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[JJ Swim]초급3강 호흡법. 얼만큼 언제 어떻게? Breathing

[JJ Swim]초급3강 호흡법. 얼만큼 언제 어떻게? Breathing

Breathing For what Gotta know the difference between breathings
when on the ground and when swimming, breathe in a steady way not to drink water
when you swim, to swim steadily for a long time with regular
breathing. How to After you put your index finger in the philtrum,
open your mouth, and breathe in, breathe out of your nose and feel the wind
on your index finger, exhale harder than doing on the ground. Hold onto the wall with one hand and hold
your nose with the other. put your head in the water, holding your nose and you come up, exhale through your nose while letting go of the hand Exhale hard enough to overcome the water pressure and come up quickly. Let’s practice breathing from now on. Assume you have a lung capacity of 100 for
breathing by mouth. exhale 80 out of 100 from the moment nose
hits the water until your mouth comes out, exhale the remaining 20 out of the mouth. So the air in the lung is zero, repeat by inhaling again using mouth. Keep lips like the shape when humming “M”
in the water, exhale through the nose only, when out of the water, protrude lips, humming
“PA”, it’s an action to bounce off running water
on your face and take in a quick breath. Breathe in a large amount of air quickly shaping
your mouth for “HAP” sound. Exhaling a certain amount of air in your water,
you can stay underwater for about 3 seconds. 3 seconds is the time required to switch both
hands when turning the crawling.

7 thoughts on “[JJ Swim]초급3강 호흡법. 얼만큼 언제 어떻게? Breathing”

  1. 헉.. 저두 들어가서 나올때 뱉는것으로 알았는데. 오늘 다시 배웠습니다.
    항상 친절한 설명 감사합니다.
    강의 업로드 하는 날이 언제에요?


  2. 선생님 진짜 잘 알려주시네요^^ 진짜 숨을 20프로 정도 남기고 일어나야!! 공감공감 ㅋ 숨을 20프로 남겼을때 안정적으로 무릎당겨올린후 머리는 제일 나중에 들어올려야 당황하지 않고 일어날수 있음요!!

  3. 양천입니다. 영상들 봤는데 강사님 얼굴이 안보여서 여기가 아닌가 했네요 ㅋㅋㅋ 이거보니 맞는거 같다는… 아닌가…ㅡ.,ㅡ; 영상들 멋집니다. 내용도 좋구요. jjswim 파이팅! ^^

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