K2 Brigade Snowboard 2012

Matt Guf here for The House Snowboard Shop.
This is a K2 Brigade. You can learn how to ride for less with this board and explore
the whole mountain. It does have a catch free baseline rocker technology. Eighty percent
of this board is completely flat and the 5% by the nose and the tail actually rocks up.
The construction and side walls are called a hyper technology side wall. It’s side wall
that gradually thins down and slims into a capped construction on the nose and the tail.
Of course, the shape is twin and has a hyper progressive sidecut radius. Meaning that you
can cruise at high speeds and stay stable, and you can be playful and fun at the bottom
of the hill and still not worry about catching an edge, but holding an edge. The stance is
actually set back ¾ of an inch, even though it is a twin shape. It has a W1 wood core.
There’s laminate woods that run tip to tail on this thing, and it does have bi-axle fiber
glass, so it’s a medium flex board. The bi-axle fiber glass runs in two different
directs–from 90 degrees to 0 degrees and it sandwiches that wood core. The base is
a low-maintenance speedy fast base called a 2000 extruded. There is a 3 degree edge
bevel on this, so if you cruise around on hard pack and you’re just learning to how
to do that heel side carve or that toe side carve and you don’t have proper edging [to
go with] the snow, if you’re a little bit more flat you won’t catch up as likely with
that 3 degree edge bevel. If you’re that beginner rider that wants to cruise around
the whole mountain, the K2 Brigade is the board for you. Cool graphic too. If my first
board had a graphic like this, I’d be psyched. I’ve got this like super old ass board hanging
on my wall. It’s like, yeah, that was my first board. I’m psyched, but it’d be
a lot cooler to have a graphic like this for my first board. Get what I’m sayin’?

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