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Liveaboard Sailboat Life: Wrapping our Propellor Sailing in Albania

Liveaboard Sailboat Life: Wrapping our Propellor Sailing in Albania

It’s definitely wrapped around the prop
and it tore the wooden cleat right off of the cockpit combing. As the sun broke the horizon we glided
across the calm water into the territory of Albania. *speaking Albanian* You want us to anchor and then come into the harbor and talk in person? Albania. This was our first time sailing into a
country not in the European Union. We performed the formalities and wandered
into town to find a bite to eat. While wandering back to the boat we
spotted this statue of Hillary Clinton and we found out that there is also a
statue of George Bush in Albania. We looked into it and found out that
Albania is a major ally for the United States and that we are allowed to
actually be in Albania for a year without a visa. So we rented scooters and
decide to explore a small portion of this sparsely populated land. We came to a natural spring in the
mountains known as the Blue Eye. We enjoyed a natural cold water plunge
which invigorates the nervous system and clears the mind. My core temperature’s
definitely dropped quite considerably. That’s several cups of coffee right
there. You look great! We scooted deeper into the
Albanian mountains. Ran out of fuel. Jackson still has fuel. Turns out the fuel gauge in this totally
does not work because it said it was full and we’re like in the middle of nowhere. Jackson has petrol so he’s going into town and I think I think we can probably walk into town. It looks like there’s a small town up here. Turns out the bike has a reserve tank so we
didn’t run out of gas so this is just ridiculous. It’s almost dark. Maybe we should get a
hotel for the night. I was just thinking about that. Yeah. We got these bikes until one. Go grab a bite to eat. Arriving late in the evening in Gjirokastër we found a hotel. In the morning we scooted our way back to Arianrhod. Pitstop for herb foraging. Yerba? And thistle. Yerba and thistle. And a goat. One of
my favorite things about the Mediterranean is fresh wild figs. Made it back. We casually made way up the cove filled
coast of Albania. Bearing down on the anchor in Albania
in a bay. Dinghy was behind us I look back and I go, “ooh the line might get and
then caught” in the, oh yeah, tore that cleat right off. I was like, “oh the line
might get a caught in the propeller”, but I was like, “oh no, it’s a short line
it probably” *kerclunk*. I was like, “agh son of a.” So anyway. I have my phone and I have to dive on the
propeller cuz I can’t turn the shaft by hand. I’m using my iPhone as a light. We
don’t have any waterproof lights. Jackson’s up front keeping an eye to
make sure we don’t drift into anything. We’re in a nice bay, super calm. It
doesn’t really seem like we’re drifting because the anchor is down. It’s
definitely wrapped around the prop and it tore the wooden cleat right off of
the cockpit combing and that’s just floating down there on the line. Wrapping a propeller is something that
most boaters have done at some point or another. And although it forbids the
vessel from moving and damages the engine and gearbox, it is straightforward
to deal with. All you have to do is unwrap the present you just gave
yourself, which is easier said than done. While I’m struggling with the propeller
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adventure with. We were reversing so the propeller was
spinning anti-clockwise so I spun it clockwise to help to loosen it up so I
had to wear shoes so I could like push it because it was really wedged in there. But! We’re free now. Doesn’t seem like too much damage was done. This
is the cleat that got torn off the boat and this is the
line that was all wrapped up. I don’t think anything is, what’s the word? Imminent? Imminent. There’s a ton of bees here, which is nice because all the bees are dying. Happy Birthday, Scavenger Jack! Thanks guys! Appreciate you and all your effort
and that you exist. You’re a wonderful soul.

41 thoughts on “Liveaboard Sailboat Life: Wrapping our Propellor Sailing in Albania”

  1. Welcome to Albania! Albania was a surprise to us as we chose to come here to be able to reset our visas. What's your favorite part?

  2. Wow it feels so surreal watching you guys exploring my country. Also making me miss summer and our seas as well.

  3. Lol the mini flag raise cracked me up. The shit you guys go through is just hilarious to watch. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. You inspire us all!

  4. Tara is so lovely, always nice to have her smile brighten the screen. Albania looks sweet, really cool to be able to go there for year without a visa. The water of that harbor is so clear and beautiful. Happy bday to Jackson. Great to see young people out there kicking ass, solving problems, making memories. I'm sure this travelogue is planting seeds of adventure into many a heart and mind. Thanks for the one growing in my belly. Or maybe that's a fart, time will tell 🙂

  5. i am here typing this message in snowy West Virginia, USA. My husband and I are enjoying your voyage. Best of luck! I hope you find some buried treasure and get some good booty!

  6. I got 68 stiches and barely made out alive from a propelor similar to that one, just trying to say:beextra careful around it! Cheers to you, pirate crew!

  7. beautiful place! my favorite part was the springs… reminded me of the time we got our trolling motor caught on a trout/trap line, we couldn't get it off w/all the hooks in it, had to wait until later, but we did catch a lot of fish!!!! And of course my second favorite part was the scooter's!…i have two of them, a yamaha 125 vino/77 & a honda pcx 150 ! ty for the video happy birthday jackson/you all should be listening to jimmy buffet about now….lol….(son of a son of a sailor)

  8. Happy Late Birthday Jackson! I'd say time to "Tie" one on… but it looks like Dylan had that one covered with the anchor.

  9. You guys are kidding right. petrol but no petrol? running a line thru your prop? Have you ever heard the saying. "" an accident waiting to happen"" go home!

  10. "While you unwrap the gift you just gave yourself "….. omg, I love that!!! You are so right about most boaters have done it, and it doesn't matter how many times, it is still going to happen again so might as well be jolly about it.

  11. 7:50 hilarious …how to strech 10 – 15 min job to hours =)=)=)=) just pulling the rope is not gona do the job done =)=) u just tightenit more around the propeler =)=)=)

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