K2 Parkstar Snowboard Review

This K2 Parkstar could be the board for you.
This is actually a pretty cool board. It has the jib rocker technology so it is great for
that jibber at heart in the park or pretty much all over too. It has 80% flat in between
the tip and the tail and 20% in front of the tip and tail; a rocker that kind of kicks
up. It has a hybrid taper technology so you’ll see the same construction sidewall that it
has and it gradually turns into a cap construction, reducing the amount of weight in the nose
and the tail and the amount of core inside the board on the nose and tail. It is nice
and light. The stance is centered, of course, which is
great because it is a twin board with a hyper progressive side cut radius. Hyper progressive
side cut radius means that it can go into turns nice and smooth, hold your edge aggressively
in the middle of a turn, and then come out smooth again. It has bi-lax fiberglass. there
are two pieces of fiberglass that stems the core, on the bottom and on the top and they’re
rolled in that 45 degrees. What is great about this kind of fiberglass
is the ICG fiberglass – it’s the integrated carbon glass so it has carbon inside. That
makes it super light and super, super snappy. It also has a little bit more carbon in it.
What K2 is doing now is called the Carbon Web 1. On the nose and tail of the board there
is going to be a spiderweb of carbon that helps this board get you a little bit higher
when you need to ollie over a barrel or a little crumb or a skeet or something like
that. The 4000 siltered base is a super fast base and it is going to absorb wax and hold
wax a little bit longer than a traditional board. It has a one degree base level. This
is the K2 Parkstar.

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