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Mammut Alpine Festival Summer 2017

Mammut Alpine Festival Summer 2017

It was really cool, because there were participants with many different skill levels. First the glacier, then the climb, and at the end a wonderful hike with my friends. It was a perfect day for me. There is lot being offered here – we took a training course, others went on a mountain hike. Others again engaged in glacier trekking or climbing. It’s really quite an attractive program. The participants learn a lot. During these two and a half days they make a lot of progress, if they’re willing to learn. We all had fun. It was a success, and the mountain guides were great! I got up there fast. There was a ledge with a great view – that was magnificent! I reached my summit destination – that was really awesome. To be in the company of mountain guides for so little money, and to learn so much. It is a unique opportunity. It was quite dreadful. It had just started to rain and it was turning into snowfall. I showed them a few things on the glacier. They all got busy doing stuff on the ground and they all got wet. It was really nice to see their enthusiasm. We got to know lots of great people. It is an experience which I can truly recommend.

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