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LEARN TO SKATE – Basic 2 Skills

LEARN TO SKATE – Basic 2 Skills

hey guys I’m Mary and welcome back to
life learn to skate series hope you’re all ready for basic 2 here we go our
first skill we’re going to work on today our scooter pushes we’re going to focus
on starting off with a t position so our back foot is going to be like this and
on front foot is going to be like this we are going to do one foot at the time
starting off with that t push position extend the free leg back to about a 45
degree angle slowly stretch it don’t kick it back then switch sides a huge
no-no and figure skating stay off of those dreaded toe picks
our next skill our forward one foot glide we’re going to do our right foot and our
left foot and skating we always want both sides to be nice and strong and
equal after a moving start balance in a two foot glide position then slowly pick
up one foot and place the free toe next to the heel above the foot that is on the
ice our shoulders and hips are square arms parallel and slightly in front of
us a common mistake is to drop the shoulder
or the free hip so practice keeping the core tight and thinking about your body
being in a straight line over the skating foot our next skill is the
backward 2 foot line our goal is to gain enough speed and wide to equal the
height of our skater a start here is optional feel to do Wiggles swizzles
or simply push off from the wall try to stay and balance on the ball of your
feet our fourth skill has a fun name it is
called a rocking horse we’re going to a forward sizzle and the backward swizzle
and then repeat focus on having the knees nice and bent so you can smoothly
transition between the forward and backward swizzle if this movement is weak
simply practice forward and backward swizzles on their own remember our forward
swizzles that now we’re going to try them backwards our goal is to try to do
six to eight and they’re all really really focus here on using our best
friends be inside edges our toes are facing inwards heels angled outs bend
both knees and apply strong pressure on the inside edges to help facilitate the
turn the knees straighten as a heels tap together remember not to bend at the
waist like this doesn’t look too pretty does it also no cheating guys remember
to finish those swizzles you guys are doing awesome where I’m
almost at with basic we have to put turns here we’re going to
focus on our arm position and remembering to look where we’re turning
with our head if your turning counterclockwise and your right arm is
nice but if you’re turning clockwise your left arm in front remember to
lift up your heels we are turning on the balls of our feet if you feel like you
are not turning sharply and are making more of a u-shape you are probably on
your heels too much in skating we always want to look where we are going so be
sure to remember to turn your head with your body
our last skill is the moving snowplows stop I think you guys remember this from
basic and in basic two we are expected to do
this at a stronger level we’re expected to have more speed more control and more
of a skid and come to a move forward with a few strong pushes
glide into deep bend the knees and push the feet upwards at a slight angle from
the heels creating that upside down V I hope you guys are ready for a bonus
skill first we’re gonna do big S’s on the ice focus here on body lean our
shoulders are working against the hips if my hip tilts to the left my shoulders
are going to the right and vice-versa thanks so much for watching guys you
guys are the best stay tuned for basic three and see you
all next time

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  2. Thanks so much for these Level 1 and 2 videos! I got up to Basic 3 as a kid and am returning now to 1 and 2 as an adult. These videos are great reminders of the tips and pitfalls and will help me during my practice sessions between classes.

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