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Maximize Your Barbell Bicep Curls! Inside Grip Vs. Outside Grip!

Maximize Your Barbell Bicep Curls! Inside Grip Vs. Outside Grip!

What’s going on Nation? And welcome to bench break episode 9 how to maximize your barbell bicep curls Inside grip versus outside grip now before we get into this video I want you guys to know that genetics will play a role in the shape of your biceps For example, some people have shorter biceps which seems to be like they have a higher peak as well Which is the kind of bicep that I have where others have those long biceps that seem to take up the entire arm Which I can kind of mimic if I turn my wrist out like this But no matter what shape your bicep is you can always increase the size of the muscle mass by training properly So we’re going to do today in this video is I’m going to show you guys my top two favorite exercises to work both heads of the biceps and all it’s going to do is Really focus on having to change your grip on the bar in order to target both heads. So what are both heads? Well, you have the inner head which is also known as the short head of the bicep, which is pretty much right here And then you have the outer head or the long head of the bicep, which is you can kind of see the separation It’s right here. You can see it more from the side as well Before we get into the exercises though I want to talk to you guys about some reasons as to why your biceps might not be growing The number one reason is going to be proper form and form involves a few different things It involves utilizing the full range of motion of all the exercises And it also involves making sure that you’re not swinging into your reps Some people especially they start to get heavy or even beginners and they’re trying to curl too much weight they get into the habit of doing this and they’re basically Swinging the barbell up and down not really isolating the bicep and working in as hard as it needs to be worked Now your genetics can also play a role in how your body responds to your workout whether you’re working your biceps or any other body part and what I mean by that is Some people get better results by lifting with heavier weight and shorter rep ranges Where other people get better results building muscle and strength by doing bigger rep range so maybe the short rep range would be like the five the six area where others like to stay in the 8 to 10 a 10 to 12 rep range and do a lot of drop sets and burn sets and super sets Basically infusing a lot of volume into the workout if you’ve been training for a while You probably know what Which way your body responds better whether it’s training heavy or with a lot of volume if you’re a beginner and you don’t know yet Pick one of these ways to train and do it for two to three months and then switch to the other way and you’ll quickly Be able to see which one your body responds better to now as far as the Exercises first we’re going to do is talk about my top two favorite exercises To work the inside head or the short head of the bicep The first exercise is going to be a wide grip barbell bicep curl and for this exercise What you’re going to do is grab your barbell outside of shoulder width Get a nice tight grip on the bar. Keep your chest up hold your elbows in front of your hips and then bring the barbell all the way up and Then all the way back down just like this and that’s the full range of motion You want to really feel your elbows fully extend at the bottom if you’re not used to doing that or if you have a hard Time remembering a lot of people will curl and then they’ll kind of do one of these and bring their arms back and not fully extend them Try to like flex your tricep to push your elbows forward to make sure you get a full extension at the bottom of the movement bring the bar all the way up and All the way down Another trick you can do if you’re trying to lift heavier weight is you can focus on utilizing that internal belt So basically take in a breath keep your core nice and tight Perform the entire movement and then don’t reset your breath until you reach the bottom of the movement again The second exercise I like to do to focus on the inner head of the bicep once again You have to use a wider grip on the bar is going to be a wide grip preacher curl and as you guys can see I’ve made my very own custom preacher curl Machine over here. It’s just not painted yet But for the preacher curl what you’re going to do use the EZ curl bar use the outside grips of the bar and once again focus on a full extension and Then bringing the bar all the way up to your chin. Just be careful. You’ll hit yourself in the teeth of the forehead control the bar on the way down in on the way up and Make sure you do full range of motion on every single rep if you catch yourself doing one of these This isn’t full range of motion. That’s probably why you’re not growing your biceps so full range of motion on the preacher curls And now my two favorite exercises to work the outside head or the long head of the bicep The first one is an inside grip EZ curl So using the EZ curl bar Just like this Getting a nice tight inside Grip now for some of you you might have a hard time holding your arms in front of your body like this You want to make sure you’re not pushing your shoulders forward when you do this keep them nice and neutral But try to get your arms in front of your body so you can fully extend them and then the same thing Bring the bar all the way up and then make sure you go all the way down and you fully extend your arms All the way up All the way down just like this All the way up All the way down And now on to the last exercise Which is my other favorite exercise to do when trying to target the outside head of the bicep is a drag curl Now for the drag curl, you’re gonna grab a close grip on the bar But more of a narrow grip just about shoulder width or a little bit inside of shoulder width on the barbell and Then from here what you’re going to do is once again make sure you have a full extension in your arms elbows in front of your hips and As you curl the bar, you’re gonna drag it up your entire body as high as you can So curl drag it up as high as you can and Then bring it back down Continuing to drag the barbell down your body So that’s one rep. We’ll do another one Curl it all the way up And then bring it down drag it across your body and We’ll do one more. So on this exercise you are letting your elbows go backwards pass your hips Bring it up And then bring it back down and that’s how you do a drag curl So you guys have it my top two exercises to work the inside head in the outside head of the bicep Just by switching your grip on the barbell If you guys want to learn more great exercises in order that really boosts your bicep routine You can join us over here in the forum post about the bicep curls in this video and for more great tips exercises routines and recipes be sure to join us on and as always More good stuff coming soon. See guys If you’re looking for a quick way to switch things up log into your SHF profile and go to the workout section of the website Once there click on the muscles you want to train then you’ll be brought to a page where you can further filter down your search Now you have a complete list of all the routines that target your chest and utilize only a barbell or dumbbell From here. You can rate the routine add it to your routines on your profile And if you scroll down you can see a write-up of the entire routine as well as photos of all the exercises You can also download a printable PDF just by clicking on it

100 thoughts on “Maximize Your Barbell Bicep Curls! Inside Grip Vs. Outside Grip!”

  1. Scott that preacher curl contraption thing is so cool! wish i knew how to make it. if you have the time, could you do a mini tutorial on how to build those? im not particularly skilled at DIY. Thanks Scott love your videos!

  2. Hey man love the videos been a subscriber for a long time. I have an ez bar and When I try to lift heavy I feel like My back is just as sore as my arms. But when I have good form it's when it's light. I'm trying to get big not fit please reply

  3. When I try to switch to wider than shoulder grip I experience always a discomfort in my wrists… it's like that if they're not in line with the elbows pain starts to occur.. I suppose that there's no solution for that except not using that grip.. 🙁

  4. @Scott Herman @ScottHermanFitness Scott if my legs are aching after leg day, is it ok to do a 30 minute run? I find that walking makes the pain go away until I stop and rest which seems to bring the pain back?

  5. Nice Video !! 🙂 It helped me a lot 😮 In future i will try out some of these exercise 🙂 Great Video and greethings from germany 🙂 !

  6. Hey @ScottHermanFitness , do I do 4 sets of barbell curls? WIth two sets with a narrow grip and two with a wide grip? And then follow them up with preacher curls?

    I'm only 7-8 months into lifting. My arms are small but I get a good peak in my biceps.

  7. I know the benefits of full range of motion and strict form on curls. But I think being able to keep perfect form the entire set, every set means you're not overloading enough, isn't that bad for muscle growth, Scott? I mean a little cheating in 1-2 final reps is good right?

  8. Hey Scott,  im 18, pretty skinny, but somehow weigh 72 kg..been working out for bout 4 months.  I know i have to be patient, but how long does it usually take to build up decent arms and chest ? how can i measure my progress ?

  9. Hey Scott, one question, do you have any suggestions to work out your forearms, mine like like sticks and its embarrasing!!

  10. Excellent Scott .very informative. Coming up on 4 years we are friends and ALWAYS learning something new..Thanks buddy !!

  11. Scott Herman Fitness Channel:  50% Biceps , 30%  Functional tips , 20% Showing Off! I still love you, I just don`t understand why Biceps can be so important that almost half your videos include them or are about them.

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  13. Hey Scott I just started lifting for about 4/5 months now. I don't use a meal plan, do you think it is really necessary to have one or can you get decent results without them?

  14. Thank you so much scott for this video! i happen to be a beginner  ..its been about 6 months i started lifting and recently i was having issues with my biceps! and i happen to stumble upon this video of yours and its really a lot of help! thank you so much! …..but what i actually wish to know if you could answer it for me , i'll be really grateful….. my biceps don't get sore anymore!!! after i have an arms day i just don't feel as if i have worked my biceps! earlier they used to get sore and i used to feel as if they have been worn out .. but all that remains now is a pump and the very other day my arms feel as if i have never ever lifted a single pound!

    is muscle soreness deterministic factor of a good worked out muscle ? or is it normal what i am going through? its really driving me nuts! 😡 ! 

  15. I really wanna bring more my long head biceps , do you think 3 set of close grip curl , 3 set of hammer curl and 3 set of drag curl in my biceps day is to much ? Plz I want answers. Thank you

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  19. Scott, my biceps are by far my weakest body part, would you suggest having an arm day or training biceps with back or chest?

  20. Another tip at the preacher curl is when you pass the half way on the essentric the tension goes off the muscle. The way you will keep tension on it is to push your elbow in the pad and keep curling.

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  23. I like the burn involved in drag curls but I hate doing them at the gym. I always lift and smoosh my junk with the bar. Recently, I started sitting on a slightly inclined bench and doing hammer curls (instead of on a 90 degree chair). It seems to involve more than just the isolated hammer curls.

  24. I like to swing it up and then controll it down with heavy weight, is that bad form or is it acceptable?

  25. If I do not care about gaining pointless mass, will short rep ranges be better than long rep ranges? I only care about strength and functionality under stress.

  26. i use a shoulder width grip (wrists in line with elbows) and an ez-bar. When i go close, my wrists hurt. It just feels unnatural for me. Does this target equally both heads ?

  27. Yeah I was doing my ez bar close grip curls with shoulders forward and the tendon on the long head of my right bicep was shifting inward. Scary… now it shifts even when I tie a knot on a trash bag. Sticking with dumbells for another month b4 I get back on the barbell.

  28. Are there any other bicep workouts that target the short head? I got severe tendonitis in my forearms when I first started doing wide grip ez curls.

  29. Good video man. Be sure to check out my guide it also shows you how to build biceps! Don't forget you could be missing something (:

  30. When you fully extend your biceps, it's giving them a break. If you don't extend all the way, it's still working the whole time. The further you extend, the easier the curl gets and the less the bicep works.

  31. @ScottHermanFitness compare to my other body parts my bicep a small and now growing … i changes the weight angel etc but still not growing how i can give shape mean like a ball to my bicep it is flat.. and should i train bicep alone or combine with other big muscle group i train it sometime with chest sometime with back

  32. Thank you for all your videos…they've been helping me increase my upper body strength, I'm not where I want to be but I'm pretty sure your tips will help me get there 🙂

  33. The preacher curl… stretching the elbow all the way is horrible advice, your going to feel your biceps more it's true, but do it like that, and in no time your going to have all kinds of elbow pains. If you want to do it like that then at very least go easy on the weights

  34. oh hell no im not locking out on preacher curls. I'm 19 and that doesnt even feel healthy for MY elbows

  35. Thanks for great tips! Not only did you teach me how to do the workout, but you pointed out the negative things people might be doing wrong. Learned a lot!

  36. Hey Scott, Is it ok to do low rep, high weight (max 265lbs) barebell bicep curls and then go to high rep lower weight curls(135-65lbs) in the same workout? Or should i just do one of them.

  37. Gonna switch to the wide grip for a few months and see what happens. Scott has some nice natural biceps.

  38. my arms might not be growing like your 10" biceps?????Pressing the ligaments into the muscles at the joints force the muscles to contract with huge extra force. Ligaments that are straight have NO FUCKING STRENGTH only crossing ligaments create muscle size and strength INSTANTLY.  Other wise if your bi's are flat they will remain flat.

  39. That might be why I am getting mass and not curve, I have been doing wide grip curl and hammer curls but no close grip

  40. Going wide grip and go a narrow grip on a barbell curl is an inferior technique… going all the way up and going all the way down on a barbell curl the resistance falls off at the top and the bottom… which means there is no constant tension or time under tension… doing Scott curls on the curling bench, is a low bicep exercise, going all the way to the top the resistance falls off, which means there's no constant tension or time under tension… some people would rather spend the time ego lifting!

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  42. Hi, you have been doing awesome work bro. I just want to ask do we have to fully extend the elbows until they locked down?

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