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Learn How To Repair Snowboard Core Shots Part 1 The Burn & Surgery

Learn How To Repair Snowboard Core Shots Part 1 The Burn & Surgery

This snowboard tutorial will go over tips on how to repair your board when you hit rocks and you get what are called core shots These are the items we’re going to be using So that Black piece that black carbon is when you’re burning the flame isn’t just a blue flame. It becomes yellow You’ll start getting that carbon so we don’t want to do that This you know, it’s just a metal scraper with a good sharp edge We got the the scrub pad to kind of clean up off things up off our base I was talking about the wax we’ll be doing that a little bit later. This will help to scrape off a little extra amounts of P-Tex and then we got our iron there and we’re going to do that to our last thing is that we’re gonna wax it after So this boards been a bit damaged And see right there lots of Core shots It sucks but it’s been a great board been fun, I really have enjoyed riding this board regular camber I really like that. That’s kind of hard to find for me But let’s fix it up so I can still take this out rock boarding and you know I’m starting to get cracks it’s unfortunate. But it’s what happens when your board gets old. So We’ve got our set up here. We’re ready to start fixing the board I’m going to be burning P-Tex with my lighter So I’m indoors here so that the wind doesn’t blow my flame out. It’s a really nice day outside, but I’m in a garage. So I’m not inside but I don’t produce, you know a little bit of Exhaust from these flames. So a little bit of emissions coming out of there. So we’re going to get started First thing I want to do Is I’m just gonna choose an area Right here Has been severely hit. This is my heel side edge On my back foot. So at the finish the end of my turn it’s a lot of times where I’m going to be getting rock Core shots and then on my toe side edge too, over here but closer to the edge and towards the back that’s where/how I ride This is my style of riding I move fore and aft quite a bit and at the end of the turn I’m really aft I do have some, a little bit of damage up towards the nose, but we’re going start with this metal file here and Then I’m gonna use this plastic one after I’ve got the meaty greedy maybe even have some of my edge Metal so I’ve been hitting rocks. It’s a it’s been great. It’s day seven I’ve I’ve been up there. The snow is starting to melt a lot the last couple times I went up I hit a lot of rocks. So I’m I need a fix my board. So the next time I go up there My board doesn’t break completely the P-Tex is the plastic basically what it’s made out of and Think about it if you were to cut your finger nail not all the way off and just hang it’s a bit of it hanging there You want to trim that off. I’ve got a few different things to do that, using metal on my base I usually don’t do that because it’s harder. I usually use plastic Normally, but I’ve got some major damage so I’m going to need to break out some metal to cut these things off Another analogy would be maybe you know, you got a cut and you’ve got some skin hanging off You don’t want to rip that off because they’ll rip more of the healthy skin So I don’t want to rip all of that healthy P-Tex I want to cut it right there so that it’s kind of like live skin It will bond more with the p-tex that I’m going to melt into it And if I rip it out like that, so I won’t have a nice Good a solid piece of p-tex that would bond pretty well when I burn that down So I need that. Get this excess off Right here We’re getting down in there or Some more p-tex. There’s a little piece of it like slightly looks like a fingernail. So there’s just an excess amount of P-tex it scrolled up on there when I ran over the rock. So I’m gonna get start making a little pile of this stuff So I’m using my razor blade here so I can get a nice clean cut I Want to get these little no, hang nails hang nails of p-tex off my base and Some of these are starting to go Past the p-tex wall/base and then it more into my core and we call that a core shot. So What happens if you get a core shot? You don’t fix it The snow will melt and the water will start absorbing down into your base and a lot of bases have some type of wood core Or something that similar to wood that will absorb so will start absorbing that water and will start to expand and then your base and Your edges are going to come apart because that water they’re going to get down in there. So Not only doing this to help me go faster also because I want a smooth base to go faster But it also keeps the life of my board. You see I have a lot of boards. I love to fix them up and take them out when it’s early season rock boarding So I don’t care when I hit rocks, but when I hit rocks, I Want to bring it back into my shop. I Want to do some work on it these are like hangnails Big like that, I’ve had it before we’re in a rock and it’s just a big Curly piece of p-tex So this this p-tex layer Looks really good right here in this area so I’ve got that I feel like I’ve got it pretty good There’s the edge Really if you get core shots near your edge That’s more likely for it to blow out the edge because it’s so close to the edge that when it expands It’s most likely your edge is going to start coming apart from your board That wasn’t too bad doing a little surgery on my board today Yeah, I don’t want to get it scratched to much because I’m gonna scratch more of my base. Then we’re ready to start burning, so I Want to be really careful when I’m burning this p-tex because it needs to be at a certain temperature a blue flame is going to be bringing the That pure like nice high heat that bonds to the board But once you start getting it too hot and it starts getting into a yellow flame You’ll start to get smoke that comes out of it and you’ll start to get carbon. We don’t want that So to prevent me from just dropping the P-tex everywhere I just have this metal can right here So I’m going to put it really close to where I’m going to start burning and I hold the flame a little bit further away I don’t want to be like that- see how it’s smoking? Se the smoke? Oh, I do not want that. See it’s all turning black It’s going to get into my my core and it’s going to mess things up. So do not want that extra carbon into my core So to get rid of that carbon, I just made I’m gonna have to burn a little bit of extra P-tex for a little bit just because I don’t want that. I Don’t want that in my base. So if you do accidentally burn your flame too hot Just wait a little bit And get it to not burn too hot You put it closer see that Putting it closer to my subject whatever I’m burning next to I’m starting to get a little bit of more blue flame So We Want to avoid that yellow flame You want it to be burning as a blue flame. So that’s nice Just the P-tex it’s pure You’re not getting that extra carbon into it. And then the great thing is, is once you get it at that temperature It just constantly burns. I didn’t get all of it out But I’d rather have that in there Did not have anything at all. If you mess up you don’t want to be burning your base either The rest of your board So got a lot of core shots Now it’s good, I got some black into it some carbons into it but like I said I’d rather have a little bit of a Bit of carbon in there if I accidentally get it or this is I had too much cuz it’s kind of trying to demo it And that’s it. So I just let that keep melting I actually know people that have Set things on fire by doing this inside, but that’s dangerous. So I’m going let this cool down So I’ve melted it into it. I’ve done it correctly at the right temperature when I come back and scrape it it just scrapes right off right plus with my base the core shots fill them with P-tex and Your boards back to being flat and you don’t get water back into absorbing into your core again That’s going to expand. That can really shorten the life of your board and break your board So if you do go out rock boarding or if you do go out early season or just maybe you just hit a rock it’s a good idea to repair it and Make sure that the core shot is repaired. We’re going to continue Repairing it. I’m just going to give it a little bit of time to cool down. Be patient We’ll go over the the next few steps scraping this off and then we’ll also wax it. This is just one of many snowboard tutorials that we have. Sign up for the Full Course at Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FFR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FFR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FFR! Like, subscribe and comment Cheers FFR!

3 thoughts on “Learn How To Repair Snowboard Core Shots Part 1 The Burn & Surgery”

  1. Why didn't you use metal grip then weld in pure ptex afterwards? Parafin ptex will not bond to the fiber glass and is much softer therefore will wear out quickly. Also why didn't you use a base cleaner first?

  2. I just bought a used board from a local thrift store and it has a major core shot right on the edge and the core has a small crack but it is on the edge. I know I know I should get a new board but it is my first one and it was 20 bucks. I need tips on how to fix it so if anyone is reading this and can help please dm me on Instagram @collin_holleran_ thanks

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