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Luge boarding in Bulgaria – Red Bull Lagernica 2012

Luge boarding in Bulgaria – Red Bull Lagernica 2012

I’m competing because it’s very interesting and so much fun. I will do my best and hopefully I will finish among the first ones. We were constructing luge boards with my cousin when we were still little children. When I was a child, about 20 of us would gather and race in one of the small streets. 2cross, 3cross, 10cross, everyone at the same time – this is how we grew up – with luge boards. The adrenaline and the feeling of sliding 2 cm above the asphalt is amazing. There is nothing like it. I had a concussion and I was discharged from the hospital yesterday at 7 a.m. I came directly here for the qualifier. The track is the same everywhere. Perhaps I’m most afraid of the start, because it’s the steepest part of the course. The rest is much easier. Jumps are easy and the pace is not so fast, so I’m not that scared. To be really fast, you need to accelerate at the start, you should not …ammm… you should race as straight as possible and make as little turns as possible. You have to try not to slip and spin. That is it in general. You must not be afraid. You have to control the luge board. The ball bearings are slipping on the concrete and it’s very easy to spin. And if you spin, the others just fly past you. There’s no escape! It was harder today than last year. Mainly due to a higher pace and bigger jumps. I think I managed well, solved a few technical problems and overtook everyone! This year the special thing is that we didn’t use ordinary ball bearings but ball bearings which had a silicon top cover. This made a better grip because last year the whole team dropped out due to the lack of grip. The luge board was an incredible part of our childhood. In Bulgaria, everyone over 16 has tried riding it and I guess we’re the third generation.

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  1. how have you not heard of this sport?
    I dont do it but its still very popular. Im sure at one point you have sat down on a skateboard and rode down a hill. probably as a child, but its still the same idea

  2. 0:11 I was waiting for her to start laughing, or someone to stop choking her, after she was done talking, but it never came…

    anyone have some ear plugs???

  3. To all that don't know anything about this and talk shit first of all Lagernica does mean Luge but its a style of where the wheels are bearing and most of the time the sleds are home made.

  4. Well '' Luge boarding'' is not the correct name of the sport in english 🙂 The translation of lagernica should be '' Ball bearing cart'' 🙂
    And the race is epic fun and a celebration for all the people in Bulgaria 🙂

  5. when was the last thing redbull sponsered something in the u.s. ? or an extreme sport. like actually extreme though

  6. i didn´t understand a shit this folks said in the video, subtitles or english or spanish or something else!!!!!!!! and that voice, mute that girl please!!!!!!!!

  7. you're so funny and mature… really I wonder how your voice sounds on TV…Oh wait you must be so fuckin' fat that you're not able to get out of your hause/apartment so that you can go somewhere to ride (for example) And someone to take interview from you 🙂

  8. Aма това не е моя глас, наистина!Не съм чак толкова писклива 😀

  9. the girls voice is already annoying because you cant understand her but when it sounds like that it is much worse

  10. I'm not scared…………..for sitting 5 inches off the floor on my ass with lots of protective clothing.

    Wow, the adrenaline must be outta this world!

  11. Lol Red Bull is awesome. I never would have thought something like this would have been sponsored but they did it.

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