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Learn To Skate A Pool – Part 2 of 2

Learn To Skate A Pool – Part 2 of 2

As you can see in these clips I’ve actually got frontside carves to title in the shallow end pretty good. I have them pretty good at this point. i have backside kickturns to tile in th shallow end
but I dont really count those. You know, kickturns just arent as cool
as having all 4 wheels down and carving. So, you can see right here frontside carve to tile. Now here is a backside kickturn, you know, its cool but not quite as cool as the carves. The one thing, that I still really really need to learn at this point is that I really needed that! I needed to learn how to launch out, because oh I get so tired climbing out of this pool. This clip is shot on the same day as the previous clip
and this is the first time that I succesfully launched out
and got it on video. Did you catch that?
If you look really close to see that was actually one wheeled backside kickturn. and I launched out successfully
now on this watch this blue line indicates my backside carve the first time now watch my frontsides finally started
to get higher. Boom that was actually above the blue line that was higher than the backside
carve. and that one was all the way to the tile. and of course I screwed up the launch again. This one has been pretty stoked to this is
another one wheel backside turn watch this right there. Wasn’t it cool?
Y didn’t see it? Okay lets back it up. Watch in slow motion right here. There you go all three wheels out of the pool! That was pretty slick I love that one.
The crazy thing about pulling that one off though is the fact that
I honestly didn’t know i did it if it wasn’t for the video I’d never would
have realized it No what you just saw, that was the very first
time than I ever hit tile frontside in the deep end of this pool. Most of the time I would shoot these clips a day or two after
I achieve my goal but that was the very first time on video. Thats the first tile in the deep end on a frontside. (So I am going to take me for today.) So keeping score? At this point I could drop in.
I could launch out. I could hit frontside carves to tile in the shallow. Frontside carves to tile in the deep. But I coudn’t do that! I couldn’t do backside carves to tile in the shallow
and I couldn’t do backside to to tile in the deep.
those are the two things I had to learn
But you know what? That’s not the only time I bailed I got too plenty of falls. in the process of learning how to skate a pool. Frontside tile! Tile in the shallow, frontside. **** Frontside tile in the deep. **** Believe it or not that one right there was one of the worst
bails that I had. You’ll notice it takes me quite a while
to get back to my feet. it doesn’t look like it was a really bad bail
the reason that it hurt so much was because had actually fallen and landed on my hip probably about two or three times before that within the
past couple of days. So that bail right there was like my fourth hipper in less than a week. It really hurt because my hip was already so
bruised. that one took my a while to get out of the pool. But you know what Everything was worth it.
everything paid off in the end because this right here is the first run that i have
on video where I actually pulled off everything that I’ve been trying to achieve. got it! Now at the end I make a mistake right here
actually come out and I say that i did three perfect runs but I lost count I actual did four. So all six! All 6 of my goals.
Dropping in.
Launching out.
FS/BS Carves in the shallow and deep. Three times on tape. Okay let’s watch the run in slow motion,
and we can go over some little tipps. Here the drop in of course making sure you bend
your knees keep your weight centered. Now watch as I come up to transition I’m kinda bend … and bend. And right there, is when I really pump.
When I am about half way up the transition. And then I compress of course when I am at the apex. Now I’m standing up, compress and there we go pump up that wall compressed at the apex.
Again right here. I am pretty much crouched, crouched and have way
up the wall is were I pump. Thats how you get the height! I used to pump at the bottom. Which was a mistake.
You can do that on small transitions but skating something this
big it doesn’t work. Compressed at the apex.
And as you come down you decompressing. Now watch! I am stayin compressed.
Staying compressed half way up the wall
than I pump up. getting all up to the tile. Than you recompress of course when you hit the apex,
and decompression as you come down. compressed and than pumping out pumping back in So, I hope that helps I hope that you can
kinda see what’s going on and there you go there is the “Learn to ride a Skateboard DVD” if you need some more tipps.
Be sure to check that dvd out and hopefully that will help you learn
even more stuff in skating pools. So there you have it. Those are all the basics that I learned in how to skate pools properly. learning how to carve frontside and backside in the deep end and in the shallow end. Knowing how to drop in,
and knowing how to launch out. Hopefully some of the tipps will be helpful for you and help you to progress as a skateboarder yourself! And don’t forget to check out california skateboards. Bunch of skateboards that I helped to design and pictures of great girls out here in california. Take care, see you next time!

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  1. Great video dude. Love the pics from Skateboarder Mag at the beginning. I owned all those mags back in the day. Skated my first pool at Thunderbowl in Va Beach back in 1979, then Apple Skatepark in Ohio and one of the best parks ever for pools Cherry Hill Skatepark. Going from wooden halfpipes to pools was very intimidating for me back in the day. Your vids wil help lots of kids. Nice work. My town now has a world class skatepark but my knees and feet are long worn out getting old sucks.

  2. where are the best cheap boards to but around $20-$50 if possible!!!???? PLEASE HELP AND IM GETTING ONE SOON!! PLEASE HELP!!!

  3. Great video man, thanks for walking us through your learning journey! I think this is a great format for tutorials. One question though — What do skinny women in bikinis have to do with riding bowls? Can you help me understand CaliforniaGirlsSkateboards?

  4. Glad you enjoyed it. As for California Girls Skateboards, it's very easy to understand. I love skateboarding. I love girls. I love California. So, I put all three together. 🙂

  5. your videos are awesome! i skated my whole life but stopped in my late 20's early 30's. i started again a few years ago and love just cruising and skating the bowl. your videos are super helpful and inspiring to me. glad to see other "older dudes" (haha) still skating the bowls too! thanks man!

  6. I enjoyed hearing the story of how you learned to skate the pool, but I gotta fault you for the title and description. Out of 2 8 minute videos, you only had about 30 seconds of actual discussion of technique. Anyway, I'm just getting into skateboarding as an adult for something to share with my daughter, and it's great to see vids of others learning.

  7. all you really do it get speed and kinda launch your board forward in front of you and jump off keeping your body straight and your right hand to catch the board and land on your feet safely

  8. Nice work. I'm just starting to skate transition now as an old man, because street style just hurts too much now (and I'm still used to my old school boards)… but I'm not going into the pools, just the small transition will do fine lol. 🙂

  9. I once thought I'd never have the guts to skate Santa Monica pool. Now I drop in on the 12 foot deepend without even thinking about it. You'll get there.

  10. Just pump as you approach the ramp and kinda just force your body upright and catch your board. Kinda hard to explain.

  11. Good point! You're right. I may need to create something like that. Thanks for pointing that out…

  12. Tons of people ride Bones SPF. Personally, I like a little more grip in the 97a to 98a range and 60mm to 65mm in size. Rainskates makes some great wheels.

  13. I'm using a white helmet now, but my Vans are pink. Takes a real man to wear pink shoes or helmets.

  14. Started riding pools the other day, came off and cracked my head open.
    Moral of the story kids, always wear a helmet

  15. if you use 60mm to 65mm wheels you'll necessary need riser pads to avoid wheelbite ?

    for example in my case my board is a popsicle shape board and i want to change to some 60mm/65mm wheels to start riding pool/vert

  16. Yeah, no risers on 60mm and up might be getting a little risky on wheelbite, depending on the concave of the board. You could try it without risers, just be careful. Don't carve too sharp.

  17. Just wondering…How does and old school deck vs popsickle deck compare for poolskating? I'm A 80's vert guy getting into skating again.

  18. Hi man, i'm brasilian and 40 years old and i'm learning to ride in bowl ,i hope one day can do like that, thanks for the help!!!

  19. I like decks with a 16" to 17" wheelbase and most popsicle sticks are too small for that. Although, one of my favorite decks is a popsicle stick that is unusually large – the 35" version of the "Yoface" by Bustin. I'd also look into Deckcrafters and Pool King. Those are some of my favorite decks.

  20. Being a street skater, I do think that in a way pool is easier to learn, in a good way. On street, either you land the trick, or you don't, but in a pool, it's easier to start small and work up height/do deeper pools. It's kinda hard to land half a kickflip :p I think I'm gonna try it out tomorow. Don't have a great deck for it though, since I mainly skate street. I think 7.6" wide is too small, no?

  21. Even as a street skater, you start small and work your way up. You learn to oillie down 2 steps before you try 6. Remember the dudes in the 70's invented pool skating on boards that were 4" wide. Your 7.6" deck is plenty wide.

  22. I have absolutely no idea how to launch out. I cant find any tutorials. can you help me? climbing in and out of the pool is exhausting.

  23. Focus on getting your body out. Don't worry about the board. If the board falls back in the pool or you fail to catch it, that's fine. Just learn to physically get your body out. Once you learn that, and you feel confident, you can work on catching the deck.

  24. I use a cheap pair of motorcross gloves, so I don't get roadrash on my fingers. I also use ProDesigned wristguards. I should warn you, it's VERY uncomfortable to wear all that crap on your hands at first, but you get used it. Lots better than wearing a cast!

  25. This is so motivational and inspiring. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPLOADING. I've got 3 weeks off between summer school and fall term back at college. I'm going to try and dedicate my self to learning how to kickflip / ollie good with the same amount of dedication you gave until i can do it. Thanks man!

  26. Eric, thank's for sharing this!
    To save your hips – – You will love the "POC Hip VPD 2.0 Shorts". I have slammed my hips pretty bad a few times. Now I use them every time I skate ramps or pools. They are awesome.

  27. loosen your trucks
    it works better and is more fun!
    get an elbow pad and learn to fall right
    and beware of wheel bite…

  28. Do what he said on getting your body weight out. But to lauch out looking real crispy and shit, kick the board out forward right when your at the top so it will fly up and then you can catch that mofo like a boss

  29. Great vids dude, just getting into skateboarding myself at 29 (used to blade when I was a kid). Got my deck right here, awaiting the arrival of trucks & wheels, huge skatepark & bowl just down the road! Its good to see someone just enjoying themselves & not worrying about all the posing ect.

  30. Thanks a lot for sharing this, helps a lot. Funny how you seemed to have FS carves better than backside. I can BS carve to tiles in my local pool, but I have no chance of FS carves to tiles. Is FS supposed to be easier?

  31. @Patrick Harmon – Frontside is usually harder for everyone. Doesn't matter if you're goofy or regular, frontside is scarier because your back is to the ground. Falling backwards is obviously a lot scarier than falling forward. The trick to frontside carves is speed. Get going fast as hell. Once you're flying around at mach 10, there's no way you'll fall, because the centripetal force makes you stick to the wall.

  32. Lol this comments a little late like a year late but i can drop in i followed all your steps and could do it man i remember when I was only doing reverts over and over

  33. I did it. I'm better. Its so amazing… about 8 months ago I watched these videos wondering when i would be this good, wondering how it might feel. today i learned safe carve grinds in a pool slightly smaller but with way steeper transitions… 

  34. Nice work. I haven't been on a board in almost 16 years and last week I just got the bug to buy one. Already landing some flip tricks but forgot the feeling when your board is overhanging the coping. Can't wait to drop in again. Just want to say thanks because guys like you inspire people like me to push the limit. Nice work with your documenting and great to see your dedication.

  35. Great videos man! Just curious as to why you went with that style board. Are they easier to skate vert on? it seems as though most of the old pros ( like Christian hosoi) still use fatter boards. I'm just getting back into skating @32 and have never done vert. Thankfully I have a local skate park here in Brea to practice on. Thanks for the tips!

  36. I have lived my entire life in Santa Monica area and only been on a skateboard maybe 6 times….crazy, especially since I use to see the original Z-Boys in Santa Monica and I was the same age…this video gave me some great tips.
    Info Only…I was into MOTOCROSS

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