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Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro – 2020 Snowboard Review

Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hey i’m Rob from Snowtrax. Here today
to talk to you about the Libtech Travis Rice Pro This has been in the range for a
while and it’s still that go-to board to kind of grab for varied conditions it is
pretty much a staple in the range because it’s so versatile and so
reliable. Yes, Travis has been given like full rein to kind of open up his choice
of boards which is great it’s given us boards like the Orca for deep snow
Goldmember if you want something a little bit more premium than this but
this is still really really hard to beat and will go up against something like a
Burton custom there’s a hybrid shape that hybrid shape is nice and playful
and loose in the middle but you still get plenty of camber underneath the
bindings so a very very locked-in feel especially with their Magna traction
that wavy edge it just grips on hardpack so much I mean for a hybrid probably
closer to reverse camber snowboard this just feels so assured so comfortable
confident but with a flex pattern that is really really forgiving which is why
we can quite happily put an intermediate on one even though it is travis rice
it’s a pro it is still quite forgiving and fun so ultimately if you want a
board to do anything on, whether it’s go in the park off piste on piste
whatever time of year this is still a very very hard to beat snowboard I mean
there’s reasons why we still sell bucket loads of these, of Burton customs,
it’s just your go to reliable snowboard. Yeah, if you’ve got any questions feel free
to comment or give us a call at the shop and more than happy to talk snowboards with you!

3 thoughts on “Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro – 2020 Snowboard Review”

  1. How difficult is it to going in the deep snow with the blunt version?
    Because i am a small guy i only can use the 153

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