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Hey Youtube fam! It’s ya girl Lia back
again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
another crochet hair review video and today’s crochet hair is the lulutress beach curl hair in the color T1B30. Now if you’re not familiar with my crochet
hair review series welcome join the family. Something made you click this
video and something I promise you in this video will make you want to stay.
But this is how my crochet hair review series works. I come on here with my very
first day thoughts of a crochet hair. So right after install. Showing you how it
looks that very first day. Telling you whether it was an easy install, a hard install, and overall how I think the hair looks in that very first day. Then I come
on here one week later showing you how it looks one week in and just showing
you whether it went uphill or downhill and what my maintenance routine was with
the hair in that first week. And then I come on here with my final week’s
thoughts of the hair. Whether I was able to wear it two weeks, three weeks, four
weeks, five weeks, or six weeks I show you how it looks right before I take it
out. Overall giving you a view of how high maintenance or low maintenance it
was during the entirety of the wear. Telling you whether I think it’s
activewear friendly, water friendly, and overall whether I recommend you buy that
hair. So I give you a full picture of the crochet hair. Also everything I say in
these videos are my opinion these are my experiences with the hair. If you have a
different experience let me know down below in the comment section. But without
further ado let’s just head right into my first day thoughts on this
Lulutress beach curl hair. A few moments later. So now for my first day thoughts
on the Lulutress Beach curl hair. Now this is what the packaging looks like. It
is 18 inches and again like I said in the intro it’s in the color T1B30. So let me
get up in camera so you can kind of see what that T1B looks like. So it’s a
little bit black and then it goes into the 30 color. If you saw my Lulutress
deep wave hair video it’s similar to that. The deep wave I had in T1B27. Now
let me do a 360. I just installed this hair yesterday so it has not even been
24 hours with this hair. Last night got done at midnight woke up this morning. It
is now noon. So it is noon the next day. So I’ve had this hair in for literally
twelve hours and this is what it looks like in this whole 18 inches. I have not
cut this hair I will cut this hair but I have not cut it yet. So this is what it looks like. It’s not
as uneven as you would think for it to be just installed but of course I’m
gonna cut this hair up because I can’t deal with all this hair. It’s a lot of hair
for me. And probably a lot of hair for anybody. Now I know Lulutress you guys
have let me know in my recent videos I think I’ve done 2 Lulutress videos at
this point that now they have a shorter pre-loop version of their hair. Some of
theirs not all of them but I got my hair way before they came out with a pre-loop
version. I ordered four different Lulu tress hairs a few months ago. I think it
was May. I got the deep wave that you’ve seen. I got the island curl which you’ve
seen. I got this hair and then I have the wet curly. My total order for all four of
those hairs was under $70. I will put my receipt in right now from gobeautyny.
Again not sponsored by anybody. Go beauty doesn’t know I’m making this
video but I’ll have to say I got a great deal on 4 hairs. And I don’t have to
pay for installation so basically I have four hairstyles for less than $70. I used
four packs of this hair. I bought five packs like I said. So I have this left
over from the other pack. And a couple of strands left over from the fourth pack.
So this is how the curls come in the pack. I will get a lot of questions about
whether I split or not .I will be honest. I split in the front.
I didn’t split in the back. And what I mean in the back they look like this. So
all the curls that I installed are in this format. In the front I split. So when
I say split this is what I did in the front for every single curl in the front.
In the back every single curl is attached. I split it one time in the
front. So that’s just way one that I figured out it’s easier for me to knot
hairs if they’re a little bit smaller strands and also it just looks
I don’t know better when I split. But in the back you can you can kind of see the
spot. So this is a non split these are split. If you can kind of see so non
split everything you’re seeing in the front is a split But that is how I did
it. In terms knotting this hair. Knotted it one time. Knotted it one time. I know. We’ll see how that goes. I think this hair has a
texture of it though that will make it alright that I knotted it one time. But of
course I’ll give you updates in my one week thoughts if knotting one time was a
mistake. But this is how the knots look. Didn’t invisible knot in the front
at all. Sometimes I invisible knot. Sometimes I don’t . Didn’t and I don’t
think it looks you know off or anything. You guys be the judge though. Sometimes
my eye is different than you guys’ eye. You’re like girl you should’ve invisible
knotted. Um I do have a straight back braid pattern. So all my braids are going
back. I could part on any side that I wanted to. Of course me being me though I
going to part on this side continuously. You guys know I have to try a hair at
all times that has Beach curl in it because I’m a big beach curl fan. Freetress Beach curl never did me wrong. Mane concept beach curl never did me wrong
and now we’re gonna see if Lulutress beach curl does ya young girl wrong. But
overall first day thoughts really like it. Very easy install. It was very easy
to split the hair. The hair wasn’t a very long install. Didn’t take that long
at all to install this hair. But we will see if I hold true to this feeling in my
first week thoughts which is coming up right now. One week later. So now
coming on here for my first week thoughts on this a Lulutress beach curl
hair. Now I’m gonna get up in camera so you can kind of see how this hair looks
one week in. You guys a lot of times say I don’t get close enough in camera. So
I’m really trying to get in camera so you can really see. Of course you guys
can see this is drastically shorter than it was during my first day thoughts of
course I was gonna cut this hair immediately. I think I turned the camera
off on my first day thoughts and then literally went to the bathroom and cut
cut cut cut cut the hair. I just couldn’t deal with this hair being that long for
that long period of time. Now this portion of the video is going to be very
short. Simply because I learned my lesson in
my Mane Concept Amazon Wave video that I don’t need to go up hard for a hair in the
first week simply because by the end it could go be
a total waste. And so I could have filmed for eight minutes raving about a
hair one week in for it to only fail me in the final moments. So keeping this
very short gonna talk about maintenance with this hair quite honestly I’ve been
very busy this week in terms of my personal life. I’ve had work going
on top of doing site visits as well as doing my company picnic this week. So it
was a lot going on pretty much every day this week. I did not get home probably
before 8 p.m. quite honestly. So I haven’t been able to give this hair the
love and attention it probably deserves. I’ve been treating this hair like it’s
low maintenance because I’ve needed a low maintenance hair. Whether or not this
hair is actually low maintenance or not I needed to be low maintenance so I
treated it as such. And as you can see it does have a little bit of frizz going on.
When I say I’ve been giving it little to no maintenance it’s been. Meaning I’ve
been putting this hair up in a ponytail at night pineappling it and waking up
and kind of going and shaking from there. I have only put product on
this here that very first day as well as last night. I honestly had forgotten and
when I come home I’m tired. I think my channel is reflective of kind of the
average person. What an average… not an average person because there are people
who can put a lot more time into things but the working person. The person who
needs something that is lower kind of maintenance. That’s who I am.
I need a lower maintenance style and I hope a lot of you guys out there are
kind of the same way. So I live my life normally and I just wear the hairs as
it is. Like I wish I could give the hair some of the upkeep that you know a
normal person. Somebody is probably watching this right now aggravated that
I didn’t do this or that and the third. But I’m just showing you…. I’m vlogging
basically my experience with this hair. And showing you what it looks like for
somebody who literally gets tired. Like honestly I get tired. So this is kind of
what it looks like. May be super super on the frizzy side to most but hey
that’s just kind of how my life is. One thing I will say is I’ve had some
experience with some tangling and it could be because I’ve done a piss-poor
job at detangling. But yesterday we went to like I said I’ve had site visits this
week. I went to a site yesterday. I work in the manufacturing kind of engineering
space and when you’re on site you can’t have your hair down. So I had to pull my
hair back which I don’t typically wear my hair back. I pineapple at night but I
don’t wear my hair back and it’s like I don’t ever do this. I always kind of have
it out. Went on site came home probably had my hair back for like 12
hours and I was like oh let me take my hair out and I was like whoa oh. It’s a little
tanglely. Had to you know pull some pieces apart. So one thing I would be mindful of
is I did have some issues with detangling. Again don’t know whether that
was my fault for not doing the best job at detangling it. I’m such the proponent
of detangling some here but honestly haven’t had the time to quite put into
this hair and detangle it. Another thing I will want to say though
is that this is the hair that I separated. If you saw my first day
thoughts this is the hair separated into one piece. Now if you go into the
back this hair is the non-separated hair. This hair is not as frizzy as you
can see. So maybe and I won’t know this because this is how I installed this hair.
So I can’t retroactively say oh man I should have not separated this
hair out but I have to say that the not separated version is kind of performing
a little bit better if that makes sense. So maybe this isn’t a hair that needs to
be pulled into one place. I mean it does definitely save you packs of hair.
But it may be just overall curl performance. Like I said. Look at this
curl. No frizz really coming off of it. Maybe I didn’t need to separate this hair
out. But it’s not bad. I would say one week in not bad. I can’t blame anything
that has happened with this hair and the way it looks on the hair. Quite honestly
I have to blame it on myself. And my need for a low-maintenance hair. But overall
we’ll see if I overall recommend this hair or whether I think it’s water
friendly, activewear friendly, and my final thoughts coming up right now.
Later. So now coming on here for my final week’s thoughts on this Lulutress
beach curl hair. Now this is what it looks like on its final day. Let me get
up in camera. Play around with it so you can kind of see. It has been three weeks
with this hair and I believe three weeks is good enough for me to make my
informed decision on this hair. Now I messed up. I’m gonna go ahead and admit I messed up. I lived a low maintenance life with a non low maintenance hair. And what
I mean is I treated this hair like this was the Lulutress island curl hair which
was the last hair that I had in. Meaning I gave it pretty much no love and
attention but that hair thrived whereas this hair did not thrive as much.
Now I’ve been busy the last two months have been super busy. August, September,
now even October still going into busy season and it’ll wind down a
little bit with the holidays coming up. And of course my birthday but I still
was in the busiest time. I’ve given this hair pretty much no time to detangle. I
haven’t had a detangling regimen with this hair when it deserved and pretty
much needed a detangling regimen. This is a not a non detangle hair this
is a hair that you’re gonna have to detangle quite often if you want it to
last and I didn’t do that. I can’t give you the opinion of somebody who treated
this hair good because I treated this hair poorly. Now of course if you watch
my videos you know my reviews are my opinion and I look for hairs that fit my
lifestyle so to speak. I don’t make hair fit my life I want the hair to already
come fitting my life. And if it doesn’t fit my life then it’s not a hair that
I’m gonna pretty much love. Now out of all the Lulutress hairs that I’ve tried.
I’ve tried Lulutress Island Twist hair as well as
Lulutress Deep Wave hair. This is my least favorite Lulutress hair. Um of
course with Island Twist very much low-maintenance didn’t have to do
anything if possible I should have probably kept that here and longer but I
wanted to give this hair a try so I pretty much should have kept that Lulu
silent whist hair in just because of the maintenance and the low maintenance of
it and deep waves it wasn’t terrible but I think it lasted a little bit better
than this Beach curl hair did now in terms of all the beach curls I’ve tried
I’ve tried main concept Beach curl I’ve tried Lulu tres beach curl now and I’ll
try a free trade beat girl I think free trans beach girl and main concept Buse
Carl are the better Beach curls in my opinion now I didn’t test his hair out
with water simply because last night was Friday I was exhausted when I got home
and Saturday right now I’m ready to take this hair out and I’m going to take this
hair out but there are some years I don’t have to dip my head in water to
know that this year is not going to work and not gonna hold up well if it can’t
really work well on land when you see this level when you see something like
this at this point like today if I was to dip my head in water right now this
wouldn’t be soft this issue this frizziness this all that’s coming off of
it the tangles and when I say tangles I debated whether I should come on this
camera and have detangle my hair or not just to show you guys this is what kind
of it looks like so it’s not detangle so when you pull a curl several the curls
are gonna come up and pull one curl 19 billion of them gonna come up this is
what a 9v tangled hair kind of looks like now this is what the front and this
is the hair that’s separated this is the back this is the hair that is not
separated I do think the hair performs better not separated so I think going
back to the beginning what I would have done differently a little bit and
maybe not separated the curls out and saw how that kind of lasted separating
the curls out I think kind of made it look a different way of course on camera
everybody always says on camera it looks good on camera looks good you guys are
nothing the life if you saw this in real life you wouldn’t have that same
reaction I do still kind of get compliments on it but there are curls
out there and I’ve tried several curls out there that perform better than this
so why would I recommend this hair when I’ve had Harris in my head that perform
way better under way lower maintenance conditions this hair just isn’t
performing the way I would want it to perform if I’m going to go or if
something similar I would definitely choose the main concept beach curl I
would definitely choose the free trans Beach curl it’s not the same curl but
it’s a better beach girl it’s a better Beach curl hair so overall do I
recommend the Lulu tres Beach curl hair sadly no no I cannot recommend this hair
but I’m giving you guys so many other suggestions just check out my top 5
course right here any of them will be better options than this hair now if you
guys liked this video make sure you give it a big thumbs up in the comments
section keep the conversation going have who actually tried this hair do you
actually like this hair what do you overall think of the Lulu tres line or
is there another hair from the Lulu trust line that you all really are enjoy
make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss any of my
content make sure you’re following me on instagram at lila 189 and i will see you
in my next video thank you so much for watching


  1. I have this right now but I hate it. The curl is beautiful tho but I knew immediately it was gonna tangle hard core cus it's so soft at first. Also it has an irritating if cut

  2. Love the hair and all your vids. Can you do a review on freetress 2x wand ample curl. It's new and similar to the ringlet wand.

  3. I definitely can't agree I think this is a durable hair I wore this hair to Dominican Republic in September for 5 days I swam, parasailed and showered in this hair came back home and it still looked great for three more weeks before taking it out all I did was clipped ends every week and sprayed it with a conditioning spray every three days.

  4. You know what made me click on your video? That NC State shirt! #GoWolfpack and I learned something new about crochet hair LOL.

  5. Do you think it would've done better if it was like a 1b or 2 or something. You know sometimes colored hair ( that sounds so bad lol) can be finicky.

  6. You look gorgeous as usual love. I need to know what lipstick you are wearing! (Like really let me know)
    So I completely agree with your review. While I have not tried the lulutresses beach curl I have tried the lulutresses ocean wave hair and it’s been about 4 weeks and I’m taking it down next week. The tangles are real indeed! I had to have my friend who did my install come back and cut off a few inches because the tangles have gotten so bad. I am trying to make this hair stretch until Christmas but it’s not looking good. I think the hair is too soft to hold up for a long period of time.

    I love your channel and I always look at your reviews before choosing my crochet hair. 😉

  7. To anyone thinking about getting this hair:
    Dont! Lia is not lying yall. This hair is like the worst beach curl yet. I got this hair thinking im gonna be ok, ill just take care of it, etc, etc. NOPE! Ive had it in one day and im ready to take it out. Wish i could get my $25.00 back. BE AWARE EVERYONE!!!!

  8. I went back to look at the other beach curls that you've posted. The Lulutress looks wwwaaayyy better than the other 2. Too bad it hold up as well. Did you do anything different with those installs as a pose to this one?…aside from maintenance

  9. It is evident from your videos that you put in so much effort and time in to your videos and they are AMAZINGG. Absolutely love them. Been binge watching so many vids 💗💗

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  11. Totally agree that the Lulutress Beach Curl is definitely a high maintenance hair. Wore it last year detangled every night. Wearing Mane Concept Beach Curl right now and its definitely a better product. Never ever split Lulutress hair! Thanks for the videos!!❤

  12. Hey, can you review Lulutress Water Wave 18 inch please?? i really think it's pretty and I need to know if it will be water and vacation friendly..

  13. You look drop dead gorgeous sis ,in this video 💜
    I couldn't remember if this hair was a no or a go in the store while purchasing,but I struggled so bad with this hair.I have grown to have a deep hatred for this hair in one day.🤬

  14. I just installed this hair. I didn't split when I saw it got frizzy. I found using a few pumps of Hawaiian silky miracle spray in a spray bottle with water it helps to reset the curl. Just FYI. THANKS FOR THE REVIEW. Great as always.

  15. URGENT UPDATE!! For NIGHT TIME maintenance try getting this VIA coconut oil or olive oil at the bss. Put in palm smooth from root to tip then twist medium sections . DON'T USE ANY PRODUCT WITH WATER IN IT. IT WILL FRIZZ!

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