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Learning how to Snowboard

Learning how to Snowboard

Hey guys!
Today Ivona and I are going snowboarding. – How is it ?
– I have to learn once again how to ride. We are at Poiana Brașov, Romania.
I am helping her learn how to snowboard. I’m not by any means an expert. And I’m not an instructor. But I do consider myself
to be an intermediate rider. I learned how to snowboard
by watching YouTube videos. But watching videos isn’t enough.
The best way to learn something is by practicing. The best practice I got was by taking
a week-long snowboarding trip to Bansko, Bulgaria with a group of people that knew how to ride. This helped a lot because I could see close-up
what they are doing and I could ask them for tips. It also helped that I wanted to keep up with them,
and so I tried things slightly out of my comfort zone This is very important when learning.
Be willing to go just a little bit over your comfort zone. The Bansko ski resort is terrific. I was fortunate enough to go when there was
a lot of snowing and thus plenty of powder and backcountry riding. I did a video on the experience.
Link in the description and on the card in the top right corner. Now I’m passing along what I learned This is not the first time she’s been on a snowboard. Today she is practicing the techniques I showed her. We start off slow, so she gets acquainted
with the new board, as it is rental gear. At first she’s dragging the board, catching edges, and trying to force the board to get into position. But after a few turns
she starts to be more relaxed and confident. I feel it is important to start with the basics
when learning how to snowboard. Learn how to stop, how to do falling leaf, how to use your body to control the snowboard
and build up confidence. The more relaxed you are the better. And practice is key.
Practice, practice, practice ! Another good tip for beginners is to watch where you are going and watch out for the other people
when you are traversing the slopes. After the lifts have closed we headed to a neighboring
castle which is known as Dracula’s Castle. And we visited a fortress
where we got an incredible view Wow ! Wthat a beautiful place !
See ? Will show you more in an upcoming video
with more beautiful places from Romania. But now, back to snowboarding ! Look out ! it’s steeper !
But you will manage. Go slow ! Ok ? – But don’t film me.
– I won’t. I will film myself. I liked that stunt. I’m feel hot ! That’s it for now. Like, share, subscribe, and until next time
you can watch some of my other videos.

9 thoughts on “Learning how to Snowboard”

  1. Snowboarding time has come !
    Check out my video where I teach my girlfriend how to snowboard while I talk about how I learned to ride.
    How did you learn to snowboard ?

  2. Salut, ce fain! Sper sฤƒ-ศ›i intre selfie stick-ul รฎn cur, unde-i e locul! Spor ศ™i numai bine! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. It's a good way to reach more people around the globe. I'm Bulgarian and this video was very useful to me. If it wasn't English-sounded hardly ever would have seeing it. Keep up the good snow work ๐Ÿ™‚

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