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Lausanne 2020: Day 5 Highlights I CBC Kids News

Lausanne 2020: Day 5 Highlights  I CBC Kids News

♪ ♪ Arjun:Lessons learned
on the slopes.
A brilliant result
in biathlon.
And sledding
with an Olympian.
♪ ♪ Hey guys, it’s me Arjun Ram
back at it again. The Winter Youth Olympic Games
have been flying by in Lausanne, Switzerland. The fifth day has ended. So let’s get into the
highlights.Day five featured the
slalom event
We’ll start at the
Les Diablerets Alpine Centre
with some skiing action.The slalom is a technical
competition where athletes
have to go through a course
with a ton of plastic sticks
in the ground
called “gates”.
While weaving in
and out of the gates,
they make up to
two turns per second
and balance on just millimetres
of their skis.
If you miss any gates
you’re disqualified.
It was a tough day for Canadian
women on the mountain.
Sarah Brown of
Mont Tremblant, Quebec
crashed out early.Meanwhile, Alice Marchessault
of Ste-Anne-des-Lacs, Quebec
wiped out at the very end
of her first run.
Announcer:Oh no!Oh no.Two gates from home and
Marchessault is down
and out of the race.I feel like I was a warrior. That I came back after
all the– and my injury, and I still raced the slalom, so I’m pretty proud
of myself for that. It’s been a great experience to
learn and hopefully bring it back to the race
at the North America. Arjun:In the men’s event,Mackenzie Wood from Toronto
put down a pretty solid
first run,
but couldn’t stay on the course
during his second.Overall, a great experience. I mean, the results weren’t the
best, but it’s been really fun. Arjun:There was some good news
for the red and white though.
Louis Latulippe from Quebec
City finished both runs strong,
and ended up with
the 10th best time.
I think, overall,
it was a decent run and it allowed me to stay
in the lead for a few people. That was my first time ever
being in the leader box, and it felt great. That’s a tough sport,
and sort of scary. Canada’s team at the Gameshas been led by Olympian,
Annamay Oldershaw.
Her official title
is the Chef de Mission.
And while that comes
with lots of responsibility,
she also had some time to have
some fun at the Games.
On day five, she raced sleds
with Devin Heroux fromCBC Sports.♪ ♪ Here we go! Cheater. Oh, he looks like
he’s gonna fall off! He has nothing on Chef de
Mission, Annamay Oldershaw! She is very competitive,
you can tell that, wow. I’m gaining on her, Canada! Oh wow. That was a disaster. You know what? It’s all about believing in
yourself and having heart. They make a good duo.
That was so funny. They’re very competitive. That was hilarious. Rapid fire info time.Canada wrapped up the round
robin portion of the mixed team
curling tournament
with the 10-2 win
over Estonia
to stay undefeated.
They’ll play Japan in the
quarterfinals on Day 6.
And in biathlon action at the
Les Tuffes Nordic Centre,
Jenna Sherrington
from Calgary, Alberta,
finished 14th
in the women’s sprint.
Want to know more about
everything Lausanne 2020? Head over to CBCKIDSNEWS.CA. We had a
good time today, right? Good. I’ll see you again tomorrow
for more of the best moments from the 2020 Winter Youth
Olympic Games. Peace! ♪ ♪

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