LATVIJA Ski Žagarkalns

“Žagarkalns” – This is the most favorite ski among the 5 base mountains. Probably because it is the widest and has interesting wavy terrain. At its peak is a café that was open on weekends. On the slope of Žagarkalns there are 2 lifts, both of “tablet” type. Cirulkalns – 180 m long. Relatively steepest of our base slopes. Its peak is connected to the Long Mountain and the School Hill. The height difference of this slope is 50 m. The “Long Mountain” is a 400 meter slope with a flat and even terrain. It is suitable for skiers and snowboarders who enjoy long, slippery runs without extreme adventures. The track is equipped with a “tablet” type lift and connected to the lower parts of the School Hill. “Forest track” – is 420 m long, with the greatest height difference in Žagarkalns.

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