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Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Jose – All Access

Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Jose – All Access

– [Narrator] The red-hot Canucks, 7-1-1 in their last nine games, head to California for three
straight divisional match-ups. First up, the City of Angels. ♪ We are the new kings,
winnin’ this fight tonight ♪ ♪ With our name lit up in lights ♪ ♪ We are the new kings,
this is our time to shine ♪ ♪ Set it off like dynamite ♪ – [Narrator] Vancouver comes
in having filled the stat sheet as of late, scoring 17 goals
over their last three games. – Right now we’re havin’ fun. Coming to the rink, it’s
been a lot of fun, right now. Anytime we’re winnin’
it’s always a good time. – It’s a lot of fun comin’
to the rink right now. Everyone’s in a good mood, right from the staff to the players, so it’s definitely nice, and we just gotta keep it rolling. – [Narrator] The two clubs
have met once this season, with Green’s side dominating eight to two. Tonight, they’ll look
for a repeat performance. ♪ We are the new kings,
winning this fight tonight ♪ ♪ With our name lit up in lights ♪ ♪ We are the new kings,
this is our time to shine ♪ – We want shots, but we gotta
be willing to get inside, get to the net, find the rebounds. Manny talked about it, we gotta be strong in our puck battles tonight. In the o-zone, play quick
first the man-on-man. You beat a guy, get to the net. – Pearson!
– Hey! – Myers!
– Hey! – Horvat!
– Yo! – Edler!
– Yo! – Tanev!
– Hey! – Marky!
(team cheering) – C’mon Huggy! – Let’s go, boys! Let’s go, baby! (team shouting and cheering) (energetic music) – [Announcer] Across to
Boeser, he shoots, he scores! – [Telecaster] What a
shot by Brock Boeser, the way he was able to thread it through. – [Announcer] Hughes, deflected in! (crowd cheering) Horvat was in front, Miller as well, but I think it’s Bo Horvat’s goal. Petterson lead pass, a good one. Boeser scores! – [Brock] He can just read,
once he gets full control, you can take off and he’ll
find you, and he did there, so that was another beautiful pass by him. – [Narrator] The magic
number for Brock Boeser is three, as he finds the
back of the net three times, giving him three career hat tricks, and extending his goal
streak to three games. – [Announcer] Boeser from
the face-off circle across, Petterson shoots, he scores! Crossbar and in. – [Narrator] The Canucks use special teams to their advantage, tallying four times with the extra attacker, ranking them second in the
league in power-play goals. – [Interviewer] Did you guys get wind after the home opener
when Drew Doughty said, “This team had no business
beating a team like his?” – Absolutely, we look at that stuff. If it’s on social media,
somebody’s gonna find it, and somebody’s gonna tell us, so we wanted to have a good game tonight. I think we’ve proven to him, we’re gonna continue to keep proving that we’re a great hockey team. – [Narrator] Green’s troops
have kept the red light busy as Vancouver’s offense
has now lit the lamp at least five times in
four straight games. Next up, a quick drive
down the I-5 to Anaheim for a matchup with the Ducks. (energetic music) The Canucks possess the
NHL’s best goal differential, currently sitting at plus 17. They will look to keep
the good times rolling as they enter the contest
8-1-1 over their last 10. Adam Gaudette gets the
opportunity to rejoin the lineup for the first time in three weeks, and is determined to leave
his mark on the game. – We gotta get goin’ right outta the gate. Push yourself to skate
in all areas of the game. We wanna make this team defend. – Pearsie!
– Hey! – Myers!
– Hey! – Horvat!
– Yo! – Edler!
– Yo! – Tanev!
– Yo! – Marky!
– Yo! (team cheering) (team shouting and cheering) – [Announcer] Gets a return
feed and a long shot, deflected! And the rebound, in the
crease, they can’t jam it home, what a chance for Sutter. Here’s a chance, oh,
what a save by Markstrom! Lunging with the glove, and he robbed Adam Henrique! Here’s Brandon Sutter
with speed, dishing off. Gaudette to Sutter, off his skate. Brandon Sutter’s tied the game! – [Adam] You know, he’s
a great guy to play with, especially a young guy comin’ in. He’s a true veteran and
somebody to learn from, and, you know, you feel
comfortable out there with him, and he’s really playing well right now. – [Narrator] Despite
getting 40 shots on goal and playing a solid road game,
the Canucks leave The Pond with just a single point
after falling in overtime. – [Jacob] Playing-wise, if
you look at the hockey game, I think we deserved to
win, but they scored two, we scored one, and that’s just how it is. – [Narrator] Vancouver
won’t have to wait long for its chance at redemption,
as the club goes back-to-back and will conclude the tour of California with a visit to the Shark Tank. ♪ And I hope that you’re ready ♪ ♪ Yeah, no more handouts tonight ♪ ♪ If you plan to win you better fight ♪ ♪ And I hope that you’re ready ♪ Thatcher Demko gets the
nod-in goal in his home state. He currently ranks near
the top of the league in save percentage and
goals against average. – It’s a 1-3 jam at the blue line, so they’ll try to jam things up here. We need very good entries tonight. We have to shoot it in, chip it by ’em, and go get it, then that’s good. You’re gonna see they’re gonna overplay everywhere on the ice. – San Jose, first unit here,
they’re gonna be a drop with two back or a throw back, so if we get a bead on that
D-man, he passes it up, let’s try to take away that pass. Then we get back into
the middle of the ice, and D and everybody else, you can see we can be right up in their face. ♪ And I hope that you’re ready ♪ ♪ Yeah, no more handouts tonight ♪ ♪ If you’re playin’ to
win, you better fight ♪ ♪ And I hope that you’re ready ♪ ♪ It’s only the strong that survive ♪ ♪ The weak they get eaten alive ♪ ♪ Yeah I hope that you’re ready ♪ (crowd cheering) – Eddie and Dunk. (team shouting and cheering) – Up front we got Leivs, and then we got the Dem-sauce! (team cheering) (energetic music) – Watch your language, kids here! (energetic rock music) – [Narrator] The Canucks
score early and often, and would never look back. – [Announcer] Rebound, he scores! Brandon Sutter on the backhand. – [Narrator] They’ve now
tallied five or more goals in seven of their last 14 games. – [Announcer] Now, Pettersson scores! Wow, what hand-eye coordination! As that puck squirted out
of the corner, mid-air, and he just batted it in
to make it two-nothing. Virtanen is in with a
backhander, and he scores! I think I saw that go over the line, John. (uplifting music) [Thatcher] I think you can see it already, different identity to
the team’s confidence. It’s skating, it’s playing for each other, and it’s a lot of fun when
guys are doing what it takes to win regardless of, you know, self-sacrifice, stuff like that,
so it’s really good to see. – [Announcer] Boeser
centers, Miller’s robbed, Pettersson scores! Elias Pettersson with
his second of the game. – [Narrator] Vancouver
finishes the road trip with five of a possible six points. Cohesive. Confident. Cheerful. Green’s troops now return home, riding a seven-game point streak, and are ready to continue
rising the ranks. (uplifting music)

83 thoughts on “Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Jose – All Access”

  1. Great to see the camaraderie on the team and vets leading by example inside and outside the room. Canucks look absolute killer this year. If they can keep it up this team looks to be special.

  2. Man this team is fun to watch! Not a lot of teams in the NHL can say that but this team is having fun! I love it!!!! ????

  3. The team is doing very well together. That's the key right there. Keep this momentum going even if you don't win some games, because it's this attitude, and positivity that will keep the guys bonded, and playing for each other. Not going to win every game, so it's important to stay as they are right now, no matter how frustrating it might get.

  4. More videos like that please! I like the job the social media team is doing, but more is always welcome. Give us a look behind the scenes – everywhere, everytime!

  5. Great to see the team having so much fun…even in something as simple as reading out the starting lineup. This team feels different. It feels special.

  6. Okay I don't mind the voice over. Looking back to past All-access, there was a voice over too. Plus if this is the voice from our in arena host..more of him. He rocks!

  7. Can you guys give Loui a GoPro please? I'm thinking like a mini series where he reviews and compares the facilities and food service in every press box and then declares the best city at the end of the trip.

  8. Great content! Give us more… Canucks media team are like 5 years late on everything compared to other teams we deserve more!

  9. I love Beagle's energy. Great locker room guy. When I met him in September he was so nice and genuine. Heck of a symbol for our team. Big fan.

  10. Ya ! The cups gonna be in Canada again , great offensive strike-force , the Addams Division is looking up with Buffalo , Boston & Carolina on the East Coast .Don't fall , back behind these PP teams , they screw up your goaltender's average and defense rating .Vancouver's upper front beach estates , must be thriving like crazy , players are just looking for a solid career & permanent residence ! Thanx , for info. Canucks !

  11. It should be Brandon Sutter saying to Drew Doughty "you don't deserve to play us your so not on our level"

    Never thought the Canucks would be this good this fast if they are still around this point at the trade deadline I hope maybe Benning gets some either 3rd line help or get a bit more defence to make that final step we need

    Cause unlike a lot of teams our goaltending is probably the best 1-2 in the league

  12. I like this, but you could cut the pre-game with interviews and JPat/reporter commentary, then run the game highlight package from the NHL channel, and cut in two or three super slow motion moments.

    You could extend this whole bit to 30min, not require much more editing, and you'd have a mini HBO series on your hands.

  13. Sportsnet called our roster brutal before the season started, as in brutally bad. I was pissed but I didn't write a comment, I figured I'd let the team do the talking and boy do they have something to say.

  14. Me love watching Canucks games now are you still not really watch them anymore now I love them Canucks going to win in 2020 all

  15. @CanucksTV the fans are ready for you to put out a similar product like Behind the B, CH24 and Oil Country. This voiceover guy is perfect to take on the narration duties.

  16. Love this team. No quit in their DNA. I went to their first home game ever and been a fan ever since through thick and thin. It’s a great time to be alive! @teamlikethat

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