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Joel McHale Survived Open Water Shark Diving with Rob Riggle

Joel McHale Survived Open Water Shark Diving with Rob Riggle

-Joel, how have you been? Thank you for coming back
and seeing us. -Thank you for having me. And thank you for the greatest
audience on the planet. -Oh, my goodness.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s pandering. -It’s just pandering.
-It’s just pandering. -It’s pandering, just pandering.
You look terrific, by the way. -Thank you very much.
It’s a lot of Botox. -No.
Just down the center. -Just on one side.
-Weird. -Well, I start with the left
side and see if I like it, you know, and then, if I like
it, then I’ll do the right side. Yeah.
-Oh, all right. -Yeah, this is how I smile. [ Laughter ] Hey, thank you for being here
because I’m happy that you’re — -No, thank you.
-No, thank you. -Thank you for the blackout. -Now, is that a —
Is that ring — What is it?
-Oh, yeah. No, you’ve inspired this — This is my wedding ring,
you guys. [ Cheers and applause ] Yeah, sorry, ladies. Yeah, it’s made of rubber, because after hearing — seeing
what happened with your finger and you had a metal ring
that got caught and turned your finger
into a little deli. [ Laughter ] And I said, “I’m getting –”
I got rid of my ring. -I’m so happy you did that.
-Yeah, I got rid of my ring, dated for a few months,
and then — No. -That’s ridiculous.
-No, so I bought the rubber one. -Oh, I’m so happy you have that.
Good for you. I think rings are too —
They’re too strong. -Yes, I agree. I mean, you are the perfect — You should be the spokesperson
for rubber rings. -Thank you. See, that’s the nicest thing
that anyone’s ever said. -I will talk to them. I know that you need the money,
so I will — I know you need
a couple extra bucks. -You know why — You know why
I’m happy that you’re here? Because I’m happy
that you’re alive. -Oh, thank you. -And survived what I think is one of the craziest things
anyone’s ever done. You swam with sharks. -Oh, I thought
you were going to say have coffee with butter in it,
but, no. -[ Laughs ] That’s up there.
That’s up there. That’s number two, but —
-Yeah. Or texted without autocorrect,
so, yeah. -Explain —
-That’s a shark. -That’s — That’s real. -That’s a great white
right there. -That is not.
-That’s a great white. That’s a great white.
-That is Nemo. -That’s a great white.
Back me up on this. -Yes, of course. -Yeah, okay, that’s me. As you can see, that is —
I’m smelling fear, and I — -What was this —
This is Shark Week? -No, it’s called midlife crisis. [ Laughter ] -I’ve seen that show, yeah. I’m starring in it right now,
yeah. -Shark Week, Rob Riggle
is hosting this special called “Shark Trip:
Eat. Prey. Chum.” And we — There’s five celebrities,
who we all die. And — -I love Rob Riggle.
He’s a funny guy. -He’s so funny,
and then it’s Anthony Anderson and Damon Wayans Jr.
and Adam DeVine. They said, “Would you like
to go to the Bahamas and swim with sharks?” And that seemed
like a good idea. And then — then they said,
“Do you know how to scuba dive?” And I was like, “Yeah.” And they go, “Really?”
And I was like, “No.” And so then they go, “Great.” And — No, and then we went down
there, and there’s 25 sharks. There’s ch– And all — As well, our shark expert
is missing a hand and foot. -Stop it.
-Which — -Stop it.
-Yeah. Which you go,
“Are you really an expert?” -Yeah. “Expert,” in air quotes. -Right, and Anthony Anderson was
there, who I thought I was — I thought I was outgoing
like a golden retriever, like, always wanting approval
from people. He walks through — We were
at this place called Atlantis. He walks through the casino. Everyone starts recognizing him, and he’s like, “Are we taking
pictures, mother[bleep]” And I am not kidding. And then he has a meet-and-greet
for an hour with everybody coming up to him. -Yeah, he’s the nicest dude. -He can heal people
with his hands. -No, he cannot.
No, no, no. -He made this lady walk.

48 thoughts on “Joel McHale Survived Open Water Shark Diving with Rob Riggle”

  1. I feel sorry for women. Most men look better as they get older. Cant say the same thing about women

  2. I had the same idea with the rubber rings! Finally, someone actually made these. Yeah, Jimmy is a great inspiration 🙂

  3. Hey Joel, I had an avulsion behind my knee last October. And when I went to physical therapy in the Graybar building, I first went to the wrong place BUT they were the ones who treated Jimmy. Omg ?
    I told them when the nice xray doctor told me I had an avulsion, I said "WTF, you think I walk on my hands? I know what that is, Jimmy Fallon almost lost his hand from that!" I gave him an avulsion of the butt saying that. That's like an avulsion of the third kind. And now my tongue has an avulsion from a cracked tooth. And I guess you might think I hang out with Jimmy's writers, esp Higgins. I'd agree about the bat$hit crazy, but my wing has an avulsion. It takes my mind off my knee.

  4. What is the show name where he was a host & kissed a man on television? The clip was on YT but now it seems deleted.

  5. I'm sorry, noones going to say it but Jimmy looks sick af and keeping away from guests close proximity so they don't get sick too. And Joel.M even saw it if you watch the whole episode. Yoy. Shows how much Jimmy Fallon loves his show. Poor thing,kept looking like his about to puke.

  6. That’s where I went to swim with sharks..I through caution to the wind..since losing my dad days before..they chummed the water..and we held on to rope floating above like a bunch of seals. But I thought in advance to let everyone else go out there I would be closest to boat jus Incase anything happened..and guess what it did..and my ass was on that boat ladder in 2 seconds flat………..frozen ?. Cause I remembered Bahamian saying take off flippers before climbing ladder. Then my hubby yelled get the f*** on the boat..I some how flew with flippers on, landed on deck, yelling “get on the boat baby” followed by every damn tourist rushing on in a panic..
    while in water I noticed about 10 sharks around chum bucket..lowered right under boat..but then there was this super huge shark that was at the top…nx to us..circling us humans..lookin at us like food, breaking water with dorsal fin, literally 5ft away..then coming right down the middle of the two ropes. By that time I gav sign to hubby we out.

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