Learning to Swim Freestyle | Enjoy Swimming!

hi guys! we uhm.. welcome back to my channel so
we gonna swim so and I’m so glad look at this I’m happy! I’m ready to swim and daddy gonna swim too and my sister over there.. c’mon hurry up! This is my YouTube channel, okay. This is my first time YouTube and Instagram Hi YouTube and Instagram! So.. I’m.. first time I swim with class like pretend class.. let’s go dad Let’s go follow Ceira! Oh by the way… come here Ceira! by the way have matching nail colors look super
pretty and it’s waterproof Let’s go to swim! Swimming! I’m teaching her. So, Istagram thank you so much! And then I have to show you swim Some skills One more time Wait I’m not ready yet I need to practice I need to practice one time She’s going to practice come on show her.. show them amazing stuff I’m brave! okay, now… It’s time to do it again Ceira remember to do it slowly. This is for dive and this is for.. she’s gonna do great Bye guys… not yet!

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