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Learn to skate in under 3 minutes

Learn to skate in under 3 minutes

Hi, I’m Rebecca from Campus & Community Recreation At the University of Alberta Today we’re going to teach you some tips On how to skate. First, your skates need to fit well They should be one size smaller than your shoe size. Loosen your laces all the way to the toe Pull the skate tongue out And put your foot in. The heel should fit snugly And the toes should barely touch the end of the skate. Start tightening your laces from the toe and work up. If you are wearing figure skates Make sure to tighten around each hook And now your ankle should feel nice and snug. As you stand up, and bend your knees You toe should no longer brush up Against the end of the skate. The skate should be comfortable And not too tight or painful. Another important piece of equipment is the helmet. Make sure it fits snugly on your head With the chin strap fitting tightly under the chin. Before going onto the ice Walk around on the plastic or rubber surface Make sure you feel comfortable and balanced. Carefully step onto the ice Bend your knees, put your arms out Carefully march on the spot and in a controlled manner. Once you feel balanced doing this Turn your toes out a little bit And take baby marches forwards. If you’re going to fall, relax your body And take the fall. Bend your knees Put your arms out to the side And slowly push yourself onto your bum. Spin around onto your knees Put one knee up Place both hands on the knee And push as hard as you can to stand up. Once up, bend both knees And place both arms up. Once you get comfortable doing baby steps Try and push and glide. Bend your knees, turn your toes slightly out Put your arms up and lean slightly forward. Push the leg back, and diagonally Then bring your leg back to the starting position. Once you feel comfortable, push a little bit harder And glide a little bit longer. The last tip is about stopping. While skating, bring the feet together Bend the knees and glide And slide the foot out forward and diagonally. You should putting so much pressure down That you are making snow. Those are the basics. Now go have some fun!

53 thoughts on “Learn to skate in under 3 minutes”

  1. Just came back after skating for the first time and this video was helpful but didn’t stop me from eating shit lol !!!

  2. Any other hockey players parents throw them in figure skating lessons when they were younger, to teach them how to skate backwards?

  3. As a former skating instructor for children; the video was extremely relevant. I think what's missing is a reminder to people that learning how to skate takes time. It takes a lot of trial and error…along with a lot of falls before one can actually see the results come to fruition. What I will say to those looking to learn: don't give up. Repetition is key here.

  4. Man I'm watching this at January 13 and I'm going Ice Skating at January 24 on a field trip and i don't know how to skate😞but let's see if this video works and by the way what a beautiful women.😍

  5. when i was 4 i didnt need to learn how to skate, cause apparently my brain already knew how as soon as i stepped on the ice. dont ask me how

  6. Ice skating is the scariest thing ever. I tried roller skates when I was six and that was petrifying. Then this is the same but wearing sharp knives! It took another 35 years to get over the rollerskating experience and try skateboarding! My ex gf tried to get me on a skating rink once and I refused (she was normally the wimpy one).

  7. My feet always move inwards like rlly rlly inwards and its rlly painful to skate like that, anyone got any tips on how to correct it? I try to but my feet keeps doing that

  8. 2:01 had a "sixteen candles" flashback!….("long…wheres my automobile"?…."automobile??…."brsshhhh crsssh brssssh"…buhahahaha"

  9. I dislocated my shoulder and fell every time with a girl on second date and that too at Bryant Park. She can’t stop laughing. Lol

  10. k y’all need to understand that leading to skate takes time. For me to be an actual strong skater it took 3 years, 5 hours every week. you’ll get there eventually it doesn’t take 3 minutes so it’s normal to fall but with practice you’ll get it

  11. Gonna have to disagree with the one size smaller comment. I am size 10 and got a 9.5 in skates and they were WAAAYYYYYY too tight to even wear let alone skate in. I gave it my best and managed to skate for around 10 minutes before the extreme pain and discomfort forced me off the ice. For reference, I was a combat arms soldier capable of walking 20 kms with 60 plus pounds on my back in just under 3 hours. Leg and foot pain are not real things for me. So I have to say, just get skates that fit or you won't want to skate ever.

  12. This really helps me but I don't remember this all because I dispersed in in my class named as his name is Ezra he's going to teach me how to skate but this really helps to so thank you for this I will try to do my best on the ice okay bye

  13. This video is a piece of shit. Im playing ice hockey and this is not that easy. I need 3 years to make my skating perfect.

  14. After watching this. I went skating for the 3rd time ever. I was able to get better than my 10 year old and many others who have taken a few lessons. Within 1 hour. Excellent info. Where is the intermediate video

  15. I realized that if you use the hired skates, you will never know how to skate properly. The skates at my rink seem to be never sharpened , so dull and slippery all the time. I decided to buy my own skates and now I can skates after 2 sessions.

  16. I recommend take at least 6 sessions coaching if you are a grown-up and lack confidence to first be on your own on the rink. It will help you a lot. I am 44 y.o and this is what I did and it was so worth it! Now I can skate with lots of confidence 10 sessions.

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