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In this video, You will learn how to be confident in the water and you will learn to swim in a relaxed manner If you are interested, please, continue watching this video Welcome to the channel, these are swimming lessons that everyone should do when starting to learn to swim However, these lessons are not only for beginner swimmers but also for those who regularly train and for example, take part in Ironman events A person experiences completely different feelings in water than on land It is preferred that a person learns to swim as a child since it is easier for a child to learn new skills However, if this is not the case then as an adult, you might have a harder time learning and feeling the water Your vestibular system has to get used to different body positions which leads to subconscious tension However, people can learn to swim by doing different kinds of swimming drills There most important rule is you must be relaxed in the water When a swimmer is in a stressful situation, they become frightened they start panicking and immediately get tense Due to the stress our body freezes Such movements waste a lot of energy, but don’t help us to stay on the surface and swim forward The human body doesn’t naturally float on the top of the water if the body doesn’t have air in the lungs When a swim is tired and tense Diving into the water can compare to the feeling of a stone in the water I want you to remember one important rule when you have air in your lungs water will push you up to the surface However, when you breathe your air out water will not support the body There is no difference between a body with no air and a stone Everyone should get used to being in the water. It is important that they feel comfortable Please don’t start trying to swim freestyle in the beginning of your learning process It is important to learn the basics of swimming and only then practice freestyle Also, if you regularly train and you’re able to swim most of the strokes But you have never practiced swimming competitively I recommend to perform these exercises I believe, by getting the foundation skills of swimming you will get rid of your mistakes and your swimming will be faster and easier To start you want to find a place to learn to swim The pool must be shallow enough to stand and a comfortable temperature These will make your learning process easier and safe Firstly, you can walk in the water to get used to the water and its resistance Be a friend to the water, but don’t fight with it Next, you need to learn to keep your face under the water it will be easier if you put your face under without goggles This exercise will help you with the fear of being in the water it will you prepare you for any situation in the future When you don’t have goggles You can be standing in the pool and you can keep your hands on the lane rope or on the wall This will help you to keep a stable position Next, put your face down keeping your eyes closed Once your face is in the water, open your eyes I know, it not appealing and the most desired thing to do But believe me, there’s nothing dangerous with it It helps a lot to learn to swim Now, it’s time to put your swimming goggles on and perform the same exercise When your face is down, the water should not get into your nose You can keep your nose closed with your hand if it’s more comfortable for you You can even perform a dryland exercise that will help you to feel how to relax in the water Stretch your body forward and keep your hands fully relaxed Try to memorize these feelings For the next exercise, hold your arms on a wall or on lane rope and put your face into the water Your legs should be on the bottom of the swimming pool During this exercise, look around, get to know your feelings and try to get used to the swimming pool If you are still tense and frightened Remember that when your lungs are full of air you will for sure stay on the surface Let’s imagine that there is zero gravity and that you are in space Try to hang in the water like you are flying in the galaxy While you are learning to be relaxed and confident in the water breathe your air out through your mouth in the next video, I will teach you to breathe in the water correctly and you won’t have any problems with breathing anymore However, now let’s focus on flotation and relaxation in the water If you feel comfortable keeping your hands on the wall the next step is to get your legs relaxed Turn your feet so that you don’t have support and your legs now just lay on the bottom Now, you just need to float in the water you can dive a little and return to the surface During this exercise try to be relaxed and to float smoothly Don’t be in a hurry during your learning process It is crucial to learn to swim step-by-step at your own pace Now you have the skills to attempt the buoy exercise In this exercise, you need to take a huge breath Bend your legs to stomach, hold them with your hand and stay on the surface like a buoy in the sea This exercise will make you relaxed in the water Your main task is not to panic and try to stay relaxed I believe, if you imagine that you are flying in space it will help you a lot in regards to learning how to swim When the air is finished, put your feet on the bottom and have a break Remember a simple rule when you have air in your lungs water will push it up to the surface The next step is a star drill keep your hands on the lane rope or wall For most swimmers, their feet will sink down into the water, but there is nothing to worry about in the 3rd lesson I will explain you how to keep your feet on the surface easily Take a breath before starting Then, put your chest and head into the water and start floating During this exercise, try to keep your pelvis back and head on the same level For the last exercise of the first lesson You will now try to float in the water without any support from the lane rope, wall or bottom Find a place a few metres away so that your hands don’t touch the edge of the lane rope Take a breath, put your head into the water and slowly relax your legs as you did in the previous exercises You need to relax your legs so that you don’t have the support of the bottom Lean your chest forward that your back is in a horizontal position It will be easier for you to stay on the surface Float in the water and imagine that you are in space with zero gravity During the learning process, it is important that you do all the exercises I have shown you I’m sure, if you will gradually practice these exercises you’ll feel comfortable and confident in the water

100 thoughts on “LEARN TO SWIM: TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS (2019)”

  1. I tried this once and i was able to swim though i can't with my head out of water. So helpful thank you

  2. Me and my friend went to the pool and she picked on me cuz I didn't know how to swim. (Not to mention she ditched me because she got mad I couldn't swim) ??

  3. Tbh a mistake I always make is closing my eyes in water even though I can do it because I sometimes forget to open my eyes. I ended up starting to lose my breath and I realized I was 1 foot away from the side and then I end up feeling embarrassed. BRUH

  4. I noticed how tensed by body gets to the point I can't move it, will give this a go and keep following on

  5. i am learning swimming. On my second day of swimming class, I had an experience of drowning..My instructor was not near me, other people in the pool came to rescue me.I got so scared, I cried.For next three days I didnt go for my swimming classes.. I was just sitting at home scared but somewhere in my mind I knew that its not good to give up. I go to my swimming classes again.. and this time i asked my instructor to be with me all the time. My instructor held my hands every time when I was trying to float and then slowing after 30 mins I tried to float without anyone's help, I did it and was very happy.But on next day i got scared again, my fear of drowning came back. I was not able to float now. I dont know what happened to me . .Every time when i was trying to float, i was losing my balance just bcz i was panicking. But i never stopped going to swimming classes. Today was the10th day of my swimming class and now I can float and can peddle too?. honestly speaking,I still have that fear of drowning. I dont know how much time I will take to learn swimming properly but i will keep on fighting with my fear until i win

  6. Hi, I have just started to learn to swim and your videos are very helpful. I have learning and trying the drills advised in your videos but am unable float with ease.

  7. swimming is a great physical activity. Because there you have to move the body against the resistance of the water. Swimming has many health benefits.…/the-benefits-of-swimming/

  8. Im 0 level beginner. Learnt in one day swimming. Thanks for awesome video. Love and respect from Nepal.

  9. My sisters nearly died drowning when i was a child, luckily someone saved them at that moment, since that, my parents never brought me to swimming places, they dont allow me to go swimming lots of times, but i only go to pool a few times when i was a child, and i dont even know how to float even now, i got panicked too easily. It feels like im gonna sink to the bottom every time. I really want to be able to swim??

  10. Thank you soooo much for this. I really need this in my upcoming P.E class! I loved it when you said "you shouldn't rush swimming, you should learn at your own pace." 🙂 Amen to that!

  11. That breathing shit don't work with me. I held my breath and folded like u but I was still sinking…What could be the reason. This is the only reason I cant swim because idk why I keep sinking. I am very vascular and lean, 69 kg of blood bones & muscle, I have a very low body fat percentage and I don't know if that's a factor affecting my buoyancy.

  12. My main issue is breathing. I feel like I am still breathing out when I turn my head for air. Then dont have time to take a breath in before my next stroke. Do I just need to slow it down and take full deliberate breaths instead about breathing every 2-3 strokes?

  13. Hi All, can anybody let me know as beginner upto what depth should I be in the pool?? As I am 5 ft heighted..Also I became frightened when water crosses above my shoulder in standing position.

  14. Any advice for a struggling beginner? I try, but I panic so much in the water that I keep almost drowning in 3ft of water. 3ft!! It's ridiculous and my friend makes so much fun of me…. I really want to get better at swimming.

  15. Evgeny Thank you so much for being so kind and start from true beginnings as getting comfortable in a water and not showing off so I will feel intimidated. Just getting back to proper swimming and happy to watch it now in bed 🙂 after 500m of swimming. Thank you! ❤️ Cant wait to learn free style from you!

  16. swimming is easy. you gotta learn to tread first. tie a heavy rope to diving board and put rope in the water over the edge. practice treading water near the rope so if you sink you can pull yourself up. after 15 minutes I was treading water. now I swim like a fish

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