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K2 Skates 2019 – ISPO Munich

K2 Skates 2019 – ISPO Munich

Vanita again I suppose I mean listen
with even more video this guy right here 540 alleyoop fish brain in 98 maybe
one day you’ll see it hi – my name is Ricardo Eno and I’m a will addict I’m in
East oh and I’m with Jose cigarettes Jesse girls hi and what’s exactly on
your roll I am the global product line manager for k2 skates and pleased to
take you through the line and show you some of what we’ve got going on okay so
let’s do that k2 skates this is our 25th year in business we’ve been celebrating
that so making the softboot skates skates for people who like appreciate
comfort appreciate performance and and a good overall skating experience so for
this year what was new for us is the vo2 s which is a one-sided frame you’re
probably familiar with our cross-training skates 90 90 millimeter
wheels 100 millimeter wheels we have some high-low configurations with bigger
wheels in the back this year we developed an extruded machine frame with
a one side wheel mount it’s got a shock absorbing dampening effect but it’s also
of a stiff rigid extruded performing frame so it’s fast its responsive it
looks awesome and it’s a shock absorbing any reason why you guys chose not to go
once don’t know that because this is mounted
on this is designed to mount on to our bases which are a double tab rivet the
more simple yeah yeah it’s for it’s designed specifically for our bases and
and this this base this cuff it’s breathable it’s just kind of what we
were ready to bring it before birth these go us is between 229 and 299 we
have 90 millimeter wheels with speedlace we have 100 boa with boa and we’ve got a
100 millimeter wheel with speed laces so that thing you just the newest stuff
from us we’ve we still have our fitness line 80s and 84 both with speed base and
with both breathable supportive just fun to skate we’ve got our kids line
adjustable 72 millimeters with Iglesias and you can you show the students or
someone who doesn’t know for sure yeah so the speedlace has been in our line
for a number of years it’s a pull-tab at the tongue so it’s
easy in quit tug you cinch it down and then you can roll the tab and stow the
lace in the pocket on the tongue steward right here so it’s really good for both
parents and kids and adults trying to get in and lace up quick get moving
correctly usually it’s just interrupt here but the thing is one of the
problems that we have with inline skating is that it takes a lot longer to
put on it and right the other wheel sports not so that the the idea with
that is just to really easy I mean especially for parents getting their
kids in this case if they can if the kids can get into it quick they’re gonna
you know both the parents and the kids are gonna have a better time so we focus
on closure mechanisms all the time it’s not just a zonal but it’s easy to get
into so that’s why we’re big fans at the boa
we’re the brand that’s basically using boa at key price points everywhere the
BOA gives even closure it’s also a nice sort of quick release so when you you
can dial it up just right for your foot if you want to you can release it on the
fly just pop it let your foot settle a little bit and
then tighten it up against oh the boa is is proven in really high
torque high demanding circumstances whether it’s snowboarding or work boots
whatever it is it’s great for skating okay so if someone wants to know like us
no boarders jumped in like 30 meters with something like that’s it seems to
be working that’s proven there’s there are there are other imitators but for
sure the best most dialed in and no pun intended the dial concept is the boat
system I see that two guys on top we have two different skates which is one
is the one that we have we’ve introduced a couple years ago it’s a three wheel
skate which is not new in the industry by any means but this is a as a
breathable very supportive upper Katie was known for the soft boot but with the
trio we wanted to bring in a lot of support because if you’re on a big wheel
you need support up top so this got zonal tote closure over the toe power
strap cuff closure and then even another over the ankle additional closure up top
so yes then you can remove you can remove this power strap you don’t need
to use it if you want more range of motion you’ve got it if you hear
somebody who likes the support you’ve got that too
but I would say from my experience this is one of the most comfortable and
supportive skates we’ve made it’s really good and the three wheels because this
base that we’ve used is usf usf compatible so we’ve got this you can
take this frame and you can put it on our aggressive skates or our trio skates
just giving versatility to different types of skaters as you know passionate
skaters are evolving their skating with with bigger wheels so that’s where we
put it but from what I see here the only thing
missing is the aggressive skates line right right right know that you guys
have a good line you even have a new friend coming out yeah all right you
know what our aggressive we’re proud of our aggressive skates they’re not up
here on the wall for this merchandising this is a winter focused show but we’ve
also got our ice skates here too so between we take basically all of our
upper fitting Finnish winterize it we’ve got Thinsulate we’ve got a nice
forgiving hockey laid profile for our ice skates
we’ve got boa closure and speedlace exposure on the ice case as well so yeah
the aggressive skates aren’t up here today but we’re proud of those two yeah
thank you so much thank you for your time and have a great one okay thank you
and that’s it I hope you guys enjoy the explanation from Joe if you did well you
know to give you know what to do because some thumbs up if you enjoyed this video
and if you want to see more of these subscribe to the channel and more
important than anything just don’t forget while we all started skating and
that is because it’s funny cheers and see you soon

28 thoughts on “K2 Skates 2019 – ISPO Munich”

  1. Very informative – I’ll consider K2 for my girls to get them rolling again – light, comfortable and hassle free lace up. Skating doesn’t have to be full on urban all the time!! My K2 Coomback skis are going strong after 9 years, so I trust the brand.

  2. Definitely changed the subject fast when the aggressive line was mentioned. Not gonna lie, that makes me wary how long K2 will stick around.

  3. Waiting for your review on Powerslide new skates. and please try always to check the zoom, as it was blurry majority of time, in this video. Thanks

  4. Good to see K2 still in the game making skates. I bought the K2 Sodo urban skate with the R100 frame but the boot was not supportive enough. I put the r100 frame on a pair of Unnatural aggressive skates and it is a great set-up. I know it's still not as stiff or as good as the Wizard Frame on Seba boots. But my K2 set-up cost under $400 vs the full Wizard at $1200 so I would not expect my K2 rockered 100mm set-up to be as good. Still a lot of fun though!

  5. As a potential buyer who is definitely going to be making a skate purchase in the early spring, I have been thinking about purchasing a K2 model skate because I wanted to own a BOA skate.
    K2's venture into making this weird frame mounting system put their entire company at the very bottom of the list.
    Their explanation for deviating from the industry standard 165 was infuriating. "they're designed to go strictly on our bases" "so fuck you" is basically what they are saying. Buy their boot and become locked into their ecosystem.
    I'm not having it. I don't care how good the BOA system might be. If it doesn't have 165 mounts or UFS on it I am not buying it…. End of conversation

  6. K2 are very good skates. Really well made… It seems they put a lot of effort into their R&D but then their marketing is just bad… I hope they still produce skates for us aggressive types.

  7. Interesting watch, not a fan of softboots tho. Cheap softboots tend to have some nasty edging, haven't seen someone ride a k2 softboot I could be wrong.

  8. Still dream of a boa closure on an intuition liner or an aggressive skate. Would be hard to know where to put it on an aggressive skate though. I know USD did the phoenix liner but I don't think that was boa?

  9. I like K2 I just hate the rivet mount for frames. Their usf boots all seem good. Unnatural-R100? Maybe with boa? I think it would be sweet

  10. I would really like to see the BOA system integrated in some aggressive skates or at least liners. I currently skate the M12s with an Intuition liner and while I love them to death when they are on my feet it SUCKS to put them on or take them off. I hope companies other than K2 start taking note with the BOA system.

  11. I've used the boa system on cycling shoes for 10 years now. I know that's a bit different to use in skates but I think it is a very reliable system and would be interested to see it used on more skate brands

  12. 165 mm mount, asking the important questions. K2 has always made such strange (to me) design decisions, but they sell well to entry level skaters and people like their aggressive skates, so who am I to say? However, with non-standard mounting and open shell soft boots, they always eliminated any interest from me. All the best to them.

  13. Boa is the greatest thing since sliced cheese. Only wish they would put it on a normal vo2 100 like they used too . Not this single sided crap.

  14. K2's are TRASH. They start breaking down after 1 year. I've went through 4 pairs since 2017. Went to Powerslide and never looked back.

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