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Meet India’s fastest man on ice: luger Shiva Keshavan.

Meet India’s fastest man on ice: luger Shiva Keshavan.

nobody expected to see somebody from India everybody thinks in the other tropical country until it a little bit my lair the spotlight was on me in the sense [Music] I was always in for for adventure when I was a kid I got hurt a lot [Music] during this dangerous mix of speed and adventure I think I found the boat in luge so this sled is what we call a street luge and this is 1020 times faster than the sleds we are used to as kids over here and which is exciting but the same time you know all the traffic and the road scene over here it can get a little tricky sometimes one big similarity with a luge though is that it has no brakes so so that’s something that you know we kind of can identify with it was kind of a small sport you know close-knit community it’s only since since I started and since a few years before I started that the International Federation was really proactive in getting new athletes in new countries you know after that Jamaican film that the Hollywood film on the Jamaicans Cool Runnings but that kind of the popularity of that movie I think it kicked off in a worldwide talent hunt I need at least five points to qualify for the Olympics in South Korea it’s a complicated procedure but qualifying points come from World Cup races there are six races left and the next races in Germany so ladies and gentlemen [Music] when you’re lying on the sled over here your legs go and go on this and that’s gonna steer the sled the time that you’re looking looking to gain or looking not to lose is is very miniscule and I will talking about thousands hundreds tenths of a second that that you know really differentiate the first from the last but they know that you know odds are stacked up against me because because of all the support system that I don’t have to be knew the chances for more than one point I need to be in the top seven team [Music] when I’m going up to the start but I’m at the handles there’s a lot of things going through my head some part of the track that had to focus on some curve that I have to improve the moment I I start and I leave the handles for a moment my mind goes completely blank all the things that I think about doing just fade away I’m just falling down without any breaks and it’s just natural forces come on even though it might be seen as a high adrenaline high speed sport you really try to stretch time when you’re going down in fact or there’s so much of the focus on I’m just giving over here holding up over there hi exit left-of-center people say how can you do so much but that’s how time works it’s really subjective the rota to top team so clock way low let’s show us a carry on for it was like being in a washing machine I got spun around thrown to the roof and slam my head slammed on the ice so lot went on and that’s a few seconds I guess but it’s part of the game [Music] diamond speed are interrelated a run of one and a half kilometers would last around 50 seconds and since it’s so difficult to get much in fact that you’re able to recreate the emotion or you know whatever your mind goes through during a physical run and even if you’re having some issues somewhere that you can’t sort out in the track sometimes you can sort out in your mind I finished 32nd out of the 35 competitors but here to go I only need two more points to qualify for South Korea

100 thoughts on “Meet India’s fastest man on ice: luger Shiva Keshavan.”

  1. Nobody expects u to be Indian because im assuming there is no ice in India with long stretches clear enough to practice and get really good.

  2. And he won the Gold in Asian Luge Championships on December 1. See you at Pyongchang. Hope he opens the Medal Tally for first time ever in Winter Olympics.

  3. He qualifies for 6th Winter Olympics, one less than Leander Paes who qualified in 7 Olympics from India.
    Meanwhile BharatRatna Sachin "The God" Tendulkar played 0 Olympics. Such a useless sport.

  4. He says he doesn’t have support but maybe there’s more to the story. Why wouldn’t India support him even after he won them a gold in 2012? Or why wouldn’t he race for Italy when they offered him a spot on their team bc his mother is from there.

  5. He has no supporters coaches or friends I feel so bad… but respect for training himself when no one else could. I hope does great in the olympics

  6. Man, I am proud of you.. 🙏🙏
    That sport is not at all easy.. To stir or control at that speeds.. That's crazy!!
    And happy to see my country being represented for other sports too..
    All the very best in getting more points

  7. I used to do this as a kid with all the other kids from my neighborhood, but I always ended up winning and all the other kids would get mad, I just told them "its nothing to luge your head over".

  8. May God give you strength and victory…it seems interesting but a vry tough sports and what feels worst is the lack of empathy from sports ministry of india….

  9. Respect for you Shiva…I never knew about you before this video and I am very curious about your story now and wanna see you get success and inspire people

  10. Tough guy …
    Keep moving make us proud…
    Do what you want to do,you don't know whom you are motivation….
    Good luck ….

  11. So proud of Shiva performing at that level even without any tracks here in India. You making our country proud and Manali will mention that for sure. Go on Shiva god be with you.🕉

  12. He retired in February. It's sad that our country recognises people only after they get medals, recognition or accolades, if they are lucky!!
    Kudos Sir, hope you start an institution where kids can learn from you…

  13. The top guys of Indian sport authorities need to support people like shiva on a big scale not only in luge but also in some other games too.. excluding cricket…hats off once again "SHIVA" for representing India in such a interesting sport…👍

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