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Live PD: Best of Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department | A&E

Live PD: Best of Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department | A&E

100 thoughts on “Live PD: Best of Jeffersonville, Indiana Police Department | A&E”

  1. How he's just like "bla bla cut it" when he arrives at @7:36 😀 Heard the same bullcrap a million times and does not even let him get his momentum 😀

  2. wow in the first stop we see a police officer violate that mans rights right off the bat. they initiated a search while the man was still in the vehicle

  3. At the moment they fund a gun on the car this became a world news because this is never seen before that American with guns! ??‍♂️

  4. They were way too easy on that 13 yo. Guatentee his mom will be calling cops again shorty. She'll probably be a chronic caller until they finally do take him away, then she'll be screaming & crying as if she didn't know they'd take him.

  5. Buff cops with tattoos, their belt full of accessories, junkies behind the wheel cruising over vast planes thru cracked up streets, cookie cutter neighborhoods made out of caravans and wooden houses, minors with fake AND real guns… and all is on tape AND live. You guys do get that for outsiders the United States is like a surreal place, do you?

  6. This show is meant to portray all citizens as criminals. They never show the citizens harassed and released. This is meant to justify and show that all citizens are criminals that have yet to be arrested and are a threat. If you had any honesty you would show the same percentage of stops that people are released.

  7. Cooperation is not the best option. Never cooperate with cops. They will charge you with everything and more, regardless. Follow instructions, but say nothing

  8. ok, the one lady was lying to them and they got some drugs off the street. i understand stopping a somewhat suspicious vehicle for a traffic infraction to get more info etc but that turn signal thing has got to be the most petty, asinine thing i have ever seen enforced

  9. I lived in Jeffersonville for 4 years,some of their police are very strict and can be jerkssome are also straight up nice people,but overall most of the drugs and criminal activity come from across the Ohio River Bridge from Louisville Kentucky.

  10. 4:03… "You just nervous when dealing with police"
    YES! I don't commit crimes and just being around 5-0 got me shook

  11. Just so everyone knows dogs are trained to hit on drugs when there isn't any this give them the right to tear into your vehicle to set you up

  12. That fat 13 year old should of been taken in because hes probably going to do it again. Those cops were to soft on that crybaby

  13. he is 100% a project monarch and v2k victim 7:54 8:20 its always the same scheme 24/7 v2k narcisstic gaslighting etc. this game goes so long until the family is destroyed. I can confirm this i am a project monarch and remote neural monitoring victim bymyself. it was almost exactly the same.

  14. 200 feet prior to lane change? Are you kidding me. I've seen people put their turn signal on after they make the lane change, These officers surely have something better to do than pull people over for not making the appropriate lane change signal.

  15. 10:14 Gets released, waits 2 weeks, finds step dads deer rifle and blows them both up. Why take chances?… least, thats the way I feel about it. – Remo, Kansas City KS, 1081

  16. I'm not gonna lie this seemed like the only time a dog had actually had a positive alert to drugs in the history of this show.

  17. A&E the new propaganda arm of the nanny state? Don't watch this crapy theres 100 times more videos of cops breaking the law on youtube, just search.

  18. I’m just curious…. almost all K-9s, who are heroes btw. All K-9s signal by sitting down.

    So why is the officer saying “Platz” which is German for sit?

    Just saying!

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