Longboard Bau: SNOWBOARD to LONGBOARD, Flexit Mini Cruiser

I got a new board its nice its high-end its a quality product from germany. The edges are superior. The coating is great. I bought it used. Theres no board like this in germany anymore. The top design is… …its unique. The design is from an master no its from an artist. Its great… …you wont find a board like that anywhere. So i cut it. After i calm myself down i thought to myself now i got half a board what should i do with that ? Lets build a longboard ! Nice ! So i started Illustrator… …and started designing. After a while i liked the shape. So i printed it out. The print was in real size. You get that by printing multiple pages. It took 6 pages to
print the board. I glued them together with sticky tape. After that i cut the shape to size. I faced the problem how to transfer the shape to the board. It would have been ideal if i had spray adhesive to glue it onto with. The board had a center line that i created by just marking multiple middle points o the board. The shape has a center line, too. I would have been abel to just lay it on top and have a straight shape. Problem is: I do not have spray adhesive. I searched at my dads cellar for useful things… I found a silver can of rim-paint. It was epoxy-based. Epoxy is the glue i use to build longboards . Epoxy is a very good glue, i normally use it for wooden boards. I thought to myself: Paint that is epoxy based ?Will do. Let’s do it I tested first if a piece of paper would stick to the paint. Surprise…it didn’t stick… Ok lets try something else. I got the idea to just take my shape… …and layed the center lines onto another. I held it in place with adhesive tape. I sprayed over. I waited until the paint was dry and removed the shape. As a result i had the shape on the board and had my guideline to saw. I did the raw cut with my jigsaw.The rawcut is the cutout about 2mm close to the final shape. So i cut. The cut was quite easy, the anly problem were the steel edges. They are made from hard carbon steel. Eventually my jigsaw send out blue smoke… The sawing blade didn’t look good after but anyway. The details i sanded away with my sander. I put the sander o the table and removed all the leftover silver parts. The little things i used the rasp to get rid of. My board was finished… …but then i took her… …my love…and my downfall. My rounder. I love my rounder, you take the board and it feels like a piece of material. Its just a solid block of material. Then you take the rounder with a rounding bit… and just mill the edges, then feel them and its an nice round edge. If you round both the top and bottom edges and you take the board ist a BOARD But i also hate my rounder. You cut the board to size. The board freshly cut looks good, then you take the rounder… …and you start to see every if so tiny dent or hump. If you work with a rounder you notice every imperfections in your edges. That means that after you worked with the router you start to see how imperfect the board is. So you try to sand it. Then you work again with the router start noticing more dents and so on… Till youre happy (more or less) That’s why i hate my router. But my board was finished. It was almost finished, the last thing was the drilling. I didn’t knew but the funny thing about a snowboard is that… the drilings for the bindings match the drilligs for skate trucks. So i drilled trough the existing holes I was able to fix my baseplate with two bolts That were my first drillings. On the back i took the center line… and determined the distance between the holes from the baseplate. That didn’t work out that well unfortunatly. Normally im careful with measuring the holes… …you have to be exact to have a centered truck And the back truck is aslope. I don’t know what i did. I have the impression that the back truck is not centered. You don’t notice while driving but i still have the impression Maybe i will redo that. Anyway i had finished with my drillings. I coudn’t belive it that was the fastest i ever bulid a board. The only thing left was griptape With the Griptape i allowed some specialties. Between the drillings was a sqare. In the sqare it said wooden, carbon torsion box I thought that it looked cool. I took adhesive tape… …and glued it over the sqare. I cut the tape to sqare size. I glued the griptape on top. Then partly removed the griptape that now had the tape onto the back. I cut the sqare out of the griptape and reattatched the tape. Now the sqare is cut out and exactly at the position i want i to be. Additionally i cut all the holes even the unnecessary ones free. I think that looks dope. Then it was time for a ride. Shit the board is nice ! The good thing is, that the board has some flex… …it’s small its agile and the kicktail is quite cool, too. The kicktail has a patended Chriz-Feature… …the instant angle. You step on the tail and the truck goes from here to here. Perfect…patented feature. [Bad German/English Joke] My conclusion I really liked the project if you have an old board laying around that you don’t need and you would like to have a new longboard build it ! Its flexy you can modify the shape and its easy I would really recommend this for beginners. All you need is a jigsaw, little crafty knowledge and a drill. Preferably a HSS one. That’s all you need to build a board. Try it it’s fun ! In winter, when people sell their old boards its very cheap, too. I got the board for 10 € and the board is high-end Yeah thanks for watching, up there is my website there you can inform yourself about longboarding (german) and you can download the shape. (useless german stuff) Somewere over there is my latest video “The Walk” Thatcwas a cool video with a cool board: A dancer with doublekicks. not as cool as Flexit but still cool. Especially the veneers on top were nice. Something that i have to redo… It had a nice design at the bottom. Watch it. Thats it Cheers Ready YES

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