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Joe Jonas & Nicole Scherzinger with The Skating Aratas – NBC’s I Can Do That

Joe Jonas & Nicole Scherzinger with The Skating Aratas – NBC’s I Can Do That

The Skating Aratas
(From V – The Ultimate Variety Show) Hi, we are The Skating Aratas
from V – The Ultimate Variety Show and we hope you saw us on I Can Do That, the
NBC new hit show were we teach two celebrities to roller skate just like us and with us. We freaking did it’s like the first time we really did it We didn’t expect to have so much fun because it was a very crazy concept to hear in the
beginning, when NBC said “oh train someone a whole week to do your act that you have
been training for the last 15 years” I said “I do not think it is possible, but we will
find a way to try” So when we started working with them, they
were just so wonderful to work with and easy going and listened to everything we had to
say and they really tried their absolute hardest to do everything we told them.
Fortunately they kicked ass, they proved that whatever it takes they would put in that level
and train very hard and so we are really happy of their performance and I am so proud of
you Nicole, you are my sweetheart you my roller skating girl.
The most challenging part of the week was staying alive for them and not getting killed.
because we actualy made them try stuff that we did not think they would. because we just
thought it was too dangerous and then when they were in the training and they were like
no we want to try it, we have to try it, we have to win this. We said “ok sign here, thank
you” and then we continued. There was a few big falls as you can see and
then we went for the performance and he said “I am not going to bail out on this, we have
to do it” and it went great. I am so proud of them. I am happy it went great. We have
extra partners now, because if we get ill or sick, we can just take Joe and Nicole and
go on holiday and they can perform for us. We will subcontract them. Yea. (Beep) (The
Skating Aratas Arguing) I like your accent it so cute, everyone loves
it. Hi we are The Skating Aratas and you saw us on NBC’s brand new TV Show, I Can Do That.
and you can see us live in Las Vegas every single night of the week at Planet Hollywood,
V – The Ultimate Variety Show.

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  1. Thank you learned our Nicole Scherzinger how to do. You are very good, I wish you all the best in your further continuation of your talent. What you will tell me the name of this song?

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