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LEGO Ninjago Legacy Kai’s Blade Cycle & Zane’s Snowmobile review! 70667

LEGO Ninjago Legacy Kai’s Blade Cycle & Zane’s Snowmobile review! 70667

hello this is the lego ninjago legacy
set called Kai’s blade cycle and Zane’s snowmobile this features redesigned
version of two vehicles that were originally released in two separate sets
back in 2012 they put them together into one and what do you know
another Ninjago oversized motorcycle versus oversized motorcycle set first
let’s check out Kai’s blade cycle here as I was building this I did not
remember what the action or transformative feature was on the
original version of this and so when I completed the construction of it at
least on one side I was very pleasantly surprised to see how it actually works
looking at this from the top it’s the best place to look at it it opens up
into this this X pattern with the blades sticking out so it really opens up quite
a bit and you just squeeze the things back together see if I can do it from
from underneath hopefully to make that a little bit more obvious to you up there
you go yeah it’s independent from side to side but it looks pretty nice I think
that overall the bike looks pretty good with some good contrast it does rely on
some stickers for its appearance but I like its look I think the stickers are
good I like the fact that it’s not just all red like the 2012 version kinda was
you know this has a little bit more going for it feels like the fire is
imbued into it a bit more fully open rear tire they’re almost fully open in
front things get in nice and close right there and just makes it feel a little
bit more carefully designed for some reason I don’t like the white pieces in
there and I also don’t like the light gray back here but otherwise I think
that koa scheme works out pretty well lots of gold some my pneumatic tires
that allow this to go over terrain decently well and of course it always
stands up on its own because these are so wide and yeah that’s pretty much all
there is for this you know it’s not intended to be something too huge or
fantastic but I think it does a fine job of
being what it is has no stud shooters on it that’s a surprise to me I would have
expected them to – you know and integrate some of those into something
like this today okay that’s that Zane does get the stud shooters on his
reimagined snowmobile here and those get the action feature for this build you
know this one doesn’t have any real transformative features instead you just
have these things on the sides these little pods that can be moved forward
and back to allow you to kind of remotely fire off these stud shooters
down here it just pushes against the the trigger so you can do it from back here
rather than pushing down they’re really not a great use of a whole lot of pieces
in my personal opinion to get such a simple action in there you could easily
just reach down and just push the trigger he stands up back here and this
has one low-profile tire at the back and then up at the front it just has this
skid it’s able to rotate around which is good sable to go up and down which is
good makes sense for you know going on actual snowy terrain doesn’t make sense
to be racing against this on streets and such just personal opinion I know that
as a kid I personally would have been bugged by that especially if I knew how
snowmobiles worked which I think it did and especially if I knew how bad it is
to run a snowmobile on a hard surface for a long time now at least this does
have a wheel so at least you don’t have a track that’s gonna get to get
overheated I’m definitely overthinking it but it’s all just to say that this
doesn’t satisfy me personally does it satisfy you when you look at it let me
know down in in the comments I think that it feels a bit jumbled I think it
feels a bit too abstract I think that for a snow scene it’s cool I’m not sure
about the tire though would have preferred something a little bit rounder
doesn’t need a track necessarily I think the shaping here is pretty good but the
colors do weird things and I don’t particularly like the stickers on this
one either my favorite part of this is this back here the original did have
this piece but it was in a transparent medium blue our kind of rare color had a
couple of them got a couple of the trans light blue pieces down underneath here
that’s to get those dragon head hilt pieces on this of course you got the
golden suit maybe the sure cans of ice they’re built into the vehicle of course
and that’s pretty much all there is for this one I guess he kind of gets a
console there with that sticker that yeah interesting build I’m personally
not that happy with the end result that the finished completed model for the
side builds you get this very nice street lamp post which is extended much
taller than these usually are has the small sign on the side got the red lamp
up at the top that looks very good to me it comes with a chain that can be used
to create a a trap of some sort I’m assuming this is a venom infused trap
but it can also be used to set off a bit of dynamite over here on the side so as
one of the good guys comes by on their bike then this is supposed to explode so
you had a little broken up sign there a little bit of dynamite or TNT and then
you also get a small shrine or pedestal for one of the golden weapons so there’s
the sword of fire in place turn that into a motorcycle turn into an aircraft
turn into whatever you want turn it into a dragon
these macaroni pieces back here strange I don’t know why they put those on there
I don’t remember what exactly this was supposed to represent but yeah you get
some pipe pieces there they’re basically just bonuses use them for something else
you add them to something else I guess this is you know not a great looking
thing overall but some nice extra pieces I suppose that brings us to the
minifigures already so Kai and in their legacy outfits the DX inspired
key they don’t have any extra weapons or accessories to go with them here because
you just pull accessories off the bikes you know there are plenty of katanas on
the bikes and the shirt cans and you know plenty of other things you can use
to form their weapons when you need plus you also have the sort of fire included
in the set I think that both of these figures look just fine I’m still
continuing to slowly warm to the shaping of these cowl pieces that are that are
further the legacy series but they’re still definitely not my favorites and
looking at their faces nothing unexpected there you do get two options
or two expressions for each and then for bad guys here’s lasha on the left and
spitter on the right both using their original
head mold specialized head molds with lasha having an actual minifig head
visible right there and spit uh not having one it’s all just custom molded
and they do share prints for the hip and leg pieces and the overall designs for
their torsos are rather different from their original designs
I think the prints are done well including the prints that are on the
heads for these on the tops of those heads pretty crisp and with plenty of
opacity not too much bleed through and there’s lashes print on the back of the
torso that was partially obscured before set also comes with one of these new for
2019 buildable handle armatures with the spinning end so that uses a couple of
new molds for the end there plus an existing tire piece to allow you to do
this so you just run that across the ground and the idea here let’s see if I
can actually demonstrate it is to put a figure on this with a weapon and I’m
gonna bother to angle it just properly as long as it’s sticking out that’s all
it’s really important and you should be able to just run by the bad guys and do
like that very satisfying actually works very well
I would value this set at I would give it 15 dollars for Kai’s cycle and then
10 bucks for you know 10 bucks at most for Zane cycle with the figure and then
5 bucks for all the rest of the stuff including the two bad guy figures so $30
u.s. I think is is the most that I could give this even though it has 376 pieces
and what do you know they priced this at $30 u.s. so I think the value is there
do you want to buy it though no that’s that’s that’s another story you know
whether it objectively hits priced fairly or not you know it’s kind of it’s
it’s own thing I personally don’t find much here that’s exciting I think that
Kai’s bike is done really well and my favorite thing is that streetlamp the
figures are fine but they’re not great to me the snowmobile for Zane really
just pulls down the value for this also to me for some reason this just doesn’t
it doesn’t add it’s definitely good to get the sort of fire but as far as how
this looks I actually get a little bit more excited by the sign little crate
hectare for the for the dynamite I don’t know yeah just you know I just can’t
really get excited about this set in general it’ll work for some folks for
others it won’t but now you’ve seen all that it comes with except for the spare
pieces of which there are plenty which is great including extra golden weapons
and a couple of completely hollow lime-green stud pieces and they also
have a of course a couple extra studs for the stud shooter for Shane’s
snowmobile but that’s it if you want to see the rest of the parts other than
these being built into this set you can check out my build video which I will
link to right now and I’ll talk to you again soon

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