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Learn How To Snowboard & Get Up!

Learn How To Snowboard & Get Up!

Getting up after a fall. Practice getting up after you’ve fallen before you go up the chairlift because once you go up the chairlift… Let’s just face it. You’re going to fall. So here are a few different tips to help you get up after you fall. So if you fall you’re going to want to get your board across the slope before you start standing up. You might need a crawl. Pivot yourself around so that your board’s across the slope if you’ve fallen up the hill. Which is usually the best way to fall is up the hill. then You’re going to be facing up the hill on your toes or if you’re on your heels you’re going to be sitting down facing down the hill usually the easiest way to get up is actually off your hands and knees and That’s called your toeside. So you’re facing up the hill you walk your hands slowly towards your board. You kind of stick your your back side up, and then all at once you can stand up but you don’t want to make too big of a movement because Depending on what type of slope you are on you might slide down if you’re on your heelside edge a lot of times This can be harder. You might want to roll over Just put one foot over the other roll over to your stomach, but if you can’t or you Think that it’s fine to get up off your heels Place your hand in between your feet and grab your board and then push with your other hand So it’s kind of a movement Where you’re all Rolled up, you’re kind of bending down grab the board and the backhands pushing and you you can stand up. That’s a little bit harder. I recommend, you trying to get up off of your toes if You can get up off of your heels. That’s great! This is just one of the many tutorials that we have sign up for the full course at Subscribe, like and comment cheers FFR!

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  2. Yes I'll sub for sub and comment/like other videos. Reply "done" FFR pro snowboard lessons online

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