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Kaillie Humphries’ “Love/Hate” Relationship With Her Body

Kaillie Humphries’ “Love/Hate” Relationship With Her Body

My relationship with my body is a love/hate,
as I would describe it. There are days when I feel fantastic, where
I think I look amazing. And there are other days where I honestly
hate it. I hate my body. I wish my stomach was a little flatter, I
wish jeans fit a little better. I’ve always been bigger. I’ve had big legs and a big butt. My body is built for sport. My body is built for bobsleigh. I’ve worked very hard to get it here. It’s very much a machine. This is the body that I was born with, and
I’ve learned to accept it, I’ve learned to maximize its ability. Overall, I am more in love with how I look
and how I feel now than I ever have been. I’m 31, and it’s just getting better. But it literally has taken stages for me to
get to this point.

11 thoughts on “Kaillie Humphries’ “Love/Hate” Relationship With Her Body”

  1. Great looking woman, beautiful body, great athlete. As for the tattoos and haircut, yawn. Her style but boring and meaningless to me.

  2. You like an amazing woman from head to toes. ? I should drive down to Calgary to have the honor of see you training.

  3. I bet Serena Williams and Bianca Andreescu often feel the same.  However, their bodies are powerhouses, in the real world…and that is what matters.  It's not what it looks like, but it's what you do with it….because life, in the end, is about what you do.

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