100 thoughts on “Making Mahjoun with Ice-Water Hash: BONG APPÉTIT”

  1. That rainbow sort of cloud right at the end when he was reviewing the day, I had to rewatch it to make sure my screen wasn't greasy or something! Beautiful, almost like God, Allah, Buddha, or Mother Nature or happenstance was bestowing blessings on the hash making!

  2. The girl in the orange overalls should be dating edibles will from super deluxe #superdeluxegang

  3. that mahjoun's journey did not end there… it continued on, into the digestive track, and became one with Abdullah.

  4. Get a paint paddle!!! And a 1/2” drill. And it’s not because of the water bubbles it’s because the trichomes looks like little bubbles of THC!! If your going to do it do it right!

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  6. I’m from Morocco, I tried mahjoun before, it’s really good for birthdays parties, sport, but not good for work, because it will make you talk lot and interrupt people lot, so avoid it if you are going to meeting or work.

  7. Please add your water before you add ice and a paint spinner would be much more Effie than. Get real, you know why it’s got bubbles, please, pfft. Unless it’s described it’s not gonna get you high when you drink it.

  8. I think it's a personal dream of mine to own that much hash at one time in my life. Just a big stash ball of hash.

  9. listen ab-dull-ala – either go back to your country or just logically – your idiotic silliness whether real or fake makes the marijuana usage not a potential feesable medical drug…which entails all those asshole non believers more skeptical about medical marijuana….. so stop showing your assholeness to make marijuana effect look lilike a fuckin' crazy eccentric and quick simply fuckin dumb ass effect ….

  10. I absolutely loved the video, me personally though I prefer a more professional person talking but for munchies this guy is good. very entertaining.

  11. There is no way that is 60 percent to 80 percent thc..That was the weakest dryest yellow trim…..lol…gotta come harder than that..weakkk

  12. I had the incorrect assumption that he'd become too stoned to offer any insightful comments into the products he tries and assists in the creation process. With that being said, i'm pleasantly surprised and really enjoy his input. Haha i love his enthusiasm. Humble presenter. Wonderful hosts. Love the series guys

  13. Mann, this guys are all blessed a lot, this is the best work that ever exists on earth ! Goood vibrations from BR, wishing someday to se something like that on live

  14. This guy is like a human version of Olaf from Frozen that spent a year with Scooby-doo and the gang and now is just chillin in life

  15. Why is he trying so hard to be funny? He's not a good advertisement for the product because it makes him stupid and annoying.

  16. It's no wonder California has the reputation it has…weirdo democrats making oversized rabbit crap but scrambling an egg would take research on her part.

  17. thiss dude is like the biggest stoner I have ever seen he cracks me up just wanting to get more and more high that's ridiculusosss how high 100mg would get you lol plus after a hash rip jeeeezzzzzzshshshshhhh

  18. This host was so bad. He kept pushing to smoke or eat. Like 2-3x each scene he’d mention “ooh let’s smoke this”

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