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Marcelo Lusardi: “Aunque no vea, tengo mi propio estilo y trucos de skate” | PROGRAMA 4 | Héroes

Marcelo Lusardi: “Aunque no vea, tengo mi propio estilo y trucos de skate” | PROGRAMA 4 | Héroes

(Music) (Slow rhythm electronic music) “A RTVE PRODUCTION” (Music) “IN COOPERATION
WITH YOUFIRST CONTENT” (Music) (VOICEOVER) From the day I started
skating it gave me… like a feeling of mental freshness, because I went from crying,
stuck at home to being excited
to get out in the street. (Music) (VOICEOVER) I learned new tricks that I didn’t do when I saw
other ways of doing tricks… I realized
that although I can’t see it, (Music) I have my own style, my own tricks, that many people maybe don’t do, things like that. Skating is creative in that way.
I love it. (Music) “HEROES” “He started to lose the vision at 18. He was diagnosed a genetic disease.” (VOICEOVER) I started skating when I was around 11 years old and I always loved skating, and skating was always around me, but it was always more like a hobby. I never dedicated as much time to it as I wanted
because of studies and stuff. And, well, later, when I was around 17, I started to lose my vision without knowing
what was wrong at first, (VOICEOVER) and then they told me
it was a genetic illness that was going to leave me blind… bit by bit … (Música) (VOICEOVER) When I started losing
my vision, I didn’t skate because I felt
I was skating with little sight and, when I started
to lose more vision, I fell into a really deep depression,
honestly. I started thinking… (EXHALES) One day I went down
to the square with my friends and I told them
I was having a bad time and they encouraged me
to bring my skateboard down and… I hadn’t heard of any blind skaters
before I became blind and they didn’t know
how far I could go: if I could grind or go up ramps or jump stairs…
I had no idea. (Music) (GRUNTS) (Music) (CHEERS) -Finally! (VOICEOVER)
It was a bit precautionary… to see what I could do and how… Also to start losing the fear. If I’d been born blind,
it would have been different, but, as I became blind at 18, I started fearing many things.
I started using a stick too. Things like that,
you start gaining confidence.. (Music and noises) -Hello.
-Hey, how’s it going? -You play the guitar, right?
-Yes. -Want to try one?
-Yes, let’s have a go. -Acoustic or electric? -Electric. -Electric. Ibánez, Fender?
-Something like an SG. -Did you know
my daughter is blind too? -Really?
-Yeah. -She had a tumor… -I started playing the guitar
before I became blind and, well, the same thing happened
to me with skating, I spend more time on it
now I can’t see. (PLAYS A ROCK SONG) (VOICEOVER)I hide myself away a lot when I started losing my vision and, whenever I was alone,
I was playing the guitar. “Maybe I played a lot of sad things, -but it was what my heart wanted
at that time… (VOICEOVER) Anyway, it helped me. (PLAYS “HURT”, BY JOHNNY CASH) # I hurt myself today, (Music) # to see if I still feel. # (Music) (VOICEOVER) In society,
there’s a lack of awareness on how blind people live and maybe it’s cool that people know
we’re totally independent, we study, we have jobs with no problem… (Pop music) (VOICEOVER) Something
that’s really important, now I can’t see, is to notice where I am, the dimensions of where I’m skating, of course. What I always do
when I get to a new skatepark is to walk around where I am, maybe with someone who comes
and tells me where things are… to get a mental map of where I am and try to make a route of where I can go,
which parts will be easier. (Music) “He is the only one blind skater
known in Europe and only 3 examples are known
around the world”. (VOICEOVER) Another good thing
about skating is… that the skateboard makes noise, so I notice where people are (VOICEOVER) all the time. (Music) Jumping stairs sounds very different from grinding a rail.
It’s… great for orientation
and it’s perfect for me. (Music) (VOICEOVER)
I’d like to keep skating, which is what I’m doing,
what fulfills me most: skating, travelling, discover new places
to skate and people… It’s all based on skating.
It’s the bomb. Skating is something I think everybody can do. Everybody is scared
in the beginning, it’s normal, it’s maybe inevitable, but it’s something you can practice, and it’s been shown:
no arms, no legs, no vision… It’s a really diverse sport
and there are 1000 ways to do it. I mean, really creative, really free,
I don’t know… It’s really cool. (Closing theme: pop music) “HEROES” “An original idea
by Luis Miguel Calvo” “Directed by Daniel Etura” “RTVE Digital Content Director,
Alberto Fernández” “Playz Coordinator,
Agustín Alonso” “Executive Producer,
Luis Miguel Calvo” “RTVE Executive Production” “Photography Director,
Michal Babinec” “MARCELO’S BAG” My weapons are my board,
without it, I couldn’t skate; my phone to communicate
and meet people, friends; my guitar, because after skating,
it’s really relaxing… Some friends made shirts
with “Skate till it kills me”, which is a life motto
and it’s the bomb. And, finally, my stick, that helps me in the street
to avoid obstacles and walk safely. (Closing theme: pop music) (Music)

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  1. Vaya MÁQUINA!!!Si pudiera contactar de alguna forma con quien graba estos reportajes, me gustaría invitarle a ver (en un principio en YouTube) el tráiler de un corto/documental sobre mi vida después de un accidente de moto con 17 años (hoy tengo 36) y sufrir un traumatismo craneoencefálico severo, etc, etc, etc… me quedé ciego también…Se llama: Camino a VaduzGracias por el mero hecho de echarle una escuchada.Marcelo, todos mis respetos y ole por tu entrega y valentía.

  2. Amigo no sé que tan difícil sea pero sé que si te asercas a Cristo Jesús el tiene el poder para Aser que tú puedas ver solo confía y asercate de corazón no a una religión no ,a CRISTO JESUS el te ama y te está esperando Dios te bendiga

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