randy Santel: The World Class Professional Eater

During the challenge,
I wear headphones because I like to listen
to music. I love girly pop music. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry,
Taylor Swift. Freaking awesome. Music helps me get my
mind off the massive amount of food that’s
sitting in front of me. It allows me to eat more, eat faster without
even noticing it. My name is Randy Santel.
I’m a professional eater from
the United States. I specialized in
food challenges, competitive eating,
and nutrition. My goal is to have food
challenge wins in all 50 states, along with all
27, and hopefully, by the time it gets to
that, over 30 countries. With food challenges, you gotta have
the proper strategy. You can’t just take
a five pound burger, pick it up, and eat it. You’ve got to be able
to break it down, know that you have to
eat the meats first. Then the veggies. Then the breads. Then you usually
have your fries, or onion rings, or
whatever your sides are. There’s a whole lot to it that most people
don’t understand. That’s why over 90%
of people lose food challenges. It’s all about being
ready, train, strategize, dominate. We are at MEATliquor and
I am freaking starving. So, it’s definitely
time to eat. We’re from Birmingham. You came all the way
from Birmingham? Yeah, just to watch you. No shit. Awesome.
We’re big fans. Okay! Well that’s really cool,
I appreciate that! Those girls
are fucking hot. Holy crap.
You know, Eva, she’s spoken
to you before. Probably on Facebook. Nice. Yeah, probably. It’s really true. Yeah. But It’s true. Can I ask about your,
your little like, routine that you like. What the, this?
Can you do it now? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wait.
Can I get it, so, can I get it on my phone? Hey, everybody this
is Randy Santel. Atlas, with Atlas and
Zeus promotions. I’m here with my friend,
Vicky, and I think Vicky is gonna
try the challenge, too? Yeah. Was to me.
That would be good. That’d be cool to watch. We will.
But, let’s get this challenge started. The whole flexing thing, I get a lot of
flap about that. Alice, Alice, Alice. That’s just more
fun than anything. It was more just
flexing on it cause I was basically showing
the food who’s Daddy. Argh! Appreciate you
guys coming today, this is awesome. Yeah. Holy cow. Hey, everybody this
is Randy Santel. Atlas with Atlas and
Zeus Promotions and proud owner of I’m here at MEATliquor
in Central London. I’m taking on their
Triple Chili Challenge. Now, I’m going for
overall win number 246. And win number 36 of my
2015 UK and Ireland tour. We’ve got all kinds of
deliciousness over here. We’re gonna do I think
the burger first, then the hot dog, and then work on
the chili cheese chip. I’ve got ten
minutes to do it. The record is freaking
two minutes and 47 seconds. I’m gonna try to
break the record so even if I lose, I’m
gonna still gonna get it free if I win in
under ten minutes. Oh, shit. I had my hat on wrong. I need to redo that. Hey, everybody. This is Randy Santel, Atlas with Atlas &
Zeus Promotions. I’m proud owner of Let’s get this
challenge started. A lot of people ask
about who Atlas is. I’m a big Sylvester
Stallone fan, and I love the movie
Over The Top. Before every big arm
wrestling match, he turns into his alter ego,
he calls the machine. He basically takes his
cap, does this, and then you can just see in
his eyes that he’s just complete focus, ready to dominate
the task at hand. He’s ready to
destroy anybody in arm wrestling that even
comes up to the table. When I turn my
hat around and turn into Atlas,
rub my hands together, any food sitting in front
of me is going down. All right. One.
Two. Three, go. The big thing to eating
fast is not chewing. It’s about swallowing. Basically, take a lot
of small bites, almost like CPR. They tell you to
open up the throat. You just do that. Maybe with
a little water, pushing it through,
and then just swallow, you’re able to move
on to the next bite. It’s all about practice,
training, strategizing, and then
soon you’ll be able to if you work hard enough,
dominate. I was born in St.
Louis, Missouri. Throughout my life, I’ve always been
kind of a big kid. I used to be about 205
pounds, which is over 100 kilos back when I was in
fifth and sixth grade. So, I’ve always been
able to eat a lot. My very first job I was
working at Subway, and I was a senior
sandwich artist. I used to eat three
double meat footlongs, with extra vegetables and everything within about
a five hour work period. Then I went on
to Burger King, and I used to basically
fill up an entire tray of just everything. And I was able to eat
that cause I was wanting to gain weight so I can be better at
American football. As a big guy, I’ve always
wanted to just be really, really ripped. I mean, I think that
a lot of people that have been really,
really big. They always have that,
oh, man, I would look so freaking good, just all cut up, sexy
physique, ripped up body. Well, I’ve always
wanted that. In 2010, I found out
about this National USA, Men’s Health Sponsored
Body Transformation contest. I competed in this big,
big transformation. And then, in two
months I was able to lose 26 pounds. I got down from 250
down to 220, basically. The results that I got
were really incredible. I mean, I’ve never seen
myself like that before. I was so, just stoked to
be really, really ripped that, I ended up getting
all oiled up, and I did a ten day
tanning package, and I bought this gladiator
Halloween costume, and I ended up winning. Once I finished with the
transformation contest, my buddy had done this
pizza contest before this pizza challenge, he lost
it with another partner. But he knew that
I was very, very good at eating, so
to celebrate and to treat ourselves, we did the
Big Pizza Challenge, and we got 500 American
dollars for that. 14 minutes and
32 seconds. No lie. Mr. Manetti,
it’s the real thing. So, if you’re
watching on You Tube, it’s the real thing,
brother. Forget about it. After that, I was like,
hey, I’m really, really good at this. We borrowed a camera
from one of my friends, turned a 40 minute
challenge into a ten minute actual video. We posted that. People started to watch. A month later,
I did another challenge. More people started
watching the videos. Friends were like,
oh, yeah, that’s freaking awesome. I can not believe
you can do that. If I could say
there’s any one thing that bothers me
sometimes is to call competitive
eaters wasteful. I eat may eat
a lot of food, but it’s my one meal for
the day. Obviously, it’s not that
healthy to eat 7000 calories of fried
breakfast foods. But doing it every now
and then is not gonna do any kind of long
term health effects. The big, big trick is to
keep up the exercise, the cardio, a little bit
of the weightlifting. When you’re fit,
trim, feeling good, you’re able to eat a lot
more than when you’re a lot heavier. Obviously, you can see
there’s a little bit there, but it’s only
gonna take about two or three months to
get it all back. Before all my big, big
tours, I always get my blood levels tested
to make sure that my cholesterol’s fine, blood
pressure’s doing great, and everything is great,
because, obviously, I’m not doing
this to hurt myself. My first time travelling
out of the United States was back in 2010. Before that, I never
really had a passport. Whenever anybody
asked me what I do, I say I’m a professional
eater, and people were like, what the hell does
that even mean. The hardest part was
deciding to just leave what I went to school for
to focus full time on all this food
challenge stuff. I really don’t own
anything anymore other than my camera gear, my piece of crap car that’s
sitting at home, all my stuff just actually fits
in a small vehicle. I’m not really
money driven. I’ve got some investors. And I still live with
them, my parents. Mom and dad, they just
wanna see me happy, and I’m very,
very happy doing all this different stuff, and
that’s kinda why they’re helping financially
right now. My sister, she’s single. I’m obviously single. They just got a little
bit of money stashed away for our wedding. And as far as I know,
there’s not really anybody
that even likes me. So we get all this money
that obviously isn’t gonna go to any
weddings anytime soon. Wonderful, thank you. It’s a double room. It’s a double room. Nice.
Yeah. Very nice. I’d say definitely when
you’re on tour like this, in order to be able to
do a challenge everyday, not only do I have to
drink a lot of water, but I have to drink
a lot of fiber or eat a lot of fiber, too. And since I can’t really
have any other meals other than the food
challenge, I supplement it with, this thing that I
got in the States. I brought it over here called Super
Colon Cleanse. It’s basically just full
of plant fibers and sterols and
stuff like that, along with some
natural laxatives. And just to make sure
that my intestines and everything are empty, and then I can just fill
it all up again with the new challenge that
I do on that day. Look at how freaking
awful that looks. It’s just a whole bunch
of just plant sterols just running
through the water. It’s gonna clear me
out pretty good. It’s so gross. Now, it’s finally time we’re gonna be headed
into Wicked Waffle. I’m gonna be taking on their Wicked Waffle
challenge. I’m very,
very excited, cause as I can already see there’s
a whole lot of different posters advertising I’m
gonna be there, and there’s gonna be a lot
of people watching. So, it’s gonna
be a good time. Let’s go on and head in. Harry? How are you? Nice to meet you. You, too.
You, too. I haven’t eaten today,
so now I get to see what kind of ice
cream there is. Do we get to choose? Yeah, what it is, you get to choose two
scoops of each flavor. Obviously, if we
let people choose all vanilla,
it could make it. It’ll be a little
bit easier. Ferrero Rocher, very,
very delicious. But I don’t know if I’d
want to eat two massive scoops along with all
the other stuff, so that would be more
once I’ve finished, I’ll get it for dessert. Today for the Wicked
Waffle challenge, I’ve gotta eat four
massive Belgian waffles. I’ve also gotta eat 12
scoops of ice cream all stacked layered in
between all the waffles. So, I’m really gonna have
a pretty simple strategy. In order to avoid
brain freeze, I am gonna be drinking
some warm water. I will also be
using a really, really big spoon so
I can get as much ice cream into my
mouth as I can. And then chase it
with the warm water. Hey, thank you too. Found out about Randy
through YouTube and discovered one of his
videos which was this hotdog eating challenge. It was the biggest hotdog
that I’ve ever seen. Yeah, since watching that
video, I was just hooked. It defies logic the fact
that he can eat all that. He seems like you and I. Genuine person. And seeing his
transformation from what he used to be like
to the man that he is now is just incredible, you almost a connection
with the bloke. I’ve known of him for
a couple of years. I heard about
the challenge through Facebook. I tried twice last year;
completed it once, failed the first time. I saw Randy was
coming down. And thought I’d come
down and have a go again. This is going to be win
number 248 throughout my life since 2010. And I’m going to be doing
it the same way as I’ve done all the other ones. Win before you begin. I won this challenge
before I even walked into the door and
that’s because I trained, I strategized, and
I’m about to dominate. Holy cow. Hey, everybody. This is Randy Santel,
Atlas with Atlas and Zeus Promotions, and proud owner of Very, very
excited tonight. I’m here with my buddy,
Simon. We are in Portsmouth, England down south of
London at Wicked Waffle taking on the Wicked
Waffle challenge. If we fail, it’s 25 quid. But if we win,
we’ll get the meal free. I think we may
even get t-shirts. We’ve got 45 minutes,
let’s get it started. Five, four,
three, two, one. So, all these different
families, these kids, all these people that
have been watching all my videos, I’m not gonna
lose it in front of them. One challenge, there were
probably 50 people there and just cheering Randy,
Randy, Randy, Randy. When it’s like that,
it’s just like, I am not about to let
these people down. Thank you. It was nice to
meet y’all. You too. Thank you. I appreciate it. Have a good night. Bye! Bye! There’s a lot of things
that I’ve sacrificed in order to go
anywhere I need to go, do anything I need to do. There can’t be any type of serious
relationship involved. I spend a lot of time alone which
kind of sucks. But, I’ve learned
to cope and be able to be
fine with that. I ended up,
making myself single, we’ll call it that. Most of my friends, that
I went to high school and college with, they’re all doing what
society calls growing up. They’ve all got
families and they’ve got babies
along the way. And it was kind of
pissing me off that every time I get on Facebook, somebody’s getting
engaged, somebody’s doing this,
having a baby, blah, blah, blah, blah. So I ended up just for
myself getting a ring, and, it basically
just says, married to my dream. It can get lonely
sometimes. But, I mean,
I’ve got my music and my career that I’m
always working on. There are some days where
something bad might happen, like at the end
of every day, I’m really, really broke cuz I mean, I’ve spent thousands and
thousands, it’s probably over 30 grand over
the past couple years on all this different stuff, stuff. But, at the end
of the day, I would rather sleep in
a freaking’ gutter than ever really quit on
giving up on my dreams. So, there gonna happen. It’s not a question of really whether they
are gonna happen. Once somebody gives me
that call or that e-mail and say, Randy, I think I
really got something that we need to be doing,
we need you to be here. You don’t even need to
give me more than a few hours notice. I’ll be there. I’ll be packed up and
ready to go. This is what my life
is dedicated to. Hey, everybody. This is Randy Santel,
Atlas with Atlas and Zeus Promotions and proud owner of Just wanna
remind you guys, if you’re wanting to
do a food challenge, never forget,
win before you begin. Train, strategize, and
dominate, just like I do. You do those
three things, you’ll be able to too. Yeah.

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