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LIB TECH ORCA – 2020 Snowboard Review

LIB TECH ORCA – 2020 Snowboard Review

Hey, Rob from Snowtrax. Here today to
talk to you about the Libtech Orca. Probably a little bit late to the party
last season didn’t have a chance to ride this then but managed to take it out in nice powder conditions in Austria in May. Absolutely blown away by this board! So much fun in the soft snow loads of lift in the front, definitely you can
feel that set back stance. Just so much ease when it is really mellow nice
conditions. Quite bouncy though I was actually really surprised by how much
like up and down. I was a little bit kind of thinking was that the conditions was
that the board I think it’s mixture of both, I think that’s where the name
Orca comes from it it does have that kind of up and downess to it but
definitely in real nice deep snow so much fun. If it’s a little bit chopped up a
little bit more harder work then that’s potentially where you to kind of look at
something else in the range like the Goldmember. But for those days when it is deep, this is fantastic! good amount of edge hold on piste one
thing to note as well I was riding the new one five nine obviously last season
we only had the one five three they’ve added in a couple of new sizes so I was
kind of thinking oh how would this stack up against a one five three because I
did have plenty of floats because it was a five nine. Because of the slightly wider waist
width and I set back stance, I think even on a 5-3 that might have been a bit more
nimble bit more fun for me but I mean like no complaints here it was a lot of
fun to be had. As I kind of reference to Goldmember earlier I do see these boards
potentially sort of like going up against each other and a lot of
people’s choices and which one they should really go for. I would say
definitely if you want that all-out powder board nice and fun playful the Orca is the one to go for. If you’re looking for that kind of go to all-mountain
board the Goldmember is a little bit more assured it’s a different
construction you got to firepower construction so a little bit more going
in the core a little bit more responsive edge to edge it’s gonna plough through
that chopped up snow a little bit more. It was interesting; Travis kind of like
did a little poll on Instagram and said which one should I take down
Corbett’s everyone was quite pumped on the Goldmember and I think once he threw that
spin into Corbett’s he was probably glad he was on that. But not taking
anything away from the Orca, so much fun in the soft snow and that’s really where
it’s at home so that’s your style of riding go and grab one of these because
it was hard to beat! I can’t think of anything else on the market that comes close.
so gonna be in demand this year go and grab on a lot of fun

9 thoughts on “LIB TECH ORCA – 2020 Snowboard Review”

  1. Great review and thanks for the footage! I'm 200 lbs and I own and rode the 2019 Skeleton Key (158) all last season. I loved the float in POW, how it cruised on chopped up snow and the manuverability in the trees. How does the ORCA compare? I want something that stands up to the agility of the SK but holds a better edge on piste.

  2. Awesome review man. Which bindings did you pair with Orca? I recently bought the board but haven't decided which bindings to try with. Should I go with stiffer bindings like Union Atlas?

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