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Lib Tech Kink BTX Snowboard 2011

Lib Tech Kink BTX Snowboard 2011

Yo! Matt Guf here for The House Snowboard
Shop. This is a Lib Tech MC Kink BXT Snowboard. It’s for the all-mountain jibber who likes
to hit absolutely everything. It has a twin shape and banana technology. The twin shape
is equal everywhere. In between the bindings, you have a reverse camber shape. And then,
after the bindings, it’s flat. But what’s very unique about this is the kinked nose
and tail. Do you see that kinked nose and tail? It was a design that I believe Matt
Cummins did in the early ’90s, and it came back. When I first saw this board, I thought,
“Oh, my gosh. I remember a board like that back in the day.” They brought it back, it’s
pretty cool looking. The core and glass are a correct sandwich core with morning wood.
The base is going to stay fast with T&T, of course. The edges, Magne-Traction… Who can
forget about Magne-Traction? The wavy edge that Lib Tech puts on their boards create
more surface area with the snow, causing for better grip. The power transfer internal sidewalls
help to distribute energy when it flexes, every which way. That’s pretty much it. Matt
Cummins helped design this board a long time ago. It’s a Lib Tech MC Kink BXT Snowboard.
It’s pretty soft too. Yep. It’s for the jibber. I heart you.

9 thoughts on “Lib Tech Kink BTX Snowboard 2011”

  1. @reidrr2 Because you already have a Skate banana I would suggest getting something a with a camber rocker combo. such as Lib Tech C2 BTX or EC2 BTX, Other than that Check out the Rossignol one Magtek Amptek, Rome Agent Rocker and Flow Era

  2. @reidrr3 the GNU Riders Choice C2BTX flex of 4.5 to 6 depending on your weight. or the Lib Tech Attack Banana EC2BTX, The EC2 attack banana has a little less camber and should feel a little softer. the Attack banana has a flex of 5-7 depending on your weight.

  3. @thehouseboardshop what would be the advatage of the c2 because im not much of a jumper more carving and jibbing

  4. @reidrr3 Compared to a rocker board C2 snowboard will give you more control at higher speeds and more pop, the biggest benefit is that you will have one board that can do it all.

  5. @MrCurve909 You got it… but its still a little more park orientated then say the Attack Banana with EC2BTX or the TRS with C2BTX

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