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LINE 2019/2020 Blend Skis – Bend Your Blends, Send Your Blends

LINE 2019/2020 Blend Skis – Bend Your Blends, Send Your Blends

Check 1, 2, 1, 2. Brown cow now My name is Andy Parry. Hi i’m Will Wesson Hello this is Garrett Russel. Coming to you with the LINE Blend I mainly use the Blend for park and street It’s 100mm underfoot Perfect in the park or out of the park. It even skis very well when it snows, so you don’t have to just ski park It’s not specific to anything, except for having fun I like the Blends for when I’m going through kinks with one ski forward on the rail. I have more control going through cause of the Flex pattern Also a wider platform, so I kinda just feel more stable I like it mostly because of the sweet flex. Especially in the air. You can grab it and pull it. Feels really cool. It really is the most playful ski I’ve ever used you can really like pole-jam off stuff or wallie into the sides of rails, or down transitions and the Blend flex’s to form the shape of the feature. One of my favorite tricks to do with it is poppy nose-butters pressing off of the tips into 540’s. These just open a new dimension of different tricks you can do just because of how soft and playful they are compared to every other ski keep skiing weird and have more funner I’m in love. With the Blends Jah bless.

8 thoughts on “LINE 2019/2020 Blend Skis – Bend Your Blends, Send Your Blends”

  1. Love love love my 2015 Blends. Whenever they get too warn out my next skis will be the most recent new Blends. Idk about the newer models but for anyone looking at blends they're great. My 2015 pair does kind of chip easily on the top but other than that it has no effect on the feel of them just the cosmetic look. Great skis!

  2. Love my Blends! I use them for everything and when I need to really thrash around and not care about my bases, I grab my OG Afterbangs!

  3. Are those skis light like the honey badger? Are they really more heavy? Cause I like the blend but they don’t look very lightweight

  4. Which bindings would you recommend for this ski? marker squire or griffon? and would you mount it in exactly in the middle or 3cm back from the center ?

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